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  • Athletic career ascent of St. force temporarily cut the Plaza of the Constitution and The Holy Road (30/04/2014)

  • Ends the baby and juvenile phase inter school sport, with the 3rd seminar held in Totana (30/04/2014)
    Among the teams Totana, Mazarrón and Alhama
  • Now open Registration for summer camp at "The Stables" (30/04/2014)
    It will be set in the Middle Ages
  • Athletic career ascent of St. force temporarily cut the Plaza of the Constitution and The Holy Road (30/04/2014)

  • Juan Antonio Sánchez, regional champion cyclist adapted this weekend, with several races in Murcia (30/04/2014)

  • On 10, 11 and May 12 will be screened in "Jail" three passes each day of the movie "Eight Basque surnames" (30/04/2014)

  • 24 Matchday local league football "Play Fair" (29/04/2014)
    Computers and Preel uclident intact their league title aspirations with just two games to end the local soccer league "play fair"
  • 28 presidents are elected and 56 members to the polls for the European elections on May 25 (29/04/2014)

  • A new hiking trail is held by the Serrania de Ricote (29/04/2014)
    Organized by the Department of Sports
  • The City and the Association signed an agreement PADISITO (29/04/2014)
    to take action to help improve the quality and life expectancy of people with mental disabilities and their families
  • The municipality launched an ordinance for businesses that hire people in social exclusion can perceive these grants incorporations (29/04/2014)
    The Mayor of Totana tilda this proposal pioneer in the Region of Murcia
  • Under Holidays "Los Mayos 2014" (29/04/2014)
    ["marries Manuela" has reestrenará on Friday May 2 at Alhama]
  • From 1 May it will not make any fire barbecues enabled in Espuña (29/04/2014)
    Ni-gas used for cooking campsites on the mountain
  • The artisan market of La Santa brings a large audience in the courtyard of the shrine inmedicaciones a festive day (28/04/2014)

  • ... (28/04/2014)

  • Totana will be present at the meeting-I national pilgrimage of Fraternities and Guilds of La Santa Faz-Veronica (28/04/2014)
    It will take place on 7 and 8 June in Alicante, and will be assisted thirty brotherhoods
  • Miles solidarity with the children of Ethiopia (28/04/2014)
    About 200 students of the first and second cycle of ESO IES Juan de la Cierva and Codorníu participated in this charity race
  • The AD Peña Nine in Torreaguera and Mojacar (28/04/2014)
    Another great weekend for the Sports Association Peña Nine
  • TM Club Totana nine fourth-placed group of 2 nd National (27/04/2014)
    Summary leagues from 2013 to 2014
  • The PB Totana adds condolences on the death of Tito Vilanova (26/04/2014)

  • CEIS Firefighters extinguished the fire in a ceramics factory in Totana (26/04/2014)

  • The Regional Assembly published thanks to the Special Committee on Disability, the book totanero poet Antonio Lorca (25/04/2014)

  • Lorca journalist, Lazaro Gimenez, presents his first book "The same fire" (25/04/2014)
    Among the activities organized to mark World Book Day
  • The House approved the municipal ordinance regulating financial aid (25/04/2014)
    to promote hiring people at particular vulnerability or social exclusion
  • El Colegio San José closes its cultural week "Totana my love" with the delivery of garabazo and singing gangs (25/04/2014)

  • Perform an emergency plan for street cleaning and outdoor cafés discoursed the areas where the processions after Easter (24/04/2014)

  • Next Sunday will be a new hiking trail in Abarán (24/04/2014)
    It is organized by the Department of Sports
  • On Sunday April 27th the artisan market of La Santa is done (24/04/2014)

  • The next day, May 5th ending period for voluntary payment of tax on motor vehicles in 2014 (24/04/2014)

  • Users of the Day Centre "José Moya Trilla" return to celebrate their particular Burial of the Sardine (24/04/2014)

  • Activities and events from 24 to 29 April 2014 (24/04/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • "Lights, Camera, blackout" (24/04/2014)
    High School Students of the subject of music IES Juan de la Cierva and Codorníu, interpreted the Musical "Lights, Camera, blackout"
  • Organized two informative talks on April 28 and May 5, in the municipal school program for parents during 2014/15 (23/04/2014)

  • The pilgrims Lebor star in this weekend's Fair April at his house the fairgrounds (23/04/2014)

  • Party Videonconsolas organize one in the room reading "José María Munuera and Abbey" on 25 and 26 April (23/04/2014)

  • The plenary will address the adoption of a regulatory ordinance (23/04/2014)
    municipal aid aimed at hiring people at particular vulnerability or social exclusion
  • Totana celebrates World Book Day Public Library taking to the streets to exchange copies (23/04/2014)

  • Cleaning the exit tunnel of the dam reservoir can interrupt the morning service of drinking water for a few hours (22/04/2014)
    in some areas of town
  • The journalist, Lazaro Gimenez, presents his first book of short stories "The same fire" (22/04/2014)
    Thursday at 18:00 pm in Room Gregorio Cebrian
  • Week Santa'2014 Tournament Tennis Club Totana (22/04/2014)
    On Wednesday Santo was played at the Tennis Club Totana traditional Easter Tournament organized by the School of Tennis CTTotana
  • Participate four formations (22/04/2014)
    [Next May 3 "Contest IV Bugles and Drums Solidarity" in aid of the AECC is celebrated]
  • Totana host next Sunday, April 27 a day of living of Lourdes Hospitality regional (22/04/2014)

  • Activities-Tirol Camilleri neighborhood in honor of San Marcos held on Saturday, April 26 (22/04/2014)

  • Effective Infomur control wildfire in the Sierra de la Tertia (Totana) (22/04/2014)

  • They start the day's activities with a workshop book mark pages, book exchange and initiatives in bookstores locality (21/04/2014)

  • AD Remarkable performance in Peña Nine Marathon Btt I Pulpi (21/04/2014)

  • The prestigious bodybuilder and coach Fran Espín offer a Training Campus Totana (21/04/2014)
    will be held next Saturday April 26th at move
  • The Investigation Board of Education, Youth and Cabildo Charity donates the amount earned in the Christmas Lottery Caritas (20/04/2014)

  • The Chorus and Dance Group "Ciudad de Totana" participate next Tuesday in the Bando de la Huerta of Murcia (20/04/2014)
    Adding to the international promotion of Murcia traditions
  • Winners of the "Path of Lent" collect their prize delicacies Totana (17/04/2014)

  • Service municipal waste collection is reinforced during Holy Week (16/04/2014)

  • Tomorrow will be the traditional ceremony of the flag to "Arm" (16/04/2014)
    will be at 09:30 am and not 10:00 as published in some media erroneously
  • Users of Day Centres for Older Dependents Hdad visit the Santa Maria Cleofé (15/04/2014)

  • The city of Totana signed an agreement with the School of Dramatic Art in Murcia (15/04/2014)
    To make your students practice in Municipal Day Centres for People with Mental Illness and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Move organizes a seminar on resistance training, which will take place next Monday (15/04/2014)
    On the other hand, since the move is reported special schedules for Holy Week
  • The Bank of Conservation PI "The Salt Marsh" and Proinvitosa presented arguments to the service area project in the current seating area on the A7, on the stretch between Alhama and Totana (15/04/2014)
    Y advocate change the intended location
  • The good weather with us the rest of Easter 2014 (15/04/2014)
    is expected to continue over the coming days with mild days and maximum above 25 ° C, according MeteoTotana
  • The market of El Pareton-Cantareros be held next Thursday to be a national holiday Friday (14/04/2014)

  • An editorial in Totana which brings to light two publications is presented (14/04/2014)

  • Youngest basketball teams and volleyball fry Colegio Santa Eulalia participated in the 2nd round of the inter phase School Sports (14/04/2014)
    was held in Mazarrón
  • The Tourist Office will remain open Holy Thursday morning to provide tourist information to visitors (14/04/2014)

  • A number of the group of athletes Totana Athletics Club took part in the Second Media Aguilas night marathon and the 10 km from Aguilas II (14/04/2014)

  • The Brotherhood of St. Mary Salome and Ecce Homo organizes its "I Photography Competition" (14/04/2014)
    See all details on its website, created Superweb
  • José Isidoro Martinez, monitor move, participated in the Inter League II Men's physique (14/04/2014)
    took place in Molina de Segura, and treated to an act of solidarity with Natalia
  • IU-Greens raise a motion in Parliament "by the defense, clarification and improvement of municipal responsibilities in the field of social services" (13/04/2014)

  • CB cadet Excellent victory against Jesuitinas Berrospe Totana Murcia (13/04/2014)

  • Blunt Victoria Club TM Totana in their last league game (13/04/2014)
    Totana TM 5 - Puertollano 1
  • COAG and APESE oppose the disappearance of barbecues and recreational areas and other Holy places in Espuña (12/04/2014)
    were also opposed to approve the report and accounts for 2013 and the budget for 2014 because no dedicated Park one euro to compensate landowners and farmers for damage Barbary
  • The exhibition "Abstract Concepts" painter Daniel Marin Murcia opens (12/04/2014)
    In the municipal hall Gregorio Cebrian
  • Terraces hours until 2:00 pm and the catering establishments is extended until 6:00 pm for the celebration of Holy Week (11/04/2014)
    also temporarily suspended from 10 to 20 April meeting the maximum noise levels set out in the bylaw
  • Mañanase opens exhibition "Abstract Concepts" Murcia painter Daniel Marin (11/04/2014)
    In the municipal hall cebrián gregorio
  • Baeza: "The only valid result for municipal management is that there are 260 people least 10%, by swelling the ranks of the unemployed in Totana" (11/04/2014)

  • "The cock" closer than ever (11/04/2014)
    The Brotherhood of Denial and Exaltation of the Cross of Totana has launched its new website, developed with Superweb
  • A total of 24 walkers participating in a tour of the village of Murcia Beniaján (10/04/2014)
    He was organized by the Department of Sports
  • Civil Protection rescue an injured hiker who suffered a fracture in the Barranco del Infierno (10/04/2014)
    By Purgatory area in Espuña
  • Local Police offers a series of recommendations for the normal development of the processions of Holy Week (10/04/2014)

  • IU described as "cocky and irresponsible" attitude of the Mayor and the government team at Claims Collective Local Police (10/04/2014)

  • Total Success in trading marrow donation (10/04/2014)
    193 people have become new donors in just four hours
  • 23 th day of the local football league "Play Fair" (09/04/2014)
    Team "Agrorizao-Vidalia" gets the third place
  • The City Senior Center of the Plaza Vieja Balsa distributed sweets among their partners (09/04/2014)
    The Holy Monday and Tuesday
  • The good weather with us for the start of Holy Week 2014 (09/04/2014)
    The first days of Easter in Totana be characterized by the weather stability, lack of rainfall and temperatures above average
  • "Thank Totana" (09/04/2014)
    The AC Tambors of Passió Almassora and the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Calvary Almassora have released a statement thanking his treatment during his visit to Totana
  • Call off the demonstration of the local police scheduled for Wednesday of Holy Week (09/04/2014)
    The unions have issued a communiqué calling for the resignation of the Security council and the mayor, while grateful to Illustrious Cabildo Processions Superior support
  • Children's activities monitored in Padel Indoor at Easter (09/04/2014)
    On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, while you work, they enjoy
  • Victoria and play off for promotion to the CB Totana (08/04/2014)
    The junior lost at home to Cieza.
  • Campus Easter move (08/04/2014)
    At Easter there is "Cole" and suggests you move the "Campus Easter move"
  • The Young Entrepreneurs Guadalentin meet in the CLD of Totana (08/04/2014)
    To agree new measures for business development
  • Youth correspondents IES "Prado Mayor" participating in a conference aimed at promoting egalitarian relationships between adolescents (08/04/2014)

  • The Municpal Water Service will proceed tomorrow tank cleaning Santa Leocadia (08/04/2014)
    affect the supply of users of La Sierra
  • Totana Easter 2014 is in the regional guide Cadena Ser and its new mobile app information (08/04/2014)

  • Very fruitful presence in the Food Fair COATO (08/04/2014)
    It has been held in Barcelona between last March 31 and April 3
  • ... (07/04/2014)

  • Athletes Athletics Club Totana have had moved to week, participating in various tests (07/04/2014)

  • Move today organized a free tasting of their products supplementation (07/04/2014)
    Also on Thursday will hold a free move Assessment Body
  • The Association "kalathos" organizes two Easter related activities (07/04/2014)
    Lecture "History and singularities of Totana Easter" and children's workshop "Little Nazareth"
  • Child B players Capuchin got the surprise on his visit to Murcia (07/04/2014)
    The totaneros give surprise to the leader with a just victory at home
  • The PSOE criticizes Valcárcel have forgotten city of Totana for 19 years (07/04/2014)

  • City officials attending the opening of the exhibition of "Alfar Tudela" at the Regional Arts Center (07/04/2014)
    On the occasion of the European Day of Crafts
  • Great participation Totana Rugby Club in Schools Rugby Championship (07/04/2014)
    Held in Cotillas Towers on Saturday April 5
  • Omara Romero and Celia Cobos I win the Facebook contest "Igualiza-T" organized to mark the International Day of Working Women (07/04/2014)

  • The company totanera "Alfar Tudela" exposes typical ceramic jars at the headquarters of the Government Delegation (07/04/2014)

  • Good weekend of AD Peña Nine (07/04/2014)

  • The electoral roll for Europe will be exposed today for an inquiry (07/04/2014)
    until next April 14
  • Pelegrin Francisco Martínez Porlán stars in the proclamation of Easter 2014 (06/04/2014)

  • The city hosts the official ceremony of the twinning of brotherhoods Jesus on Calvary and sacrament of Holy Christ of Calvary Almassora (05/04/2014)
    within the day "sounds of passion"
  • The City and the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Superior signed an agreement (04/04/2014)
    To assist in the implementation of activities to stimulate the social life at Easter 2014
  • The day center users "Princess Leticia" conduct activities to raise awareness about the risk of drugs (03/04/2014)

  • It is the recovery period in voluntary payment of tax motor vehicles 2014 (03/04/2014)

  • Almost a hundred bells and drums star in "The rompida hour" (03/04/2014)
    will take place on Saturday April 5, at 21:00 pm in Constitution Square, within the day "Sounds of Passion"
  • "Shaping Cofrades" initiative of the Brotherhood of St. Mary Magdalene (03/04/2014)

  • Totana again renew their commitment as "Entrepreneur Municipality" to encourage the creation and development of business initiatives (03/04/2014)

  • Activities and Events April 3 to April 8, 2014 (03/04/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • Poetry recital honoring Miguel Hernández (03/04/2014)

  • One integral Zumba Master Class on Saturday, the 5th, at the Sports Pavilion Held (03/04/2014)
    A benefit associations "AELIP" and "D'GENES"
  • The municipality signs a collaboration agreement with PADISITO to develop programs to help people with intellectual disabilities (02/04/2014)

  • Forty people involved in the course of basic care to older people developed by "Salus Infirmorum" (02/04/2014)

  • 2nd Phase of the International Swimming League organized by the Swimming Club Totana (02/04/2014)

  • The Civil Guard is involved in Totana five pieces of dried hunting were transported illegally (02/04/2014)
    Operation 'Taxidermist'
  • IU organized a talk on "The demands of the Murcia area in Europe" (01/04/2014)
    will take place on Thursday, April 3 at 8 pm in their local
  • The Municipal Water asks citizens to update their personal data (01/04/2014)
    To avoid potential problems with this service receipts
  • Work begins to build two new toilets in the new classrooms at the school "Regional-Deitania" (01/04/2014)

  • The People's Party introduced a motion to reject and condemn violence in Madrid on March 22 (01/04/2014)
    also expresses its appreciation and gratitude to all Security Forces, as well as emergency services, for exemplarity and professionalism shown in the course of their work
  • IU: "The PP continues to increase the real debt of the City, further mortgaging the future of the town" (01/04/2014)
    "The mayor concerted a loan of 600,000 euros, agreed in plenary compensation 2.5 million payable through 2025, while its debt to the dealership garbage collection exceeds 2 million "
  • CC Santa Eulalia Ramón up to podium in Lorca after conducting a carrerón in the last stage of the Interclub Golf Cartagena (01/04/2014)


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