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  • PSOE: "12,000 claims submitted shows that the General Plan of PP is not the plan Totana and its citizens need" (28/02/2014)

  • A totanero entrepreneur launches a central purchasing office supplies (28/02/2014)
    The project, led by Alfonso Canovas, called "Divendi"
  • A relaxing day for 2 people in a Spa Eagles for the best costume (28/02/2014)
    Café Martin's give away a relaxing day for 2 people at the magnificent Spa Puerto Juan Montiel in Águilas, best costume passing through the cafeteria these carnivals
  • The throne restored "Pilate Washing" and bless be presented next March 15 in the afternoon (28/02/2014)
    Moreover, Hdad.
  • The House approved develop a Municipal Comprehensive Plan for Child Care that includes nutritional asitencia of schoolchildren in Totana (28/02/2014)

  • The most notable during these carnivals will wind weather phenomenon (27/02/2014)
    . Saturday gusts could reach 45 are expected - 55 Km / h, according to MeteoTotana.com
  • Twenty walkers participated in the route organized by Sport Espuña by the town of Pliego (27/02/2014)

  • The mayor issues a decision (26/02/2014)
    for the brass bands of the Brotherhoods Easter to conduct their tests in public venues and via daily to 23:00 during Lent
  • They ask the Golden Shield Award of the City of Totana Antonio Ángel Martínez Garrido (26/02/2014)

  • Users accessed more than 16,000 in 2013 to the various services of the Municipal Library of Sociocultural Center "Jail" (26/02/2014)

  • The Center for Child Development and Early holding a massage therapy program aimed at babies and premature infants (26/02/2014)

  • The Local Police is conducting a monitoring and control of motorcycles and mopeds from 24 to 28 February (26/02/2014)

  • The totanero Jose Miguel Cano participated in the XX Championship of Spain Winter Open Swim Master (25/02/2014)
    was held in Mallorca
  • The council publicly presented on Friday the "Local Employment Plan 2013-2015" (25/02/2014)
    the professional organizations and social partners
  • First road game of the Region of Murcia Totana Hockey Club (25/02/2014)
    It was played in the town of Gandia (Valencia)
  • The school regional champion Reina Sofía School Sports orientation of the categories of children and male cadet was proclaimed (25/02/2014)
    In the final in Cehegín
  • Users of Day Centres "Princess Letizia" and "José Moya" know the history of the town from the hand of the association "Canico" (25/02/2014)

  • The plenary debate a dozen proposals among which the application for an MOT in the estate the Salt Marsh (25/02/2014)
    It is celebrated on Thursday at 16:00 pm
  • Rules of use of the mark ". Totana quality crop and livestock origin" is created (25/02/2014)
    Should cover the requirements and conditions of the products covered by this corporate image
  • They continue racing for CC Santa Eulalia with remarkable fighting spirit in the Campo de Cartagena Interclub (25/02/2014)

  • IV solidarity blood donation campaign promoted by the Illustrious Cabildo (25/02/2014)
    The "Blood brother, Blood solidarity" campaign took place on March 7
  • The City Council and the Federation of Peñas Carnival signed a collaboration agreement (24/02/2014)
    For the realization of commemorative activities to mark the 30th anniversary of Mardi Gras parades in this city
  • Organizers 'reminder' athletic training Saturday morning (24/02/2014)
    This is a new initiative promoted by the Athletics Club Totana
  • The Hikers Club of Totana made this weekend a route to Veleta in Sierra Nevada (24/02/2014)
    33 walkers participated
  • He advances at 16:00 on Thursday, the 27th, the plenary session of the regular February monthly (24/02/2014)
    By coincide with the opening of the Multidisciplinary Center "Celia Pérez Carrión de Tudela"
  • Athletes Athletics Club participated in Totana Ascent Portazgo V (24/02/2014)
    Regional League Races Mountain FMRM 2014
  • The AD Peña Nine in the Open Bike Marathon R. de Murcia - The Wicked (24/02/2014)

  • Schools and Santa Eulalia Reina Sofia participated in the regional final of playing athletics School Sports (24/02/2014)
    was held in Cartagena
  • Good atmosphere of visitors in the "Holy Artisan Market" held on the last Sunday of each month (24/02/2014)

  • D'Genes, and FEDER AELIP UCAM involved in the game - Unicaja (23/02/2014)

  • The senior CB Totana lost in Alhama before the leader (23/02/2014)
    The junior team lost to the runner.
  • ... (23/02/2014)

  • Photo exhibition on the evolution of the carnival in the past 30 years in Totana (22/02/2014)

  • The Muse and close to Don Carnal Carnival users Multipurpose Center for Persons with Disabilities (21/02/2014)

  • After the registration deadline to participate in the Solidarity Square (21/02/2014)
    will take place on March 23
  • The PP Totana highlights "the commitment that exists to fighting poverty by increasing the basic income items" (21/02/2014)

  • The Municipal Water comes on Monday to clean the water tank of the Holy (21/02/2014)

  • Civil Protection imparts a talk to the Association of Housewives "Three Hail Marys" first aid (21/02/2014)

  • "The Candle" promotes a wide range of educational activities and free dynamic in the San Roque (20/02/2014)
    On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary
  • Activities and events from 21 to 23 February 2014 (20/02/2014)
    Information provided by the Department of Youth
  • 5 Rugby Club players are Totana Murcia squad for the Rugby Selection Under-21 and Under-18 (20/02/2014)

  • This Sunday conclusion of the artisan market returns at the shrine of La Santa (20/02/2014)

  • The Local Police sanctioned 10 vehicles in the 168 inspections during the campaign to control vans and trucks (20/02/2014)

  • The totanero Roberto Canovas, new president of AVREMOTO (19/02/2014)
    AVREMOTO is the Regional Association of Sale and Repair of Motorcycles and Mopeds in the Region of Murcia
  • The PP Totana considered "unfortunate and hypocritical" PSOE's motion denouncing the actions of the Spanish Civil Guard on the border of Ceuta (19/02/2014)
    Y believes "irresponsible" its immigration policy
  • Exhibition COATO products in the world's largest trade fair of organic products (19/02/2014)
    was held between 12 and 15 February in Nuremberg (Germany)
  • The municipal groups presented a joint motion on the occasion of the commemoration of International Women's Day (19/02/2014)

  • The Highways comes to cleaning gutters in several secondary rural roads in the districts of Totana (19/02/2014)

  • Out to tender exploitation cafeteria in the social center of the neighborhood Tirol-Camilleri (19/02/2014)

  • Ends the XIV Open Tennis Promises "Totana Source" (18/02/2014)

  • The city of Totana processed a total of 22 civil marriages in 2013 (18/02/2014)

  • The local phase of petanque School Sports brought together 81 students from different schools in the city (18/02/2014)
    He was organized by the Department of Sports and Petanque Club Santa Eulalia
  • The Rugby Club beats Totana Yecla Rugby Club by 48-12 (17/02/2014)
    Totana Rugby Club shows its continuous progression in the Murcia regional rugby
  • Ruta del Sol AD ​​Peña Nine (17/02/2014)
    Last Sunday saw the departure of February Sports Association Peña Nine, 60 Km
  • The professor Carlos III University and IU leader, Pedro Chaves Giraldo visited Totana (17/02/2014)
    gave a talk on The Europe we want
  • Civil protection and environmental agents rescue 4 members of a family were disoriented by fog at night Espuña (17/02/2014)

  • Designer "FRAN LONDON RIVER" is from 3 to 11 March in Totana to offer a private showroom for all those interested (17/02/2014)

  • The mayor presented a motion to support the approval of the proposed action in the field of Rare Diseases (17/02/2014)
    On World Rare Disease Day 2014
  • Totana Athletes Athletics Club participated in the Carrera de San Valentin 2014 (17/02/2014)
    Sunday February 16 was held in San Javier
  • The Basketball Club Totana visit the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia (17/02/2014)

  • ... (15/02/2014)

  • The council will apply to the Directorate General of Industry Industrial Park installation "The Salt Marsh" an ITV station (15/02/2014)

  • La Hoya Lorca CF-trained in MOVE (14/02/2014)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group dedicated to the removal of fruit in Totana (14/02/2014)
    have been arrested five members of the group on suspicion of burglary and theft
  • The Totana, Juan Carrion, President of ERDF and Aliber meets with patient associations in the First International Conference on ER in Mexico (14/02/2014)

  • The Civil Guard seize twenty pieces of ivory trade in Totana (13/02/2014)
    seized parts that lacked the required documentation of ownership and origin, were exposed to the public in an antique setting
  • Agents of the Guardia Civil "ROCK Unit" maintain constant vigilance in rural Totana (13/02/2014)
    To prevent theft in agricultural and livestock facilities
  • PP Totana: "Entry into force of a new extension of the Plan Prepare, with support of up to 450 euros for the unemployed with no income" (13/02/2014)

  • The program to encourage reading, organized by the municipal library, has had the participation of 287 students during the month of January (13/02/2014)

  • Talk-talk "The Europe we want and citizen participation" (13/02/2014)
    will take place today at 20:00 pm at the Cultural Center and Workers Totana, given by Pedro Chaves Giraldo
  • Totana.com and Colegio "La Milagrosa" join the list of winners in the Awards D'Genes 2013 (12/02/2014)
    The Dinner awards gala will take place on Saturday, February 22
  • The CDL is detached and does not support the complaint placed in the barracks of the Civil Guard Totana on the bridge of the Kabuki (12/02/2014)
    The complaint was filed by a member of this party
  • The Department of Commerce processed a total of 22 administrative proceedings for peddling during 2013 (12/02/2014)

  • Adilor (Diabetic Association of Lorca and surrounding areas) organizes Day Diabetologica in Totana (12/02/2014)
    will take place on March 5 at 20:00 h.
  • The municipality entered in the Register of Community Patents brand "QUALITY TO AGRICULTURAL AND LIVESTOCK TOTANAORIGEN" (12/02/2014)

  • The Popular Group Totana request the Government amending the financing system "that harms Murcia" (12/02/2014)
    And asked to establish some sort of compensation for the year 2014
  • On Saturday, the 15th, cutting power is produced in several areas of the Industrial Park "The Salt Marsh" for maintenance (12/02/2014)

  • Starts this weekend the new program quarterly hiking (12/02/2014)
    With a Sunday outing to Cabo de Palos and Calblanque (Cartagena)
  • IU Totana complaint "another rise Masked light with increasing the fixed part of Receipt" (11/02/2014)
    "The Popular Party is decimating humble pockets of families and small businesses"
  • The Santa Eulalia CC was present in three tests last weekend with good results (11/02/2014)
    Almansa, Cartagena and Boatmen
  • The city of Totana inaugurate the new auditorium of the Paretón-Cantareros next March 8 (11/02/2014)
    Coinciding with the parade and the big party in the village of Carnival
  • 21 Totana schoolchildren participated in the regional final of offroad Children School, Cadet and Youth Sport (11/02/2014)
    was held in Lorca
  • The delegation of Totana Lourdes celebrates the day of the Virgin next weekend (11/02/2014)

  • The Municipal Water performs several works to improve the sanitation and drinking water supply of the municipality (11/02/2014)
    included in the investment plan
  • The Miraculous, third in the regional final of Badminton School Sports College (11/02/2014)
    was held in Las Torres de Cotillas
  • On Saturday February 8 FARMU Champions Gala was held in Totana (10/02/2014)

  • Three Podiums of the Rock Nine Sports Association in Boatmen (10/02/2014)
    In all, 13 of the totanera rock
  • Over 700 people witness the proclamation of The Muse and Don Carnal 2014 (10/02/2014)
    At dinner gala in which commemorated the 30th anniversary of the carnival of Totana
  • IU complaint that "labor reform and economic policies of the PP are proving devastating for employment in Totana" (10/02/2014)
    "In 2013, 222 jobs were lost in Totana and in January 2014, registered in the Unemployment rose in 54"
  • The Emergency Department of the Region of Murcia active in Totana orange alert for winds (10/02/2014)
    can reach 90 kilometers at a time
  • Athletes Athletics Club Totanaparticiparon in the XVI edition of the City Half Marathon Orihuela (09/02/2014)
    A total of 1448 athletes from across Spain
  • The senior team Totana CB continues the streak (09/02/2014)
    Defeat the Eagles junior in
  • ... (09/02/2014)

  • The City will end on conditioning the County College "Deitania" with the construction of two new toilets (07/02/2014)

  • The Department of Employment bid over ten training courses for the unemployed 2014, and enterprising farmers (07/02/2014)

  • "Ecological Egg vs conventional egg" (07/02/2014)
    Eggs Immaculate, collaborating on a gastrológico project Murcia greens, participated in the Fourth Conference of Agroecology and development of the Region of Murcia through the presentation "Eco Egg vs conventional egg"
  • The sonIMAGINA association has organized a varied program of courses and workshops within the program "Jail Training" (06/02/2014)

  • The Gala Awards Dinner D'genes 2014 will take place on Saturday, February 22 (06/02/2014)

  • The Circle of Economy of the Region of Murcia hosts conference on the draft La Bastida before more than 150 people (06/02/2014)

  • The Department of Sports organized the local phase of athletic playing School Sports (06/02/2014)
    60 school children attended the schools of the town
  • This Saturday pluck Carnaval'2014 celebrations with the traditional gala (06/02/2014)
    the poster will be presented and will be presented The Muse and Don Carnal
  • The Department of Sports manufactures a new walking program for the next quarter with six Sunday departures (06/02/2014)

  • COATO President participates as a representative of PTA Spain in a conference on research and innovation in organic farming (05/02/2014)
    The event took place in the Ministry of Agriculture of Murcia under the Fourth Conference on agroecology in the Region of Murcia
  • The Local Police Totana adheres to the special campaign of surveillance and control DGT trucks and vans (05/02/2014)
    will be held from 10 to 16 February
  • The City Council and the Neighbourhood Association Era High signed a collaboration agreement (05/02/2014)
    Neighbors take the management of the social premises and neighborhood sports center
  • Two injured when leaving the road tourism in traveling in the N-340, at the height of camping Totana women (04/02/2014)

  • Emergency services move to the two injured Rafael Mendez Hospital in traffic accident occurred in Totana (04/02/2014)
    Following the accident two people were trapped inside the Tourism
  • The archaeological park argárico deposit of "La Bastide" will open in late 2014 (03/02/2014)
    For national and international promotion and distribution
  • The Nine Sports Association Peña participated in the March of Moratalla (03/02/2014)

  • Still open the submission of proposals to the NAP 2015 (03/02/2014)

  • Informative talk "style of life and the secret anticancer not sick (Okinawa)" (03/02/2014)
    will be held on February 18 in the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail"
  • Successful IV Solidaire Totana - Sierra de Maria (02/02/2014)
    More than 300 people participated in the IV-Sierra Solidaire Totana Mary.
  • The CB Totana starts 2nd round winning (02/02/2014)
    The junior lost 62-64 at home to Eliocroca.
  • Antonio Martínez Belchí sworn in as President of Superior Illustrious Cabildo Processions of Totana (02/02/2014)

  • ... (02/02/2014)

  • The Mayor of Totana with Valcárcel meets tomorrow to address some issues of general interest affecting this county (02/02/2014)

  • Quick and effective action by the Plan effective Infomur a wildfire outbreak in Las Cabezuelas (01/02/2014)

  • The Brotherhood of St. Mary Salome and Ecce Homo made a trip to Cartagena "Port of Cultures" (01/02/2014)
    will take place on Sunday February 9
  • Bachata Intensive Workshop in Totana on Sunday February 9 (01/02/2014)
    It is organized by the School of Dance and MURCIABAILA MANOLI CÁNOVAS
  • The council dealt with in 2013 a total of 124 records of activity (01/02/2014)
    They allowed the opening of new businesses

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