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  • Users Psychosocial Support Service conducted an innovative, creative and original Christmas Bethlehem recycled materials (31/12/2008)
    which can be visited in the New Town Hall
  • PB Totana: "Farewell friend Ginés Moreno Marín" (31/12/2008)
    La Peña Barcelonista of Totana wishes to express "deep sorrow and respect for the families of Ginés for loss we suffered on 26 December when suddenly we received the sad news of death "
  • The PP laments that "the only contribution of the PSOE and IU + LV 2009 municipal budgets continue to be the extension of Operation" Totem "and the mayor's resignation" (31/12/2008)
    According to the popular, "it shows how little concern Totana the opposition and his obsessive stubbornness to continue taking political mileage to the investigation "
  • Major results obtained in Fuente Alamo Athletic Club athletes Totana (31/12/2008)
    participated in the "Carrera del Pavo VII"
  • The consitorio and associations of craftsmen and potters of the town signed an agreement (30/12/2008)
    to proceed with the proper management of waste generated by their activities
  • The city of Totana and the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia will sign an agreement (30/12/2008)
    to reforest one hectare municipal located in the "Mount of the Holy" in this town
  • Full gives green light to the appointment of Foster Children of the City of Totana Dr. Manuel Moreno and the troubadour "Uncle John Rita" (30/12/2008)
    and naming a street in the town of Marín Ginés Moreno
  • PSOE: "The interim file bribery accused the mayor is not an obstacle to finally be condemned for it" (30/12/2008)
    According to the Socialists, "the summary indicates that José Martínez Andreo conspired to take over the committee had agreed Juan Morales'
  • "The general municipal budgets for 2009 approved by the full effort to keep the investor with 14.2 million euros and reduce staff costs and currents of the hall" (30/12/2008)
    Press conference, evaluation of full and budgets
  • Pujante Valcárcel recommends to "think" about the difference between ethics and the criminal point of view (30/12/2008)
    "must consider the difference between the ethical and punishable from the criminal point of view" for the mayor of Totana , José Martínez Andreo
  • PSOE: "Valcárcel reality known criminal or deliberately lies Andreo" (30/12/2008)
    El PSOE Valcárcel prompted to "anything goes in the exercise of public function"
  • According IU + Greens, "the budgets approved by the PP are fictitious, increase current spending and debt, strengthen the sale of municipal assets and are useless to stimulate the productive economy" (30/12/2008)
    for IU, "2008, has been vacant, by the Mayor's troubles with the Justice and Municipal palsy "
  • Psychosocial Support Services made a visit to the company "El Rincon del Vino" (29/12/2008)
    framed in the scheduled departures, which are organized throughout the year
  • ... (29/12/2008)

  • Successful end of the VI Olympiad Solidarity Study conducted among young people of the town (29/12/2008)
    with raising € 1,500 for educational projects of development cooperation
  • The plenary address about a dozen proposals (29/12/2008)
    among which the General Budget of the City of Totana for 2009
  • Initiate an awareness campaign with the natural environment, to preserve the life of the Christmas tree in order to proceed with planting (29/12/2008)
    next Jan. 17 at Sports City Espuña
  • They start the "Program for social support and mediation for access to housing" for the poorest people of the locality (29/12/2008)

  • The balance of the year are socialist political and Andreo urged to "take political responsibility and leave the hall" (29/12/2008)
    Qualifying in 2008 as "a lost year for lack of leadership, by the confrontation of different factions and the popular increased municipal debt "
  • Izquierda Unida in Totana, urged the City Council to join the municipalities of Vega Baja, avoiding the route of the AVE strangle the south of the town and the proposed station in the Industrial Goods (29/12/2008)
    The formation of the Left, which filed a motion in Parliament in October, as "a destruction of untold magnitude for the Shire of Guadalentín the route approved by Development"
  • The PP asked in Parliament to reaffirm the commitment of the City of Totana to human rights (28/12/2008)
    On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration
  • Urge in full to the Autonomous Community to the development of municipal programs to people punished (28/12/2008)

  • "A bird with poor shadow," the article by Michael Bath (28/12/2008)
    "Infinitely more damaging than Operation Totem will be over by the Municipality Ave"
  • For IU, "the political responsibilities of Martínez Andreo are just as serious as before the dismissal of corruption" (26/12/2008)
    They say that "it was the confidant of Morales, is charged with 8 offenses, manages the City like a farmhouse is treaty and has brought ruin "
  • Members of the Psychosocial Support Service of the Nativity visit the exhibition "Art in Christmas" (26/12/2008)
    the Nativity has been developed by Francisco Carrillo and exposed in the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Calvary and the Lord's Supper
  • More than five hundred of people trained in new technologies in a total of 75 courses (26/12/2008)
    is the balance of the project during 2008 Raitotana
  • The movie "Twilight" will be screened on Saturday and Sunday in the Performing Arts Hall (26/12/2008)
    The film will be screened at seven pm on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 will be seen in the move from five p.m. and seven and media
  • The mayor proposed to the plenary docket beginning to be appointed City Adopted Son of Dr. Manuel Moreno Moreno (26/12/2008)

  • The PSOE in the Region of Murcia is surprised that "the PP halt the process of removing the mayor of Totana from office" (26/12/2008)
    Francisco Oñate said that "recent events and Totana Librilla are logical, as the Party People did not act forcefully when cases were detected "
  • The giant roscón kings of more than 140 meters will be made on behalf of Caritas to help the poorest families of the town at Christmas (26/12/2008)
    will take place next Sunday 28 December
  • Submitted to the plenary two motions in which recognition is sought on the degree of disability for patients with rare diseases (26/12/2008)
    ... and approval of the "Regional strategy for rare diseases"
  • Totana Athletic Club Athletes participating in the Fourth International Half Marathon "Molina de Segura" (26/12/2008)

  • PSOE: "The mayor is charged with justice in Operation Totem" (24/12/2008)
    They say that "justice José Martínez Andreo accused of performing 8 crimes linked to political corruption"
  • New Generations of Totana is pleased because "the Court has reiterated what we've been saying for over a year and it is shown that Martínez Andreo has not profited in the exercise of his office" (24/12/2008)
    In addition, new generations of Totana want to congratulate all those Totaneras Totaneros and Christmas and New Year
  • Totana Mayor says he will not resign and would continue working for the municipality (24/12/2008)
    after you have filed your complaint in Operation Totem "in the Supreme Court of Murcia (see video)
  • The mayor, José Martínez Andreo, congratulated the people of Totana Christmas (24/12/2008)

  • City officials share a holiday dinner with clients of the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users of the Three Hail Marys " (23/12/2008)

  • The Socialists claim that "Andreo still paying political loyalties and favors with parking at City Hall official" (23/12/2008)
    As reported to the media, the Socialist Municipal Group asserts that "the journalist touring officer and legal adviser of the council were given in advance "
  • Christmas Party Infant School Carmen Baró (23/12/2008)
    All enjoyed a great time, enjoy the nativity scene and Christmas decorations
  • The councilman of Culture awards prizes to the best readers of 2008 (23/12/2008)
    in the program of activities offered by the municipal library during this Christmas
  • City officials compliment the Christmas Easter (23/12/2008)
    service users of Day Care Alzheimer Center and Municipal Center for the Elderly
  • The social welfare council welcomes the Christmas and delivers a box of candy artisans (23/12/2008)
    students Occupational Center "José Moya"
  • Home & Municipal Service Psychosocial celebrate the arrival of Christmas (23/12/2008)
    with the presence of social welfare council
  • II trophy interschool Christmas Valley Guadalentín (23/12/2008)

  • The Association of Physically Handicapped Totana "MIFITO" welcomes a (23/12/2008)
    ... Christmas open house at its local headquarters
  • More than one hundred users of four homes in the Region of Murcia participate in the first call carol (23/12/2008)
    held in "La Purisima" Totana
  • The Socialists submitted to the plenary of December a proposal is made Totana Adopted Son of Uncle Juan Rita (23/12/2008)

  • The PP file a motion to require the National Government to urge the dissolution of municipalities governed by ANV (23/12/2008)

  • The cultural center "Jail" welcomed the speech "Is my son racist?" (22/12/2008)
    Organized by the "Municipal School Parents"
  • The parish of the Three Hail Mary's hosted the "Concert of Popular Christmas Carols" (22/12/2008)
    Performed by the "Coral Santiago" under the direction of Ceferino Ayala
  • Promote a campaign these days to offer advice and recommendations on purchases of Christmas and Epiphany (22/12/2008)

  • COATO will the next expansion of its facilities out of Totana (22/12/2008)
    COATO The general assembly unanimously agreed to "denounce the persecution suffered by the defendant company Totana Mayor" and supported the call for possible protest actions, sources COATO in a statement
  • The mayor shows his collaboration to cooperate with future plans COATO and its stubborn defense of the cooperative for what makes an appointment with the president and regents (22/12/2008)
    On the other hand, Andreo denounces the José Luis Hernández attitude of "having been aligned to the policies advocated + IU PSOE, pursuing only create a space of tension, constant pressure and wear"
  • Amateur Football League "Play Fair" takes a break for the holidays (21/12/2008)
    racing resumed on Saturday 10 January, with the thirteenth day
  • Seven Totana school participated in the Regional Day 2 table tennis school (21/12/2008)
    held in Cartagena
  • The Sports Council is organizing a day of Minibasket Benjamin (20/12/2008)
    framed in school plays school sport program
  • Otálora: "Following the resignation of Mayor Librilla, now it is the turn of Andreo" (20/12/2008)
    Socialist leader appealed to the coherence and political responsibility of the council folk are not charged, to "resolve once and for all this bizarre situation "
  • Perform the necessary actions to remedy shortcomings in the Health Center Totana (20/12/2008)
    whose works will start early this year
  • End of workshop classes to reinforce the Spanish language with participaicón over thirty people (19/12/2008)
    Classes have a duration of three months and the beneficiaries of it have been a total of 35 persons of different nationalities such as Syria, Bulgaria, Lithuania and the vast majority of Morocco
  • Day Care Service Center Senior Municipal develops a workshop making traditional sweets and handmade Christmas (19/12/2008)

  • "The spirit of the forest" and "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" are the two films to be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (19/12/2008)

  • Neighbors of the Paretón-Cantareros already enjoy Citizen Center that opened yesterday (19/12/2008)

  • Totana City Council receives a grant amounting to 30,517 euros (19/12/2008)
    leftover to fund the redevelopment of the street traffic in the town Ramblica
  • Totana City Council advises that on 24 and December 31 municipal offices are closed (19/12/2008)
    with the exception of the information service which will be open from 09:00 to 13:00
  • Decisions of the Governing Council of 19 December 2008 (19/12/2008)

  • Martínez Usero: "The council's economic situation is the result of the management of PP" (19/12/2008)
    Socialist councilor says "Andreo can not blame the economic situation of the municipality to the crisis, since the PP has managed resources of the City of Totana and has been five years wasting money "
  • The mayor signed the agreement for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the district of San Roque (19/12/2008)
    allow the renovation of facades and roofs of 40 houses
  • The mayor and councilman of Health of the elderly wear of the Paretón-Cantareros (19/12/2008)
    to give them sweets and congratulate Christmas
  • The PSOE de Totana regrets the loss of the Regional Deputy Secretary of the Socialist José Ramón Jara Murcia. (19/12/2008)
    Totana Socialists mourn
  • Educational authorities delivered the diplomas to the 13 students of the second class of International Baccalaureate IES "Juan de la Cierva" (19/12/2008)
    These students completed these studies last year and four of them have also received a diploma, which enables them to continue their studies in any European
  • The "Equal Opportunities Workshop, attended by a dozen people of different nationalities (18/12/2008)
    The workshop, organized by the Department of Social Welfare, is part of the training program for social competence and intercultural harmony
  • 24 and December 31 will not provide the refuse collection service to celebrate the holidays (18/12/2008)
    Initiating a checkpoint minimum services for catering establishments
  • The Christmas concert "Ciudad de Totana" will take place on Tuesday 23 at eight pm in the church of Santiago (18/12/2008)
    Saturday not 20 as indicated by the program of activities
  • Complete works of installation of an elevator in school "Santa Eulalia" (18/12/2008)
    to remove architectural barriers and facilitate access to it
  • The council participates Sports this afternoon football game against cancer (18/12/2008)
    which will bring together a luxury lineup of athletes, fighters, journalists and businessmen to be held in the Towers of Cotillas
  • The PSOE said that "Andre has lost the papers" and requires institutional loyalty to the delegation representing the Government (18/12/2008)
    On the other hand, according to the PSOE, Trinidad Cayuela joins hard-line insults and tension
  • The Town Hall and the Association of Pastry Totana signed a collaboration agreement (18/12/2008)
    ... for the purpose of promoting the municipality sweets and helping entrepreneurs
  • Members of the government team and representatives of Local Executive PP on Saturday to attend the regional convention of the PP to be held in Lorca (18/12/2008)
    in which analyze the economic situation in the region to provide solutions
  • The "Totana de Noche" a big party TDN final on Sunday 21 December to see the year 2008 (17/12/2008)

  • ... (17/12/2008)

  • The PP says Totana "Otálora is blocking it, with the complicity of the government representative, large government projects of the Nation in this county" (17/12/2008)
    With regard to the recent meeting of spokesmen Otálora added that "do not trust their Councillors "
  • The Socialists say that "while Andreo remains committed to take pictures, Murcia Valcárcel deceives the penny-pinching measures before the crisis" (17/12/2008)
    After the signing yesterday of some conventions of the Autonomous Region with the 45 mayors, Otálora points "for information management with the cabinet of the mayor is misleading the people of Totana "
  • The "Sign Language Workshop" ends with the presentation of diplomas to more than thirty participants (17/12/2008)
    This workshop was organized by the Department of Citizenship and the Association of the Deaf "The Unicorn"
  • Police Officers Local de Totana made a total of 33 packed for alleged crimes of domestic violence in 2008 (17/12/2008)

  • Presented the Christmas program and Kings (17/12/2008)
    carol concerts, nativity scenes, exhibitions, book presentations and the traditional procession of the Magi, from the programmed events
  • The councilman of Social Welfare has the working lines "Atofade" and "Cerma " (17/12/2008)
    ... working together in the fight against drug addiction and other dependencies
  • The councilman of Health asked the socialist mayor Lola Cano "What Lies going to make now about building a new Health Center South Totana, once announced by the Autonomous Community" (17/12/2008)
    Trini Cayuela said that "Lola Cano has become "the councilman Pinocchio" PSOE "
  • The "Escuela Municipal parents" will give a talk on "Is my son racist?" (16/12/2008)
    Will be held on Thursday 18 December in "Jail" to eight-thirty pm
  • II Open Mar-Costa de Navidad "Ciudad de Totana" (16/12/2008)
    will take place on Saturday 20 December
  • Victoria de la Peña Madridista The Tenth in the big game against River-Ghost Bar Baron In Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (16/12/2008)
    which allows you to follow the trail of the leader of the competition, the pachucos
  • Totana Municipal Library received an award for the fifth consecutive year (16/12/2008)
    which recognizes the work carried out activities of dissemination, advocacy and promotion of reading
  • An Athletics Club athletes participated in the XIII Totana Walking to Spell Rise in Motril (Granada) (16/12/2008)

  • The Sports Department organized the local phase Totana school football venue in the child category, cadet and youth (16/12/2008)
    framed in the School Regional Championship in Murcia
  • The councilman of Promotion and Employment delivers the diploma to the participants of various training courses offered at the Centre for Local Development (16/12/2008)

  • About fifty people receive their diplomas to participate in training courses on new technologies taught in Walas (16/12/2008)
    ... Citizen Participation and El Parral
  • The Municipal Immigration Service of the Department of Social Welfare distributes materials (16/12/2008)
    ... intercultural content between different local schools and social agencies
  • The regional deputy, Martin Quiñonero, and the national deputy Murcia, Vicente Martínez Pujalte, inform residents of Totana of regional and national budgets (16/12/2008)
    Political leaders of the PP states that "the regional government does not punish Totana"
  • Otálora urges the mayor to "take urgent measures to resolve the crisis in Totana" (16/12/2008)
    also said recent reports in the regional press
  • The Mayor of Totana signed an agreement with the President of the Autonomous Region for financing the construction of a roundabout at the intersection (16/12/2008)
    ... the N-340 and the Rambla de la Santa
  • The Town Hall and the association "Totana craft and pottery" signed a collaboration agreement (15/12/2008)
    ... in order to promote actions that promote the development of this sector
  • The mediation service and advice for families with school-age children offer advice to improve family relations (15/12/2008)

  • They provide a discussion of healthy habits in children through the program to prevent childhood obesity, developed in schools and municipal primary schools (15/12/2008)

  • Exhibition of Nativity monumental "Art for Christmas," at the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Calvary and the Holy Supper (15/12/2008)

  • The Socialist Party says that "now reaches Totana the biggest supporter of Juan Morales" (15/12/2008)
    The Socialist Group wonders if "Martin Quiñonero comes to apologize to the Socialist councilors for their statements in May 2007, or clarify the reduction of investment Valcárcel in Totana "
  • Totana welcomes the December 20 the "Second Christmas Swim Trophy Interschools " (15/12/2008)
    ... Guadalentín Valley with a day of living in the Santa among the more than 200 participants
  • The PP requires Otálora Totana to "explain the disappearance of their councilors in institutional events, religious holidays and organized for the festivities of Santa Eulalia" (15/12/2008)

  • Pujante Valcárcel asked why it took a year to order an exemplary action against the mayor of Totana (13/12/2008)

  • A total of 90 students participating in the Municipal Sports School Dance this season (12/12/2008)

  • With the launch of 'Education Project and a study aid for primary and secondary level will be provided educational support to children between 6 and 16 years (12/12/2008)
    in small groups, homogeneous for two days a week
  • The Socialists propose to construct the new headquarters as a measure to create jobs in Totana (12/12/2008)

  • Councilman Local Development and Industry Eagles visit the premises of the Centre for Local Development (12/12/2008)
    to know how it works
  • The "I Youth Olympiad of Laughter" will be held on Saturday December 13 at Mazarrón (12/12/2008)

  • The I rake "Traces and Faces Solidarity" will be held Sunday at the Plaza Balsa Vieja (12/12/2008)

  • New podium for Totana Athletics Club athlete, Lisa Woods (12/12/2008)
    In the XI Cross' Ascent of Black heads "in the town of Albatera (Alicante)
  • Santa Eulalia on Sunday will receive thousands of flowers in the traditional offering to be held in the Plaza of the Constitution (12/12/2008)
    The act will put an end to the festivities
  • International Art Project HEARTS FOR CUBA (12/12/2008)
    On Friday, December 5 presented the International Art Project "Hearts For Cuba"
  • The totanero Antonio Sola was recognized for his 25 years of service (12/12/2008)
    On day 10 was held the day of the patron saint of aviation and the Air Monitoring Station Peppers, with a Mass in Aledo and delivery of awards to several military
  • Be expanded Tierno Galván school with four new classrooms (12/12/2008)
    On the other hand, the older residence La Purisima have new articulated beds and ergonomic furniture
  • National MP PP Murcia, Vicente Martínez Pujalte, and PP deputy in the Regional Assembly, Martin Quiñonero, explain regional budgets (12/12/2008)
    local headquarters of the PP, next Monday at 20:30 pm
  • Members of the board of spokesmen meet to agree on the construction projects of state investment fund local (12/12/2008)

  • Psychosocial Support Service arranges a way out of Murcia city (11/12/2008)
    ... framed within the cultural excursion program runs throughout the year
  • Exercise classes for seniors are assisted more than 60 users (11/12/2008)
    These classes are held in the Municipal Center Plaza Balsa Vieja
  • UI Totana Mayor calls to "stop and take responsibility to castle, to the requirements of Valcárcel" (11/12/2008)
    "The town of Totana, requires a consensus that peace and Martínez Andreo, is unable to guarantee" from the coalition say
  • UPyD of Totana installed an information desk about the Sahara (11/12/2008)
    UPyD defends "conflict resolution through international mediation to provide a just and decent people of the Sahara"
  • The Sports Sector Council proposes nominations for the Sports Gala, to be held on December 12 (11/12/2008)
    Totana.com choose to award to the media that has distinguished itself for the promotion and dissemination of sport
  • Tribulex Totana celebrated its Second Day of the self and the company (09/12/2008)
    Totana Choosing to host the conference is significant because Tribulex, headquartered in Alhama, just opened a new office in the town
  • The "Cross XXI People Constitution Day" with the participation of 370 riders (09/12/2008)

  • ... (09/12/2008)

  • A total of fifteen students from the Occupational José Moya "participate in the regional championship table tennis (09/12/2008)
    framed in the" XXI special school games "
  • It starts "Training Workshop on Memory" in the Municipal Center Senior Totana second consecutive year (09/12/2008)
    with the participation of fifty users
  • The Department of Sports has set up 26 sports modules Learning Centers (09/12/2008)
    in collaboration with the Directorate General of Sports in the Region of Murcia and local sports clubs
  • Inauguration of rehabilitation and paving of the road sign of the House of Cervantes-Deilor (09/12/2008)
    One of the 14 roads where works have already been made
  • The Spanish team wins in the Third International Judo tournament city of Totana " (09/12/2008)
    It was attended by over 125 athletes from different places in Spain
  • More than a dozen tables illustrate the work of David Durán Tennoury (09/12/2008)
    The painting exhibition will remain until December 17 in the House of Archdeacon "
  • The town of Totana is twinned with the French town of Uchaud (07/12/2008)
    ... where many locals and affective family ties with this population
  • A safety device, comprising more than 30 personnel, ensure the proper conduct of the pilgrimage down to Santa Eulalia (06/12/2008)
    The Santa stays on the road blocked to traffic for more than 8 hours
  • Fiestas de Santa Eulalia'2008 (06/12/2008)
    Fair day, the tourist train, the tent at night and funfair open the program of activities organized for this weekend
  • The Sports Department reported that the Bicycle Day is postponed to April 26 (05/12/2008)
    This act could not be performed last weekend due to weather conditions
  • In relation to the investment of the Government of Spain in Totana, the Socialists said that some of that money should go to agriculture (05/12/2008)
    One of your bets to invest 850 million pesetas which controls the government of Spain will be agriculture Totana with the creation and revitalization of "The Farmer's House"
  • The mayor claims to have a meeting with Secretary of State for Infrastructure Development Ministry (05/12/2008)
    to address issues regarding the amended draft of the Mediterranean corridor high speed as it passes through Totana
  • 1.5 million euros for the construction of a horticulture in Totana (05/12/2008)
    The Governing Council of the CARM has authorized the granting of a subsidy company of Totana Moyce MU
  • Today kick off the festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia (05/12/2008)
    With the opening of the exhibition grounds and the group's concert Cordoba Medina Azahara
  • An eleven mile stretch of MU-502 road between the roundabout and Aledo El Rulo have been asphalted (05/12/2008)
    before the festival of Santa Eulalia
  • CP IU Totana urges to "leave their swords" and give an outlet to the Municipal Government (05/12/2008)
    Juan José Cánovas has come out against "attacks" of the PP, with rumors of "saber rattling" against Andre Martinez within the Municipal Government
  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities has the implementation of the program on "Reconciliation of work and family life " (05/12/2008)
    ... aimed at children and families in the city
  • Surrender Contest Awards Art Totana Equality 2008 and the posters against gender violence (05/12/2008)

  • Planting 30 native trees in the Ciudad Deportiva "Espuña to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the Spanish Constitution (05/12/2008)

  • The "Third International Judo Tournament Totana City" will be held this Saturday, December 6 (04/12/2008)
    ... in the Municipal Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" starting at 10 am
  • Users and practitioners of occupational center "José Moya" commemorate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (04/12/2008)
    ... with the realization of diverse activities
  • The weekly market on Wednesday, December 10 will advance to Tuesday December 9 (04/12/2008)
    ... to mark the feast day of the patron saint Santa Eulalia
  • Inauguration of the point of care to children, "Patty Lewis Gandía" in the neighborhood located next to El Parral "IES Juan de la Cierva" (04/12/2008)

  • Concentration silent in front of the Consistory and condemned the attack (04/12/2008)
    ... ETA has killed the Basque businessman Ignacio Uria
  • The concert program of the festival of Santa Eulalia 2008 brings to the city tomorrow "Medina Azahara" with performances of "Psyche" and "Discord" (04/12/2008)
    Last concert in 2008 to Discordia, live recording and new video
  • The PP Totana expressed "unconditional support and seamless" to Martínez Andreo and his administration (04/12/2008)
    And denounce "the interest of the opposition parties to regain serial" totem "with the sole purpose of discrediting the institution and wear the figure of the Mayor "
  • The PSOE offers concrete proposals to boost job creation with the extra money to send Zapatero Totana (04/12/2008)
    Otálora today announced what the contribution of the Government of Spain to the Economic Recovery Plan in Totana, and has presented concrete projects which should be used to create jobs
  • The municipality signed a cooperation agreement with "Brothers Palomares" (04/12/2008)
    to promote social housing (VPO) among youth in the city
  • The mayor convened the Board of Spokespersons to agree works projects of the Local Investment Fund (04/12/2008)

  • It is the AREA YOUTH OF IU, with the participation of young people from Alhama and Totana Eagles (04/12/2008)
    The group of young leftist, leisure activities and protest held in the municipalities to present their proposals
  • The dinner hosted by the local board of Amite Totana (Friends of Hope Phone) brings together 230 people and raises € 1,500 (04/12/2008)

  • The City of Totana denies that any Councillor will leave office at city hall and denies that there is disunity and lack of confidence in the mayor of Totana to submit a censure motion (04/12/2008)
    municipal government team believes that "this misinformation responds to a concerned political strategy and closes ranks around the political project in which they were elected councilors PP 13 "
  • They start in the new school Paretón municipal sports RG (03/12/2008)
    in the parish School Board
  • Users of the Municipal Center's Senior "Paretón-Cantareros" receive a briefing on home telecare service (03/12/2008)

  • They start the project "Education for Prevention and Control Truancy" (03/12/2008)
    to reduce the problem of early school dropout
  • The Foundation The Santa presents the tenth edition of the publication "The Journal of The Santa " (03/12/2008)
    ... in which they worked more than thirty experts to spread the cult eulaliense
  • We present the program to prevent childhood obesity, which is being carried out in schools and kindergartens (03/12/2008)
    ... to encourage healthy habits in children
  • Campaign "Separate and recycle is in your hands" (03/12/2008)

  • The deadline to register for the activity of high mountain hiking snowshoe Sierra Nevada ends tomorrow Thursday (03/12/2008)

  • The Municipal Group Los Verdes IU +, meets with the Directors of the Association of Residents of the hamlet of Paretón Cantareros (03/12/2008)
    "The Board, newly elected, intends to resume relations with all institutional groups and discuss your plans to improve quality of life of nearly 1300 residents of the hamlet totanera "
  • Otálora states that "Andreo is late for the appointment of new technologies and modern " (03/12/2008)
  • Totana condemns violence against women with silent concentration, "White " (03/12/2008)
    ... Wednesday each month is held in front of Town Hall as a pioneer in the Region of Murcia
  • Juan Antonio Canovas Garcia cycling club Santa Eulalia, 5 th in Velez Blanco (02/12/2008)
    The rider bicycle club Santa Eulalia, Juan Antonio Cano García, 5 at the eighth edition of the march MTB "Without fear of witch" of Velez Blanco in the past Sunday 30
  • A total of 84 schools participating in the school badminton tournament, set in the "Make sports, do " (02/12/2008)
    ... health organized by the Department of Sports and Badminton Club
  • The briefing on the Immigration Law, organized by the Municipal Immigration Service, was attended by thirty people (02/12/2008)

  • Amateur Football League "Play Fair" will rest next weekend to mark the festival of Santa Eulalia (02/12/2008)
    racing resumed on Saturday 13 December
  • The talk on "Strategies and resources to help our children in the study" was attended by forty parents (02/12/2008)
    was given by Carmen Tárraga
  • The third concentration of the "Black Wednesday" a day to be held every month to condemn the violence, will be held tomorrow December 3 at the door of Town Hall (02/12/2008)

  • IV Half Marathon "Villa de Torre Pacheco" (02/12/2008)
    Athletic Club Athlete of Totana "JC Pallets-EE" Colin Thackwell reached first place in its category
  • The mayor and council of Agriculture attending the General Assembly of COAG-IR (02/12/2008)
    ... to see first hand the needs of farmers in Totana
  • Start the program of celebrations of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas program and the Service's Private Day Care Alzheimer's homily (02/12/2008)
    ... with a chorus sung by the Santa Cecilia
  • The autonomous region contributes 50 percent of the total amount of the acquisition of the Casa de las Monjas (02/12/2008)
    ... that will be rehabilitated by the Trade School
  • Andrés García: "confirms the statements of the PSOE on the economic situation of the municipality" (02/12/2008)
    "While the mayor is committed to sending letters to workers and employers about the plight of the council, on the other side creates new permanent positions and up wages of certain employees "
  • II Tribulex Days of Self and Company (02/12/2008)
    will take place on Thursday December 4, at 20:45 pm in the Cultural Center "La Carcel" Totana
  • JJSS: "They often do not use a condom is tantamount to risk their lives" (02/12/2008)
    Socialist Youth of Spain asked the Government to reduce VAT on condoms through its consideration as staples
  • The Rake I "Trails and supportive faces" will be held on 14 December in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (01/12/2008)
    This event is organized by the Department of Citizenship and more than a dozen associations
  • The Department of Sports opens registration deadline for aquatic activities in the indoor pool of January on Wednesday, December 3 (01/12/2008)
    In January, the Department organized the pool cover one course per month for activities water, from day 8 to day 31
  • The Department of Social Welfare organized a workshop on Education for Health (01/12/2008)
    These workshops are intended to provide resources for interventions in health promotion
  • The Department of Health launches campaign "Open your eyes to reality" on the occasion of World AIDS Day is celebrated Monday (01/12/2008)
    ... December 1 in order to remember the basic measures of protection Disease
  • The Socialist Party supports the implementation of the Agricultural Show (01/12/2008)
    The PSOE but recalls that "the fair and was to be held in 2008 and that the budget was withdrawn by Andreo and Pagan"
  • The giant Roscón Kings of over 140 meters this year will be held on behalf of Caritas (01/12/2008)
    To help the poorest families of the town at Christmas
  • The youth portal tuopinionimporta.es is presented as a new channel of communication between the mayor and the youth of the town (01/12/2008)
    Where can propose and suggest initiatives to improve Totana
  • The militant IU in Totana, Javier Baños, travel to the refugee camps of Tindouf, on 3 December (01/12/2008)
    Bathroom, leader of the UI Youth Area, accompanied by a delegation of the Spanish State, to bring humanitarian aid and report the situation in which the Saharawi people is

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