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  • IU + LV publish a weekly newsletter reaching more than 1000 e-mail (31/08/2009)
    As the formation of the left, intended to provide information to neighbors "means that most silenced, Martínez Andreo purchased with public money"
  • Perform various reforms to improve and increase the furniture in the Senior Residence "La Purisima" (31/08/2009)
    For a sum of 180,000 euros
  • The town of Totana joins European initiative "The city without my car" under the theme "Improving the climate of your city" (31/08/2009)
    will be held on September 22
  • The parking service ONP starts in Totana morning, September 1 (31/08/2009)
    After being exempt from payment for the entire month of August
  • La Peña Madridista "The Tenth" of Totana with directors of the association of Genes D'visit the Royal Box of Madrid (31/08/2009)
    To fulfill the dream of the young José Angel Navarro to meet their idols Real Madrid
  • The Socialists denounced "the improvisation and lack of planning in the educational policy of PP" (31/08/2009)
    assert that "the PP in Totana has never had a clear educational policy"
  • Official presentation of the Capuchin Futsal Club, senior male category (31/08/2009)
    will take place next Saturday, September 5 at 18:30 pm in the Sports Pavilion Manuel Ibáñez
  • Great success of the IX edition of the popular race "Big Pond Panzamelba Grand Prix 2009" (31/08/2009)

  • The third way in mountain biking "Memorial Sunday Pelegrín" will be held on Sunday September 6 (31/08/2009)
    On this occasion, the young will enjoy a small tour around La Santa and a display of a professional come from Portugal
  • The PP speak out about that "while Europe is emerging from the crisis, Zapatero and his lead to Spain to ruin and sink most heralded families with higher taxes" (30/08/2009)
    Nau says that "when a country is sinking hand of the Socialists, the bill provided the citizens pay higher taxes "
  • The unemployed have a new job offer in the city (29/08/2009)
    Since 40% of the scale of works and services procured by the municipality to negotiate with revenues exceeding 200,000 euros, is for companies that hire unemployed
  • The "Folk Festival of the 5 Continents" spread the intercultural dimension of FC Barcelona (28/08/2009)
    will be held on Friday, September 4 in the hamlet of La Santa, in the events planned for the XXXII Trobada
  • IU urges the PP to "demand more funding for the City Council Valcárcel Totana" and "stop giving coba, while attacking the Central Government" (28/08/2009)

  • Agents Totana Local Police arrest a man for an alleged crime of domestic violence (28/08/2009)
    He had taken his son for four months
  • Present the Information Point of Rocks the World Trobada (28/08/2009)
    It is located on Avenida Santa Eulalia, 4 Totana
  • The Mayor of Totana and the mayor of Education visit the works of the future Campus Universitario de Lorca (28/08/2009)
    Along with the rest of the first mayors of the region of Guadalentín
  • Totana host this Saturday 29 August, the first open "Copa Murcia Region Flight Archery Hunting" (28/08/2009)
    will be held in the hamlet of Llano de Las Cabras
  • The University of Murcia teach the course "Education for the media in a multicultural society" (28/08/2009)
    Totana the seat of the Universidad Internacional del Mar from 14 to 18 September
  • Totana has a center for advice, information and training UCOMUR (28/08/2009)
    through which entrepreneurs can meet new market offerings
  • The PSOE said that "Urbaser will yield twice the money lent to the municipality" (28/08/2009)

  • Guardia Civil, Local Police and vigilantes continue combing rural areas of table grape cultivation in Totana (27/08/2009)
    To prevent theft of the summer collection
  • The parking service ONP starts in Totana from next Tuesday, September 1 (27/08/2009)
    After being exempt from payment for the entire month of August
  • The PP says that "when the team gets government funding and investment to Totana, generating employment and wealth, the PSOE try to derail this project" (27/08/2009)
    "To try to make political performance"
  • The work of installation of the sewerage network in Lebor optimize the evacuation of wastewater from the hamlet (27/08/2009)
    The project amounts to 150,000 euros
  • Organize a free course for active workers of "basic Office software in SMEs: Spreadsheet and database" (27/08/2009)
    will be held at the Centre for Local Development
  • The Socialists say unmask "the mayor's lies on the extension of contract Urbaser" (27/08/2009)
    assert that "the arguments of the Mayor to extend the contract for the water company, justified in the alleged investment of four million euros to improve network, is another deception that does not have standing "
  • The first promises José Ángel Camacho Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, ranked fifth in Lo Ferro (27/08/2009)
    August 23 Chronicle Sports Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Health and Education will meet with officials from the educational community of Totana (26/08/2009)
    For analyzing the protocols for the prevention of influenza A among school
  • The PP Totana asked by letter to Zapatero "which is addressed early in the new political course the local finance reform" (26/08/2009)
    "And they pay the historical debt to Totana"
  • The Socialists believe that the Mayor turns a blind eye to Urbaser (26/08/2009)
    Socialist spokesman believes that "the City's oversight of the services that the concessionaire of the water services it provides to residents is far from what was agreed with the City"
  • The Mayor called for the involvement of municipal associations in defense of the Tajo-Segura (26/08/2009)
    To collect the maximum number of signatures for the popular legislative initiative is processed
  • About forty people involved in project work for the benefit of the community (26/08/2009)
    involves the rehabilitation and social integration of prisoners
  • The World Trobada XXXII told in a "Auca" (25/08/2009)
    On the other hand, "Guarana" will perform at the Gala Dinner XXXII Trobada
  • The Municipal People's Party said that "the audacity with which IU + The Greens accused the council of abandonment in the Industrial Park, which is totally false, you can divert large business projects" (25/08/2009)
    Valverde Queen said that "what they have make groups of the opposition is "working for Totana and its neighbors to create jobs", as it is doing the government team "
  • PSOE: "The new headquarters of the Guardia Civil, a fiasco of the governing People's Party" (25/08/2009)
    Totana Socialists denounced "the lack of popular government to carry out such works as necessary after several years of negotiations have been ruled out of the expected infrastructure Mayor "
  • The Department of Alternative Energy advises of new grants from the Autonomous Community to implement photovoltaic fields (25/08/2009)
    can cost more than 60 percent of the installation
  • The City Council and AJE encourage business creation in the town (25/08/2009)
    Thanks to tax credits for people under 40 years
  • The City Council will launch the school bus service for students of the "Luis Perez Rueda" (25/08/2009)
    will enjoy high school, open classroom and bilingual education in English this academic year
  • The citizen service has handled the issue and / or renovation of more than fifty titles responders large family (25/08/2009)
    Since I was put in place this new service last March
  • IU complaint "state of apathy which is Phase III of the industrial estate Totana (24/08/2009)
    " While the PP spends huge amounts of money on advertising, there is no street lighting in Phase 3, the trees have dried gardens, landfills and solar are still unfinished work under "denounce
  • ... (24/08/2009)

  • Participants in the project "Socio-integration of children and youth at risk of social exclusion or" make a computer workshop (24/08/2009)
    For the world of new technologies
  • The Socialists claim that "the numbers belies the PP" (24/08/2009)
    says that "the PP again cast smokescreens and demagoguery in regard to municipal finance and the demonization of Zapatero, because between 2004 and 2009 State contribution to municipalities grew more than 40% "
  • Employers who hire unemployed youths receive assistance (24/08/2009)
    A youth employment check worth 1,000 € if the contract is greater than 6 months and 1,500 € if undefined, and are young people aged between 18 and 30 years
  • The study room of the municipal library, after expanding its testing schedule for September will open on Saturday 29 August (24/08/2009)

  • La Peña Barcelonista of Totana, in solidarity with the Saharawi children (22/08/2009)
    For the third consecutive year Totana PB makes a reception for six children from Tindouf Saharan
  • For the socialists lost a game like the PP has no ability to govern our people " (22/08/2009)
    From the PSOE de Totana state that" the People's Party can not solve the problems of the citizens if it is not even able to solve yours "
  • The bus supportive of La Trobe, in Barcelona (22/08/2009)
    On the other hand, Miriam Garcia and rapper "Jake" will perform in the gala dinner of the XXXII Trobada
  • The PP says that "Operation Totem and military paraphernalia and media was a rehearsal of the current operations of political persecution PP" (22/08/2009)
    "that are happening in different parts of Spain"
  • The municipal office of Totana Youth Housing receives about 300 visits during the first half of year (22/08/2009)
    35 percent more than last year
  • The Socialist Party says that "the mayor and Urbaser have agreed to re-raise the water" (21/08/2009)
    Otálora has stated that "the mayor and the water company does not appear to have enough with the recent 35% rise in water bills, and seem to have agreed a further rise in the near future "
  • The Local Police of Totana involved in the campaign of surveillance and control to the use of helmets on motorcycles and mopeds (21/08/2009)
    have opened disciplinary proceedings about 60
  • The "Employment Resource Guide" includes a dozen agencies that provide advice and guidance in seeking employment (21/08/2009)

  • Organize a series of training activities aimed at women (21/08/2009)
    be taught from next October at the cultural center "Jail"
  • ... (21/08/2009)

  • The school "Luis Pérez Rueda" will open up a new classroom in the town for the next academic year 2009/10 (20/08/2009)
    In order to address teaching children with special educational needs
  • The complaint PSOE again, "the sorry state it is the road of the vineyards and Carivete" (20/08/2009)
    Socialist councilor Andrés García Cánovas says that "the town of Totana is the least money received from the Autonomous Community"
  • They set up the recycling campaign "Tribolsa" (20/08/2009)
    To promote the recycling of waste through source separation
  • Taught a course on "Early Childhood Education Assistant" (20/08/2009)
    will be provided from September and will last 240 hours
  • Police Officers Local de Totana come to the intervention and seizure of 15 kilograms of marijuana in a house in the town (19/08/2009)

  • The People's Party complains that "the central government to reduce the resources allocated to municipalities" (19/08/2009)
    "coinciding with the difficult financial situation"
  • The Department of Culture and Tourism continues to work on developing the Tourism Promotion Plan for the town of Totana (19/08/2009)

  • The group totanero "Inkeys" act in concert on September 4 in Totana (19/08/2009)
    SECOND Also performing God Save the Queen "Tribute to Queen" and Discordia
  • The Second Cup Trophy "Juan Cayuela" will serve to present the template of the 2009/2010 season Totana Olympic Club (19/08/2009)
    The triangular face on Saturday August 22 at Olympic, the CF and Lorca Mazarrón
  • The Socialist Party says, "will be mobilized to explain to people why it has raised the water" (19/08/2009)
    Otálora states that "the PP lies to confuse people and they do not know the real reason for rising rates water "
  • A score of young people participating in the "Youth Camp" (19/08/2009)
    It has developed from 3 to 9 August at "The Stables" Sierra Espuña
  • The festival of La Paloma, which will open on Friday August 21 will be held until Sunday 23 August (19/08/2009)

  • The "Tuna de Totana" travels to Rome and gives residents and tourists serenade (19/08/2009)
    was invited as a folkloric music group popular in the activities under the project "The region you do not expect. A river of Music Tour. Italo-Spanish cultural exchange "
  • The fantasy film "Inkheart" will be screened Wednesday and Thursday morning, Aug. 20 (19/08/2009)
    In the summer movie audience to the city park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • IU rejects the "excuses" of the PP and claims that "the New Civil Guard headquarters will not be built Andreo disability policy and government team" (18/08/2009)
    recall that "the agreement was negotiated in 2003 and that the PP refused to include the works of the Barracks in the Plan to Stimulate Economy and Jobs "
  • The Municipal People's blamed all responsibility for the cessation of the construction of barracks of the Guardia Civil to the Government (18/08/2009)
    Y denounces "political opportunism IU"
  • Hold a competition for musealization Center Argárica Reservoir Interpretation of "La Bastida" and expansion of laboratories (18/08/2009)
    With a base budget of 278,000 euros bidding
  • Martínez Usero: "Salaries of more than one million pesetas a month and buy eight million cars is what will lead to ruin" (18/08/2009)

  • The municipality grant a subsidy amounting to € 6,000 which is aimed at local development (18/08/2009)

  • The PP says that "the PSOE is installed in the" demogagia "trying to hide the true origin of the increased cost of water in recent years" (18/08/2009)
    "That is none other than the infamous water policy Zapatero
  • Agents Totana Local Police arrested two individuals for an alleged offense against traffic safety and for fraud (18/08/2009)
    and perform various operations over the weekend
  • IU: "The mayor of Totana waiver of an investment of 1,300,000 euros and will not build the new headquarters of the Guardia Civil" (17/08/2009)
    assert that "the dirt and laziness take over the land on which it was intended to build the new headquarters , in the La Yesera "
  • They claim that "the water bill will rise an average of 100 € a year" (17/08/2009)
    El PSOE mayor's request to appear in full to explain "this brutal ascent"
  • Effective fire emergencies in collaboration with Civil Protection Totana stifle a brush fire of a hectare (17/08/2009)
    It happened yesterday in the Place of the town Portichuelo
  • The second phase of public lighting in a stretch of road Virgen de la Paloma is operated (17/08/2009)
    Coinciding with the celebration of festivals in this area this weekend
  • Students ProfesionalIinicial Qualification Program "Activities Auxiliary Nursery and Landscape" perform holiday retreat (17/08/2009)
    To continue in September with training in workplaces
  • About 300 people have been trained in 40 courses of new technologies (17/08/2009)
    Conducted through the project "RAITOTANA" during the first cycle of 2009
  • The summer movie schedule continues tonight with the proyeccción of the Clint Eastwood "Gran Torino" (17/08/2009)
    In the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • IU considered "positive, given his claim of safety on construction of Avenida Juan Carlos I, have adopted measures" (16/08/2009)
    Although considered to be "inadequate, lack of night lighting in the area"
  • The future "Farmer's House" will be named "Francisco Morales Pastor" (15/08/2009)
    was the last president of the local Chamber of Agriculture and promoter of professional field associative totanero
  • The Socialists denounced "the policy desvegüenza Valcárcel on corruption" (15/08/2009)
    Totana socialists believe that "the president of the PP Murcia has joined the strategy of forgetfulness and smokescreens"
  • Inauguration of the Social Center in the San Roque-Las Parras (14/08/2009)
    Will the new point of meeting, training and fun for the residents of this area of Totana
  • The Popular Party considered "unfortunate" that "the Socialist spokesman public announcement to switch off the mobile town hall" (14/08/2009)
    Y claims that "is missing the consistory during the summer giving to assist institutional events"
  • The orchestra "Show World" gives the go-ahead to the celebrations of the parish totanera "The Paretón-Cantareros" (14/08/2009)
    are held during this weekend
  • The Socialists claim that the mayor has lied to totaneros in his "pay down" (14/08/2009)
    "The mayor of Totana still juggling information to announce measures such as lowering his salary and that of the council released"
  • The center of the town of Totana renew its image and accessibility (14/08/2009)
    Thanks to the refurbishment of the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja, whose project is valued at 700,000 euros
  • The device mounted by the local police and Civil Guard to prevent the theft of table grapes and first results (14/08/2009)
    With the arrest of a suspect
  • The Department of Citizen Services serves 33,288 42,221 phone calls and pay attention to-face at City Hall (14/08/2009)
    During the first half of the year
  • IU warns of "imminent danger of accidents at night zero visibility and poor security measures" (13/08/2009)
    "in the works being carried out in the Avenida Juan Carlos I"
  • Totana improve access to town thanks to the works of redevelopment of the traffic in the Avenida Juan Carlos I (13/08/2009)
    With the construction of a roundabout and new road
  • PSOE: "The mayor and Urbaser agree to raise water rates by 35% and extend the concession contract until 2032" (13/08/2009)
    According to the Socialists, "the disproportionate rise in water rates was a Urbaser requirement on the table "
  • The Tourism Ministry allocated 300,000 euros to the Commonwealth Tourism Consortium of the Espuña (13/08/2009)
    To build infrastructure, among which is the stage II and III of the Water Trail in the Sierra
  • IU considered "grotesque and ridiculous that the Mayor of Totana want to hang medals arrest by the Guardia Civil of a kidnapper in Calasparra" (13/08/2009)
    are considered "ironic that the PP in Totana attack on Guardia Civil when acting against corruption and try to appear in the picture when they arrest a criminal, "
  • The advice and information service PuntoPyme Self-Employment and Local Development Centre serves a total of 60 persons (13/08/2009)
    During the first half of 2009
  • The city of Totana is integrated into social networks "Tuenti" and "Facebook" (13/08/2009)
    To develop initiatives that are closer to citizens through new technologies
  • PP: "Regional government invested in 2008 in Totana above the regional average" (12/08/2009)
    "In the first seven months of 2009 and has led more than 10,000,000 euros for large infaestructuras"
  • Martínez Usero: "The PP has raised the water bill more than 30%" (12/08/2009)
    Councilman announces that "these increases are directly related to recent contract extension of the concession of water that the City has signed with Urbaser"
  • The City Council of Totana, since last June, has handled more than 100 financial assistance of between 700 and 1,000 euros (12/08/2009)
    For the families benefiting from the Standing Support Service (SEAPA)
  • Film "Kika Superbruja" (12/08/2009)
    programming summer movie continues tonight with the proyeccción of the movie "Kika Superbruja" in the municipal auditorium "Marcos Ortiz"
  • Totana Mayor congratulated the Guardia Civil, Local Police and Civil Protection for their work in the search for missing child (12/08/2009)
    was found in less than 48 hours
  • Tomorrow will be inaugurated at 21:30 hours the new Community Centre at San Roque, Las Parras (12/08/2009)
    This opening will be the prelude to the kick-off for the holidays this quarter totanero
  • PSOE: "The cynicism of the PP in Totana, like municipal borrowing, seems to have no limits" (12/08/2009)
    Totana socialists insist on "the responsibility of the PP in the terrible economic situation in the City of Totana" and denouncing "falsehoods expressed by the Popular Party "
  • About 600 young people benefit from psychosexual counseling offered by the Department of Youth (12/08/2009)
    offers service and personalized guidance on topics related to sexuality and affectivity
  • IU: "The marginal situation of the Mayor of Totana to the regional PP shows" (12/08/2009)
    "The City is at the bottom of investments in the Autonomous Community in the Valley of Guadalentin"
  • Self-esteem Workshop (12/08/2009)
    Participants in the project "Integrating socio child and youth at risk of social exclusion or" carry out a self-esteem workshop
  • García Cánovas, "the Mayor and the Speaker of the PP have been perfect again as a liar" (11/08/2009)
    "Javier Iniesta, program coordinator of the PP and the President of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces confirm what the Socialists presented in full last Thursday, "said the Socialist councilor
  • The celebration of the hamlet of "Paretón-Cantareros" give the kick-off on Thursday (11/08/2009)
    They have a program full of great musical performances, as "The World Show" and many activities for different audiences
  • The autonomous financing the drafting of the project through which conditioned the square of the hermitage of San Roque (11/08/2009)
    This will allow better use and enjoyment of facilities for residents
  • This morning there was a water cut by a fault in the street Juan XXIII, Teniente Pérez Redondo, Juan Carlos I, Santomera, and others (11/08/2009)

  • The Department of Planning and Sustainable Development will complete improvements to services for residents of Calle Antonio Garrigues (11/08/2009)
    With the II phase of the work of replacement of sidewalks and general
  • The pensioners, large families and the unemployed, among others, can benefit from the "Social Bono" electricity (11/08/2009)

  • The Totana PP accuses the government of the Nation "does not help local governments cope with the increase of current spending" (10/08/2009)
    And calls for part of the second Plan E for it
  • The General lasts Moor Street will be remodeled to Susan gaps (10/08/2009)
    And to guarantee the safety of pedestrians and to remove architectural barriers
  • Awarded definitely works to replace sidewalks and utilities in the streets Bolnuevo and Gulf of Valencia (10/08/2009)

  • They offer a series of recommendations to users of rural accommodation and tourist apartments during the summer months (10/08/2009)

  • Finish Aikido Club classes in the Region of Murcia with the conduct of the examinations of yellow and orange belt (10/08/2009)
    The Club teaches classes at the local School Board
  • Members of the Senior Center "Paretón-Cantareros" will benefit from new service podiatry (10/08/2009)

  • The Autonomous Region with a grant of over $ 10,000 to carry out the restoration of the temple "Holy Christ" (09/08/2009)

  • The Socialists appeal against the decision to sell PP water canon Totana until 2032 (08/08/2009)
    The socialists show their "great concern about the passivity of the regional PP still allows Andreo act with impunity and irresponsibility"
  • The PP Totana complaint that "the local Socialist Party is promoting the economic collapse of the municipality " (08/08/2009)
  • Martínez Usero: "The mayor's salary does not go into crisis" (07/08/2009)
    Ensure that "allied officials come to collect more than 7,000 € a month, which is an aberration"
  • The walk from the Avenida Rambla de La Santa start to transform his image (07/08/2009)
    Thanks to the refurbishment works to be carried out, whose total budget amounts to EUR 136.0000
  • The local police has imposed a dozen complaints to neighbors who have violated the ordinance of urban hygiene (07/08/2009)

  • Fiestas Raiguero the hamlet of Alto, in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán y fiestas de La Costera-Norian (07/08/2009)
    Dan tonight kick off a weekend full of activities
  • More than a hundred members of the Senior Municipal Center made an excursion to Alcala del Jucar (07/08/2009)

  • The study room of the Municipal Library is expanding its schedule for the September exams (07/08/2009)
    allow the use of facilities to students for longer hours
  • For IU, the solution to the financing of municipalities is a pending issue that should not expect, after 30 years of municipal democracy (06/08/2009)
    IU + Group Greens supported the claims of the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces
  • City officials are at 6 Saharawi children and families that host totaneras during the months of July and August (06/08/2009)
    Thanks to the "Holidays in peace"
  • PSOE: "The PP totanero refuses to demand that Valcárcel money for financing Town Halls" (06/08/2009)
    assert that "the mayor just wants to have sufficient funding to keep its good salary and some related workers in some cases exceed the 7000 € monthly.
  • The City Council of Totana requires the State to the Local Investment Plan 2010 is intended to finance public services (06/08/2009)
    And for a return to the negotiation of new local funding
  • The summer movie continues today August 6 with the showing of the movie "Angels and Demons" (06/08/2009)
    In the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • Carry out the work of replacing the sidewalks and utilities in the streets of Merida City, Servet and Fernanda Maria Federico Carmona (06/08/2009)

  • More than 350 children and young people of Totana involved in the project of social revitalization of neighborhoods (06/08/2009)

  • The celebration of the council of "The Coast-Norian" Totana be held this weekend (06/08/2009)
    There will be activities for all the neighbors and variety of musical performances
  • Friendly match between Real Murcia and Lorca Deportiva (05/08/2009)
    Tomorrow from 20:30 pm in the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela"
  • PSOE: "The PP rejects Totana VPO support proposed by the Socialists" (05/08/2009)
    "The Socialist Group in Totana proposed a 90% cut in tax for public housing, the more necessary in these times, and PP dramatically cut that support "
  • Definitively awarded the paving of the path of "yes" (05/08/2009)
    Whose project is worth over 120,000 euros
  • The celebration of the hamlet of Alto Raiguero held this weekend (05/08/2009)
    In honor of Santo Domingo de Guzmán
  • The new grants from the CARM to implement photovoltaic fields can cost more than 60% of the installation (05/08/2009)

  • Begin project activities "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (05/08/2009)

  • Carrión conveys the experiences developed in Totana Citizen Participation in Guipúzcoa (05/08/2009)

  • Continue the program of outings and trips during the months of summer 2009 for members of the Municipal Center Senior Totana (05/08/2009)

  • Ha I started amateur cycling tour "Tour of the Mortolitos" (04/08/2009)
    has 10 participants, divided into 2 teams
  • The local corporation held on Thursday, an extraordinary plenary session (04/08/2009)
    To order the State to the Local Investment Plan 2010 is intended to finance public services and a resumption of the negotiation of new local funding
  • The entrance to the town center of road traffic along the Avenue of the Rambla de la Santa has had to be cut (04/08/2009)
    On the occasion of the works of redevelopment of traffic on Avenida Juan Carlos I
  • It shall carry out paving the way of "Mazarrón" worth 73,595 euros (04/08/2009)

  • Dan green light to the recruitment of the second phase of expansion of the Point of Care for Children "Doña Pepita López Gandía" (04/08/2009)
    With the construction of 6 new classrooms
  • The 20 SED users participating in a refreshing summer workshop with the preparation of iced lemon (04/08/2009)

  • IU calls "demagogic and seller of smoke" to Carrion to announce that a grant request to build a skateboard track (04/08/2009)
  • The Capuchin-Sala Soccer Club traveled to the Asturian town of Cangas del Narcea (03/08/2009)
    took part in a new edition of the prestigious International Football Tournament-Sala de Cangas del Narcea Base
  • Police officers Totana Local detain two people for an alleged crime of robbery with violence and intimidation (03/08/2009)
    In addition, during the course of the weekend, the local police officers have been involved in road accidents 8 produced city
  • The City Council of Totana win a prize contest for the enhancement of biodiversity at the state level (03/08/2009)
    The project "Restoration and management of the Rambla de Lebor as green connector between the Sierra de la Tercia-Espuña and Rio Guadalentín"
  • Discordia performed at the soccer field of San Juan de Alicante (03/08/2009)
    shared the stage with Ska-p
  • Start the campaign against fruit fly affecting citrus crops early and mid-season (03/08/2009)
    With the distribution of baits in the municipal Store
  • The Socialists denounced "the little commitment to culture Andreo" (03/08/2009)
    state that "since you're running the PP in Totana, attention to culture and cultural support for the movement have been less"
  • Request a grant for the construction of a skateboarding circuit in the La Ramblica (03/08/2009)
  • XXV Week Concludes Theatre with the staging of the play "Vaderetro" (03/08/2009)
    took place on Thursday 30 July
  • The House passes a motion of IU + Greens for the launch of the new depot in the hamlet of Lebor (03/08/2009)
    It is over 2 years and was built by Commonwealth Taibilla Channel, with an investment of over one million euros

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