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  • Resuldados sports weekend 26 and 27 February 2011 (28/02/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The Shining Path of Totana club made a path for the Sierra de la Muela in Cartagena (28/02/2011)

  • About thirty works up the first exhibition of paintings "Color is Life" (28/02/2011)
    From totanera María Dolores Victoria
  • More than 200 people participated in reading the manifesto of the World Day for Rare Diseases (28/02/2011)

  • The local PSOE claims that the social de la Huerta is in poor condition 9 months after the inauguration (28/02/2011)

  • A total of 114 children have been treated at the center of child development and early care in 2010 (28/02/2011)

  • The Commonwealth Tourism Services organizes the IV Espuña national photography contest "Fotoespuña 2011" (27/02/2011)
    To disseminate cultural and tourism benefits of the Regional Park
  • The Plenary Hall of Totana awarded the title of Adopted Son Dr. Manuel Moreno (27/02/2011)

  • Totana dedicated a street to Victoria businessman Manuel Conesa (26/02/2011)

  • The regional president of NNGG maintains a working meeting with members of Totana (25/02/2011)
    to encourage youth participation in the May elections
  • The council will provide assistance to caterers to bring the terraces (25/02/2011)
    Y amending Ordinance facility to compensate the losses suffered by the smoking ban and to ensure the rest of the neighbors
  • Full mayor approves the motion to promote an institutional settlement for urban development, employment and education (25/02/2011)
    and support for the educational community of Totana to the adoption of special measures law
  • The corporate give green light to sign the agreement with Prison (25/02/2011)
    183 people to perform community service in Totana
  • New leader of the Amateur Football League fair play two rounds (25/02/2011)

  • IU: "The City Council of Totana, with 13 votes of the PP, is a private legal action against Morales in the Case Totem" (24/02/2011)

  • More than 400 children participate weekly in leisure and training activities (24/02/2011)
    And in the kinds of educational support of five of the municipality Edutec
  • This weekend's main activities in commemoration of World Day for Rare Diseases (24/02/2011)

  • The Mayor and Councillor Services meet service workers refuse collection and street cleaning (24/02/2011)
    To see first hand how it is carrying out the process of adapting to the new company
  • The council awarded the construction of the Social Center of the San Jose (24/02/2011)
    have a budget of 350,000 euros
  • 2 podiums this weekend in Santa Eulalia Moratalla CC (23/02/2011)

  • The morning plenary address thirty proposals (23/02/2011)
    Among those is the approval of the ordinance regulating the installation of terraces and restaurants in the street and a package of aid to promote the installation of the same after the smoking ban
  • Otálora says, "although the PP's disqualification, will present proposals to improve Totana" (23/02/2011)
    will propose the Thursday morning plenary repair the Orchard Road and is bonifique receipt of contribution to the fraternities and sororities Easter
  • The council awarded the title of appreciation to the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users "Three Hail Marys" (23/02/2011)
    Coinciding with the 25th anniversary
  • The painter totanera María Dolores Victoria presents his work in the exhibition "Color is Life" (23/02/2011)
    will be opened on Friday 25 in the municipal hall "Gregorio Cebrián"
  • The House will debate two proposals on establishing the implementation of strategies for the employment of the disadvantaged social (23/02/2011)
    And the signing of an agreement to enable compliance in terms of working to benefit the community
  • More than a hundred children have participated in the day school sports athletics qualifying for the regional stage (23/02/2011)

  • Sports Weekend Agenda 26 and February 27, 2011 (23/02/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Course of basic maintenance of buildings (22/02/2011)
    A total of 15 people expand their professional skills through the course to the Department of Public Works and Employment
  • Totana Local Police arrested two persons for allegedly committing a robbery and sexual assault (22/02/2011)

  • The little ones will enjoy aikido classes that the club has launched Totana (22/02/2011)

  • The Mayor and Councillor Services will meet with workers inside cleaning of public buildings (22/02/2011)
    To see first hand how it is leading the process of adapting to the new company
  • The official historian of Totana, Mateo Garcia, will be the carnival barker 2011 (22/02/2011)
    deliver his speech at the gala to be held on Sunday 26 February at the Performing Arts Hall
  • The PP will urge the National Government to respect the Pact of Toledo (21/02/2011)
    And to ensure the Social Security surplus and the rights of pensioners
  • Results sporting weekend 19 and 20 February 2011 (21/02/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Students Support Services Program in Aesthetics receive a briefing on the affective-sexual education (21/02/2011)
    The course is taught at the Centre for Local Development
  • The social complex found in the municipal infrastructure in the hamlet of Paretón-Cantareros be called "The slopes of the pit of the Lopez" (21/02/2011)
    Full address this proposal which also shows the new name of the Multipurpose Hall as "Hall of Paretón"
  • PSOE: "The opening of the sculpture in the entrance to an industrial park is an insult" (21/02/2011)
    "to the dozens of companies, associations and individuals to which the City owes them billions of pesetas"
  • A public space of the municipality shall have the name of "Housewives" (21/02/2011)
    In recognition of social promotion in the family of this group
  • On Monday February 28 the deadline for grant applications from outstanding athletes of 2010 (21/02/2011)

  • ... (21/02/2011)

  • Martínez Andreo encourages the educational community to work hand in hand through the Social Pact (18/02/2011)
    To ensure the free participation in matters relating to education in Totana
  • Juan Francisco Otálora shows its full support to sports associations (18/02/2011)
    "Sport in Totana has been badly hurt by the lack of support from the PP," said
  • Inauguration of the implementation of a medium voltage line (18/02/2011)
    Solve electrical problems for companies in the industrial park "The Saladar" and ensure future developments in the park
  • They finish the installation of medium voltage network of the Industrial Estate of Totana Saladar (18/02/2011)
    The works have been financed entirely by the Plan E Government of Spain with an investment of 210,000 euros
  • The Department of Education and Public Safety started the awareness campaign against truancy "Do not leave your empty chair (18/02/2011)

  • The mayor proposes setting up an institutional and social development in urban, education and employment (17/02/2011)
    to achieve through dialogue and consensus solutions to problems that most concern totaneros
  • The PSOE said that "Martinez Andreo has no legitimacy to lead a political and social agreement in Totana" (17/02/2011)

  • Totana Local Police arrested an individual for an alleged crime Lorca theft of copper in the hamlet of El Raiguero (17/02/2011)

  • The association "Ministers of the Air" of Totana is organizing a Digital Photography (17/02/2011)
    With the collaboration with the departments of Youth and Culture of the City of Totana
  • Fifty walkers premiere, at the hands of the Department of Sports, the path PR-MU-69 (17/02/2011)
    It runs through several villages of Alhama de Murcia
  • Concentration in Totana against cuts in education (17/02/2011)

  • Complete works of the third stage of the sewerage network of El Paretón-Cantareros (16/02/2011)
    Have you had an investment of close to 450,000 euros, and improved the drainage of about 100 homes
  • Citizen launches free training courses (16/02/2011)
    to improve social and occupational training neighbors Totana
  • ... (16/02/2011)

  • Sports Weekend Agenda 19 and February 20, 2011 (16/02/2011)

  • Nearly fifty people present at the screening test of the course "Basic maintenance of buildings" (16/02/2011)
    What the council will implement Development and Employment in Local Development Center
  • It has opened the deadline for free testing access to Intermediate and Advanced Training (16/02/2011)

  • The game campaign to promote waste recycling among young people than the 5,500 users in its first 15 days (15/02/2011)

  • Chronicle rise to Cabins (15/02/2011)

  • Bedia: "We have terminated the contract with the company that holds the round of the Kabuki by problems with the same" (15/02/2011)
    "will shortly be awarded to another trade that in less than two months completed the work"
  • Press conference PSOE Totana 15/02/2011 (15/02/2011)
    The Socialists ask "how much it costs to totaneros the Popular Party's campaign"
  • The city removed three municipal park casuarinas Marcos Ortiz (15/02/2011)
    on demand from neighbors who have suffered from moisture and deterioration of their homes by these trees
  • Guillermo Campra, Red Eagle actor will attend the dinner of the World Day for Rare Diseases (15/02/2011)
    will be held on 26 February in Totana
  • Totana Carnival Expo-2011 (14/02/2011)
    An exhibition exposes the greatness of Totana carnivals through the rock outfits in the show have taken over the past 20 years
  • More than 700 people witnessed the proclamation of the Musa and Don Carnal 2011 (14/02/2011)
    In a spectacular performance in which unveiled the lineup of editing this year's Carnival
  • Results sporting weekend 12 and 13 February 2011 (14/02/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The autonomous allocates nearly € 315,000 to fund 32 places for users of occupational center (14/02/2011)

  • City officials attending the traditional torchlight procession (14/02/2011)
    which commemorates the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and the transfer procession of the Virgin to the hermitage of San Roque
  • The PSOE Valverde asks Queen "Pharaonic projects park" (14/02/2011)
    "and focus on solving the everyday problems of citizens"
  • ... (14/02/2011)

  • Success on the trail by rare diseases Totana - Sierra de María (14/02/2011)

  • The Department of Economic Development offers grants of up to 2,200 euros (12/02/2011)
    for self-employed who hire unemployed resulting from the Municipal Service Support Standing (SEAPA)
  • ... (11/02/2011)

  • The government team on municipal actions to the residents of the hamlet of Raiguero (11/02/2011)
    And he knows firsthand the needs of associations and groups have in your area
  • ... (11/02/2011)

  • ... (11/02/2011)

  • The Department of Planning performs the works for completion of street paving Macario (11/02/2011)

  • Opens the deadline for submitting applications to recognize the work of legal persons on the occasion of "International Day of Women" (11/02/2011)

  • "Frank Ward" and party "Be my valentine" this weekend in Latin (11/02/2011)
    Latino celebrates Valentine's with a gift double
  • Complete the works to replace nets and sanitation Salitre Street (10/02/2011)
    In the neighborhood of the Age High
  • The mayor meets with the Association of Professional workshops (10/02/2011)
    To start a campaign to avoid unfair competition and illegal
  • More than 40 people start their training in literacy workshop project Gelem-Gelem " (10/02/2011)

  • Request that the council is a private legal action in the case Totem (10/02/2011)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group reported stolen a few banners (10/02/2011)
    "The stolen signs were intended to promote civic engagement campaign," according to Andrew Smith at a press conference
  • Genes and FEDER D'participate in the first day of rare diseases Baleares (10/02/2011)

  • First podium of the season for Santa Eulalia CC MTB open in Cartagena (10/02/2011)

  • The film programming continues on Sunday 13 February with the screening of the film "The Wolf" (10/02/2011)

  • Carnival Totana 2011 (10/02/2011)
    The Federation of Peñas de Carnaval reports on the activities going to take place every occasion of Totana Carnival 2011
  • Cebag is surprised that "4 months ago who did not accept his proposal to segregate and agree the town of PGMO now supports" (09/02/2011)

  • In the "voluntary encounter totanero XI" will recognize the work of volunteers on 17 February (09/02/2011)
    And he carried out a course of excellence to support the elderly
  • The registration period for courses of the program "Popular University" will be open from 14 to 17 February (09/02/2011)

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Water has released a public inquiry approved the Environmental Impact Statement General Plan (09/02/2011)

  • About a dozen cyclists took part in the Totana, Mazarron path that took place last Sunday (09/02/2011)

  • Sports Weekend Agenda 12 and February 13, 2011 (09/02/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Representatives of 36 organizations and agricultural cooperatives left last night's reunion of the agricultural advisory board Totana (08/02/2011)

  • The site 'The Saladar' increase its industrial services with a gas station and car park to improve the competitiveness of enterprises (08/02/2011)
    Councilor Marin The cornerstone of such facilities will serve more than 150 companies and offer reduced prices transport fuel
  • The mayor calls for political consensus and the triple efforts to address major societal issues (08/02/2011)
    How are the General Plan and Education
  • Otálora says that "the PSOE is willing to agree on the urban planning" (08/02/2011)

  • Press AEMC political groups in the city of Totana (08/02/2011)

  • The PP Totana starts working hand in hand with organizations and neighbors in the white paper will define the electoral program (08/02/2011)

  • Martínez Usero complaint that "the work on the bridge leading Kabuki year and a half without end" (08/02/2011)

  • The "Club Aikido Totana" commitment to the quality of their students (08/02/2011)
    Y congratulates the six athletes who have passed the grade get new belts
  • The Farmer's House will be built on city-owned parcel in the Olympic quarter-Pears (08/02/2011)

  • The council of the Socialist Group Services calls "political demagoguery that does not give the plagues of rats" (08/02/2011)
    Y asks residents who contact the council to expedite the implementation of pest control service urban
  • The municipality Edutec reopen its doors as of February 15, every evening (08/02/2011)
    With recreational activities and educational support
  • Birth of a new school to paddle in Totana, regional, "vip school franabellaneda paddle" (07/02/2011)
    In front of it will be Fran Abellaneda, together with 3 monitors
  • More than 20 cultural activities, health and sports commemorate the World Day for Rare Diseases (07/02/2011)
    will be held on 28 February
  • The local police arrested a driver Totana, than tripling the rate of alcohol, caused an accident with a stolen car (07/02/2011)

  • The Department of Public Works and Employment reports of possible job opportunities in Germany for qualified personnel in various sectors (07/02/2011)

  • First Stone Carrier Service Center for Lower Guadalentín (07/02/2011)
    The Minister of Universities, Business and Research and the Mayor of Totana will tomorrow, Tuesday February 8 at 10:00 hours the first stone
  • The PP Totana states that "pension reform is a new socialist government cut" (07/02/2011)
    "and affect those who most suffer the consequences of the crisis"
  • The Socialist Party denounced "the neglect of the mayor to eradicate the plague of rats devastates the Cañada Zamora" (07/02/2011)

  • Weekend Sports Scores 5 and 6 February 2011 (07/02/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • ... (07/02/2011)

  • The Mayor and Councillor for Sports meet with the director general of Sport (06/02/2011)
    To study the future use of the House of Nuns as a center of high performance mountain sports
  • More than a hundred totaneros attend the open house in the Residential VPO 'Croma' (05/02/2011)
    Only costs of writing, the VPO is almost € 3,000 less than the private housing, as explained in the talk of tax
  • Complete works of the new Municipal Library, located in the neighborhood of El Parral (05/02/2011)
    Your infrastructure contains adult room, children, school, computers and periodicals
  • Tomorrow will begin the commemoration of the centenary of the Brotherhood of Jesus and the Samaritan (04/02/2011)
    The gala dinner will present the web lasamaritana.com, which was conducted by Totana.com
  • Manifesto for Sustainable Development, Employment and Recovery Influence of the Citizens in Totana (04/02/2011)
    Professor of Philosophy, Juan Valero Sanchez, backed by a group of IU totaneros and activists, released a statement
  • "Parents for the defense of the right to quality education of our children s" (04/02/2011)
    Manifesto AMPAS Coordinator of Aledo and Totana
  • Totana is the fourth city of Spain and the first regional level receives more grants immigration (04/02/2011)
    Given the innovative nature of the projects to be put in place
  • PSOE claims that "the new contract for garbage collection is a dramatic decrease in service to the citizen" (04/02/2011)
    Socialists believe that "there is a secret pact to jump on the receipt of garbage after the May elections if the PP win "
  • The city of Totana extended opening hours for people who want advice on the Regional Housing Plan (04/02/2011)

  • A total of 168 students participating in Orientation Week School Sport (04/02/2011)
    Organized by the Department of Sport and Club Totana Guidance
  • The Executive Committee of the PP in Totana unanimously approved the election of members of the Election Committee (03/02/2011)
    is responsible for developing the application to the municipal elections of May 2011
  • The Autonomous Region adopted the Plan of Works and Services of Totana 2011 (03/02/2011)
    will be invested over 265,000 euros in renovation of streets and roads
  • The mayor will meet with the Associations of Parents of the municipality (03/02/2011)
    To hear firsthand the concerns before the Extraordinary Measures Act of the Autonomous Community
  • The Department of Sports organized next Sunday, 6 February, a mountain bike route to Mazarrón (03/02/2011)

  • The film programming continues with the screening of the Walt Disney film "Entangled" (03/02/2011)
    will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco
  • The second edition of the book "Passion and Zeal Blaugrana" devoted his entire collection to people with a rare disease (03/02/2011)
    "Passion and Zeal Blaugrana" a book of solidarity with people with a rare disease
  • Palomares Brothers Construction organized a Saturday open house in the Residential VPO "Croma" (03/02/2011)
    personalized advice and information for all youth who are interested in buying a home
  • Next week will be held several events to mark the feast of Lourdes (03/02/2011)

  • Sports Weekend Agenda 5 and 6 February 2011 (03/02/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • IU: "The increase in 133 the number of unemployed in Totana in January, is a record of 2247 unemployed" (03/02/2011)
    "In May 2007, 1,405 jobs have been destroyed, 169% - in the municipality with the passivity of the Government PP "
  • Press conference PP Totana 02/02/2011 (02/02/2011)
    The PP calls for "responsibility to the opposition parties" and "do not use social networks to confront and twitching the political environment"
  • The Mayor and the Town Planning meet with the board of AEMC (02/02/2011)
    To give an account of the latest news about the General Plan document Totana
  • To be presented to representatives of major local economic and tourism sectors to analyze the situation of tourism in Totana (02/02/2011)
    framed within the strategic plan of tourism
  • New podium for Totana Athletics Club in Almeria (02/02/2011)
    Last Sunday saw the Half Marathon XIV "Ciudad de Almería"
  • The mayor announced that "the autonomous region finally approved the Environmental Impact Statement" (01/02/2011)
    "As the General Plan of Totana have final approval within three months"
  • Carrier Service Center for Lower Guadalentín (01/02/2011)
    The Minister of Universities, Business and Research and the Mayor of Totana will next Tuesday 8 to 10:00 am the first stone
  • PSOE: "The nursery abandoned the polygon should be used to boost employment by creating a business incubator services" (01/02/2011)

  • The students of professional qualification program "ancillary aesthetics" is familiar with the job offer cosmetic sector (01/02/2011)

  • As of this weekend will not be taking out the trash on Saturday night (01/02/2011)
    occasion of new adjustment
  • The council asks residents of the Paretón-Cantareros to update their data in the Municipal (01/02/2011)
    zip for comfort and location of your home
  • ERDF Murcia kicks out the activities for World Day of rare diseases (01/02/2011)

  • Last Sunday the club held its rambling from Totana endearing route: The Rise to Morrón Espuña (01/02/2011)

  • The Department of Health provides information on the prevention program for obesity (01/02/2011)
    conducted by ASPORMUR
  • YS is grateful to all the shops Totana who have participated in the campaign "Home Fries" (01/02/2011)
    The campaign has been in force until Jan. 29
  • IU: "The mayor and council Services demonstrate their incompetence with the award, without advertising, garbage collection services and street cleaning inside" (01/02/2011)


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