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  • Three new podiums for Santa Eulalia CC last weekend (31/08/2015)
    In the mountain bike circuit and rally Albacete Torre Alta
  • Two totaneros participated in the XXXI Carrera Popular Mojacar Town (31/08/2015)

  • University Volunteer participation for next year in 2015/16 Revitalization sociocultural activities were expanded in Totana (31/08/2015)

  • ORA service starts from tomorrow (31/08/2015)
    In addition, the schedule SAC Hall, from 9:00 to 14:00 reset
  • The Feast of the Dove 2015, in solidarity with people with rare diseases (28/08/2015)

  • CEBAG holds a meeting with the mayor and several members of the government team of Totana (27/08/2015)
    I have been summoned to a larger meeting and agenda items to be discussed in September
  • Inkeys presents his new video (27/08/2015)
    This is a remix produced by TR K!
  • The City Council requests territory Comprehensive inclusion as beneficiary of the EAFRD (27/08/2015)

  • From September will continue training (27/08/2015)
    related to obtaining licenses pesticides plant protection and prevention of occupational risks tractor, truck and pallet
  • The Basketball Club Totana begins a new season next Monday (26/08/2015)
    From the Club encourage all concerned to pass on Monday 31 Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez from 18: 00h
  • The Department of Local Development, Training and Employment Programs offer new training courses from next September (26/08/2015)

  • In September will start the process for the election of the local board of neighbors in the Paretón-Cantareros for the 2015/2019 legislature (25/08/2015)

  • The Municipal Program Family Support intervened with 88 families with performance problems, coexistence and violence (25/08/2015)

  • The municipal website is the most transparent seventh Murcia (24/08/2015)
    According to the study conducted by Map Infoparticip @ UMU and the Catholic University "San Antonio"
  • The Board of PROINVITOSA awards the housing promotion last eight duplex in El Pareton (24/08/2015)

  • The month of September will begin the process for the election of the new village headman for the 2015/2019 legislature (24/08/2015)

  • The Memorial XXIV "Enrique Rosa" Cycling will be held on September 6 in the "La Scale" (23/08/2015)

  • Cebag meets with the regional deputy Martinez Baths (21/08/2015)
    Deputy transferred to the Directorate of Cebag his personal conviction that the Regional Government has no plans to approve the short-term PGMO Totana
  • The Youth Institute announces a national contest for young entrepreneurs (21/08/2015)

  • The start of the 2015/16 school year will be held on September 8 in Education and Primary (21/08/2015)
    And the day 16 in the case of secondary and high schools
  • The Move Sports Center opens the registration period for activities for kids @ s (21/08/2015)

  • Opens the Municipal Library "Matthew Smith" from next Monday, August 24th, in the morning (21/08/2015)
    In September and will your regular schedule
  • The Municipal Social Services Centre has treated over 444 quotations procedures in matters of immigration during the first half of 2015 (21/08/2015)

  • Continues until 31 August mandatory annual vaccination campaign against rabies in pets (20/08/2015)

  • A total of 391 associations now form the social fabric of Totana (20/08/2015)
    319 remain active
  • Correspondent Youth program has fulfilled its sixth edition in Totana (20/08/2015)
    Involving IES "Juan de la Cierva" and "Prado Mayor"
  • Three planning agreements by which will have to repay more than half a million euros are canceled (19/08/2015)
    From Winning Totana IU responsibilities require the PP, "architects of the economic disaster that is in the City"
  • 485 people participated in the activities organized within the program "Totana Summer 2015" (19/08/2015)
    During the months of July and part of August
  • The City appeals to the public awareness on the responsible use of water and moderate consumption during the summer (19/08/2015)
    After months as hot and dry
  • During the last quarter of the year will be launched several participatory structures (19/08/2015)
    That will backbone the municipal social participation in Totana
  • The totanero Samuel Alcaraz card by CB Myrtiael (18/08/2015)
    Another old Murcia Club returns to anchor in their ranks to defend the jersey in the EBA League
  • A total of 45 local people have successfully completed their participation in the municipal training program for social inclusion (18/08/2015)

  • The City Council wants to increase in the coming quarters ten points the performance of the Municipal Water Service (18/08/2015)
    by increasing municipal revenue and cost savings
  • The registration period for the School of Music of Totana for the course 2015/2016 will be 14 to 25 September, inclusive (18/08/2015)

  • The Center for Information and Youth Counseling serves a total of 900 informative consultation during the first half of this year (18/08/2015)

  • The weekend left one person dead and eight injured on the roads of the Region of Murcia (17/08/2015)
    The tragic accident occurred in Totana a mixed vehicle to collide with a moped, resulting deceased driver of the latter
  • Begin TM Totana Club activities for the 2015-2016 season (17/08/2015)

  • La Bastida welcomes the European Archery Championships and Prehistoric Propeller (17/08/2015)
    The archaeological site of La Bastida, in the municipality of Totana will host on 3 and 4 October 2015 XXV sleeve European Archery Championships and Prehistoric propeller
  • The festival of "La Paloma" in Morti, Lentiscosa and The Breeches this weekend held 21 to 23 August (17/08/2015)
    The benefits are aimed at "D'Genes" and "AELIP"
  • The festival of "La Paloma" in Morti, Lentiscosa and The Breeches this weekend held 21 to 23 August (17/08/2015)
    The benefits are aimed at "D'Genes" and "AELIP"
  • Social Welfare has processed so far this year a total of 147 financial aid aimed at supporting people and families in need (17/08/2015)

  • It continues the calendar of festivities in neighborhoods and districts of Totana scheduled for this summer 2015 (17/08/2015)
    It runs until early October
  • A young Moroccan nationality died this morning after a fight in a nightclub in Totana (16/08/2015)

  • Since the training offered by the Centre for Adult Education "Under Guadalentín" for the course 2015/2016 he knows (15/08/2015)
    Offered in the old IES "Juan de la Cierva"
  • A total of 103 families with 138 minors have benefited from summer schools within the program "Totana Verano'2015" (15/08/2015)

  • The Totana Rugby Club begin their training for cadets and seniors on Tuesday August 18 (14/08/2015)

  • Martin, CC Santa Eulalia, m60 champion in 2015 Master Regional Championship in highway Fortuna (14/08/2015)
    There was a good performance from Santa Eulalia CC
  • The "Sense Barreres" association Petrer visit the Multidisciplinary Center "Celia Carrion Perez de Tudela" (14/08/2015)

  • The Tourist Office continues offering guided "La Bastida" free visits during the weekend August (14/08/2015)

  • The receiving unit of the Municipal Social Services Centre has conducted a total of 9,826 attentions (14/08/2015)
    during the first half of 2015
  • Official statement of the City of Totana against gender violence (14/08/2015)

  • The parties Paretón-Cantareros, in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, held from 13 to 16 August (13/08/2015)
    They have a very wide and varied program of activities
  • Condemnation of Totana IU Earn male violence (13/08/2015)
    "from eradicating violence against women in our society"
  • The mayor announced that exert greater control over the contracts of municipal services to improve their delivery to citizens (13/08/2015)

  • Urban agrees with the residents of the area "The Traps" to keep the commitments made by the House in the previous legislature (13/08/2015)

  • Starting off the new Board of PROINVITOSA (13/08/2015)

  • They clean the main recreational areas in the vicinity of La Santa in order to prevent forest fires (13/08/2015)

  • The Mayor of Totana says "not all companies and creditors were equal before the law" (12/08/2015)
    claims that a company took a "milloncejos" (euros) more than your share, even with negative reports from the Ministry of Finance and Public Authorities
  • Launched a campaign to collect signatures in "change.org" in support of the Rat Restaurant Sale (12/08/2015)
    In the first 24 hours, and have collected more than 1,200 signatures
  • The BORM published the announcement of the provisional approval for modification of legal qualification (reversal) of vehicle Mayor (12/08/2015)
    The Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia dated Tuesday, August 11, 2015
  • Committee on Occupational Safety and Health of the City meets in order to approve internal rules of operation (12/08/2015)

  • Specifications governing the tendering and award of contract for the rehabilitation of the Business Incubator of Totana was adopted (12/08/2015)
    ERDF co-financed with EU funds
  • A total of 250 people have participated in various training activities offered through the program "Jail-training" (12/08/2015)
    During the period October 2014 to June 2015
  • Programming summer cinema has had to suspend a malfunction in the projector (12/08/2015)
    A middle of next week the new schedule will be published
  • The PP wants to know "why Minifestival SantiaGO suspended", organized by the association SonImagina (11/08/2015)
    Councilman Municipal People's Party, Alfonso Canovas Urrea, asked a question about it in the July plenary session, which was answered by Mayor on social networks
  • The Mayor of Totana publishes response to the "sheets ... timeless lady Baeza" (11/08/2015)

  • You can not make any fire in the barbecue enabled in Sierra Espuña or camping-gas use for cooking in the bush (11/08/2015)
    till October
  • End campus summer move (11/08/2015)
    On July 31 ended the summer campus move
  • Workers CEDETO workshops active in rehabilitation, therapeutic and sports and social integration (11/08/2015)
    In collaboration with the Association of Special Employment Centres of the Region
  • Firemen intervene to remove a branch of a large tree, which was cutting a road (10/08/2015)
    were told by the local police in Totana
  • The parties Paretón-Cantareros, in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, held from 13 to 16 August (10/08/2015)
    They have a very wide and varied program of activities
  • Two athletes Totana Athletics Club participated in the XXXI edition of the race Subida al Pico Veleta (10/08/2015)

  • The mayors of Totana and Aledo meet for the first time to address issues of general interest affecting both municipalities (10/08/2015)
    As the problem of water supply in La Santa
  • Complete works of 40 new niches built in the new area of ​​the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (10/08/2015)

  • The CAVI Totana attends this year 35 new cases of women over hundred interventions (10/08/2015)

  • The city government maintains a round of meetings with representatives of professional and social groups in the municipality of Totana (10/08/2015)
    To meet their needs firsthand
  • Two second places for cyclists of Santa Eulalia in Arboleas CC (10/08/2015)

  • EVA-13 delivery AELIP D'Genes and 2,558 euros raised in the Dragon Challenge race (09/08/2015)
    This test, "Lieutenant Juan Carlos Pérez Calleja Memorial" was held on June 14 in Sierra Espuña, and was in solidarity with the Rare diseases
  • Neighborhood Association and the Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary celebrate the festival of San Roque from 14 to 16 August (08/08/2015)

  • Thirty volunteers took part in the II Golf archaeological work at the site of "The Cabezuelas" (08/08/2015)
    ends with great success by the large number of findings and scientific information gathered
  • The PP claims that services the Department of Sports "Manolo Ibañez" are closed in August (08/08/2015)
    Just as certain municipal offices, for lack of foresight and without prior notice to the neighbors
  • The video "Come to Paretón" wipes out more than 20,000 copies in 48 hours (07/08/2015)
    The video was released to promote the Festival of the Paretón-Cantareros 2015, to be held from 13 to 16 August, in honor of the Virgen del Rosario
  • End the Summer Stage organized by the Club de Tenis Totana (07/08/2015)
    On Friday July 31 ended with the farewell party on "Summer Stage" every year during the month of July organized by the School of Tennis Club Totana Tennis
  • The mayor warns of the danger of flooding exists in the rural town of Las Ventas and the Royal Route (07/08/2015)
    by an open channel in the mouth Paretón if the CHS does not act
  • The local police arrested a couple, residents of Totana, oil stealing a truck parked on Avenida Juan Carlos I of this locality (07/08/2015)
    Police also detained two people for an alleged crime of Domestic Violence
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a gang dedicated to the theft and modification of mopeds in Totana (06/08/2015)
    has been arrested five members of the criminal group, three of them minors
  • Complete works of accessibility for people with reduced mobility to see the tourist sights of the historic center (06/08/2015)

  • The City Council strongly condemns a new case of gender violence in Spain, which amount to 22 fatalities so far in 2015 (06/08/2015)

  • Today solidarity concerts cycle begins in August nights in laTerraza Café "Martin's II" to benefit PADISITO (06/08/2015)
    With the performance of solo Juanma Ruiz
  • The Summer Film continues this August at the Municipal Auditorium (06/08/2015)
    With the films "now or never" (10 and 11) and "Mission: Impossible" (12 and 13)
  • Launched a video to promote the Festival of the Paretón 2015 (05/08/2015)
    The festivities of El Pareton-Cantareros held in mid-August, in honor of the Virgen del Rosario
  • Murcia.com sponsors the II Golf archaeological work at the site of "The Cabezuelas" (05/08/2015)
    This year again held with great success by the large number of findings and scientific information gathered
  • Communiqué Rat Restaurant Sale (04/08/2015)

  • More than 4,000 residents of the highlands of the Orchards benefit from the construction of the new junction on the network that the Commonwealth has Taibilla Channel on the Carretera de La Huerta (04/08/2015)
    With this performance the historical problems are solved in the supply water in areas
  • The Association of Professional Coaching of Murcia collaborates with 400 euros with Rare Diseases (04/08/2015)
    APROCORM D'Genes has delivered to the benefits of solidarity workshop "Bases of neurocoaching"
  • A total of 11 children participate in the "Week of Prehistory in La Bastida (04/08/2015)
    An event organized within the" Totana Verano'2015 "
  • Cycle solidarity concerts were organized in August nights at Terrace Café "Martin's II" to benefit PADISITO (04/08/2015)

  • Users Occupational Center "José Moya Trilla" celebrate "Water Festival" within the end of the course activities 2014/15 (04/08/2015)

  • Diplomas are awarded to students in courses of Occupational Risks and Food Handler held in the CLD (04/08/2015)

  • Programming Film Summer is taken up in the Municipal Auditorium, with the animated film "overturn" (04/08/2015)

  • Users of the Day Center for Persons with Mental Illness represent the play "The moon Ithaca" (03/08/2015)
    As closing ceremony 2014/15
  • The CHS will improve the drainage capacity of 2.6 kilometers of the Rambla de Lebor to prevent flooding in the Valley Guadalentín (03/08/2015)
    The basin organization brings to public information project will allow the channel leading to the river Guadalentín
  • City officials closed down the course 2014/15 in the Occupational Center "José Moya Trilla" Totana (03/08/2015)

  • The celebrations of El Alto Raiguero be held this coming weekend from 7 to 9 August, in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzman (03/08/2015)

  • Starts operating the new connection that will solve the problems of supply to users who supplies the tank Virgen de las Huertas (01/08/2015)
    In summer affects about 4,800 people
  • The pools of the sports center "December 6" and the Sports Complex "Guadalentín" in the Paretón maintain their schedules in August (01/08/2015)

  • The parking service will be free payment ORA throughout August (01/08/2015)
    In addition, the schedule of Citizen Service of City Hall during the month of August are 9:00 to 13:30, respectively

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