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  • "In contrast" states until October 13 the exhibition "When the light breaks" (30/09/2013)
    In the room "Gregorio Cebrian"
  • Athletes Totana Athletics Club took part in three tests this weekend (30/09/2013)

  • We present the program "School Sports" aimed at students aged 8 to 18 (30/09/2013)
    Collect various competitions falling under the Local Phase "Championship Sports Promotion"
  • A total of fifteen people participate in the course to encourage reading and creative writing (30/09/2013)
    organize the departments of Citizenship and Youth
  • The PP celebrated the traditional Mass for the dead the next day October 6 at the Shrine of the Holy (30/09/2013)

  • CB Totana, Alhama homer champions (29/09/2013)
    is played on the evening of September 28 in the town of Alhama pavilion facing a home Host, Mazarron and Totana Sierramar
  • 6 Trophies for Club players in Totana TM Mula City Open held this past weekend in the Pavilion Javi Garcia. (29/09/2013)

  • They thank Juan Pedro "the legs" for their selfless help in realizing the surprise wedding video of Fran and Loli (29/09/2013)

  • Two totaneros win the contest III pottery "Artelor" (29/09/2013)
    The first prize went to Isidro Ponce Lidón while the second prize went to Lazaro Lopez Campos
  • Victor Balsas Canovas resigns as Secretary General of Socialist Youth of Totana (28/09/2013)
    "strictly personal reasons lead me to resign," he said in a statement
  • More than 19,000 residents in Totana neighbors have the right to vote in European Parliament elections to be held on May 25, 2014 (28/09/2013)

  • The city offers a pilot institutional reception Luis Moya (27/09/2013)
    In gratitude for his promotion of Rally ascent of Santa's sponsors this year and the City of Totana
  • The council and the Autonomous University of Barcelona conference organized today "Recent discoveries of La Bastida" (27/09/2013)
    It will take place at 20:00 at the Centro Sociocultural "Jail"
  • XXVIII activities Rally Rise to The Holy begin tonight with the firework show on Avenida Juan Carlos I (27/09/2013)

  • Ends today the deadline for registration for the Football League "Play Fair" 2013/14 (27/09/2013)
    begin the weekend of 5 and 6 October
  • The full approve set as local festivities for 2014 Totana on 7 January and 10 December, respectively (27/09/2013)

  • He takes over the new Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Antonio Navarro Tudela (27/09/2013)
    In replacing José Gómez Hernández who resigned in July
  • In Sociocultural Center "Jail" will host the conference "Recent discoveries of La Bastida" (27/09/2013)
    will take place next Friday, the 27th, at 20:00
  • It launches the new programming "Reading activities" in the municipal public library Sociocultural Center "Jail" (26/09/2013)
    It will offer to schools in Totana
  • The totanero Jose Miguel Cano participated in the crossing of the Carthaginians and Romans (26/09/2013)

  • The Lourdes of Totana delegation organized a trip to Campello (Alicante) to mark the centenary of the parish V El Salvador and Jubilee Year (26/09/2013)
    will be held on October 5
  • "In contrast" opens tomorrow the exhibition "When the light breaks" in the exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrian" (26/09/2013)

  • Organic products and artisans COATO in the window of the English Court of Murcia (25/09/2013)

  • Arrested eight people for a brawl occurred in the interior of a hotel establishment (25/09/2013)

  • The PSOE de Totana says that "the Popular Party government has raised the light four times so far this year with lies" (25/09/2013)

  • The City adheres to the Regional Plan Against Irregular Economy by signing an agreement with the Autonomous Region (25/09/2013)

  • The House welcomes tomorrow's inauguration of Socialist Party councilor, Antonio Navarro Tudela (25/09/2013)
    In replacing José Gómez Hernández who resigned last July
  • Artisan market is suspended from the Holy expected this weekend for the celebration of the XXVIII Rally Subida a La Santa de Totana (25/09/2013)
    was postponed to October 27
  • The Climb Rally XXVIII La Santa de Totana is celebrated this weekend (24/09/2013)
    With the participation of 40 drivers from different regions and Luis Moya as automotive test Godfather
  • La Peña The Nine Championship Marathon Btt Spain (24/09/2013)
    On Sunday September 22 took place in Cazorla Spain championship Marathon Btt, a test that featured top riders in Spain
  • In Sociocultural Center "Jail" will host the conference "Recent discoveries of La Bastida" (24/09/2013)
    will take place next Friday, the 27th, at 20:00
  • The Hdad of Jesus on Calvary organizes a pilgrimage to 26th and October 27th to Statement on the occasion of the Jubilee Year Santiaguista (24/09/2013)

  • The PP Totana welcomes the increased penalties for theft and increased surveillance in rural areas (24/09/2013)

  • The city of Totana adheres to the electronic platform "Embark on 3" (24/09/2013)
    for the electronic processing and administrative simplification
  • The House will support the demands of agricultural organizations and producers of table grapes (24/09/2013)
    for restoration of agricultural insurance excess 20%
  • The Santa Eulalia CC competitions again after the summer break with remarkable presence in the disputed evidence (24/09/2013)

  • The Olympic Totana and Real Murcia CF dispute Wednesday's friendly was suspended last July (23/09/2013)
    It will take place at the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela" at 20:30
  • Weekend Sports scores 21 and September 22, 2013 (23/09/2013)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • City officials attending the celebrations of Solidarity Meeting IX Friends and Patients with Alzheimer (23/09/2013)
    Coinciding with the International Day of the disease
  • AJE Guadalentin holds its board meeting on the premises of CLD de Totana (23/09/2013)

  • IU Totana supports the claims of Attorneys and rejects Bill (23/09/2013)
    "I would disappear over 50,000 people in the state and 1000 in the Region"
  • XII championship selections Spain autonomicas veterans (23/09/2013)
    This weekend was raced in the suburb of The Alamo Spain XII Championships regional selections of table tennis veterans
  • First preseason games for junior and senior CB Totana (23/09/2013)
    In last Saturday afternoon in La Union could enjoy a double confrontation between CB Sierramar and Totana
  • The first prize in the National Lottery plays in Totana (21/09/2013)
    The number 90,419 has dealt luck in Totana, among other municipalities
  • Starts operating the water tank of the Sierra (20/09/2013)
    will supply more than 120 homes of the sites in The Stables and The Coto de Aledo
  • Young Socialists claim that "this is the beginning of the course more difficult for students and families about the lack of scholarship" (20/09/2013)
    Young Socialists have presented a set of proposals to carry them full
  • The city of Totana supports the demands of COAG-IR (20/09/2013)
    order to restore the insurance excess to 20% for table grapes that provides coverage to farms for damage
  • The 28th edition of Rally Rise Santa will take place on 27, 28 and 29 September (20/09/2013)
    The proof is sponsored by Luis Moya, World Rally Championship
  • City officials attended SEPOR (20/09/2013)
    This year focused its objectives in the pursuit of international markets
  • COAG criticized for poor management of agricultural insurance table grape industry will cause serious damage to producer (19/09/2013)
    Farmers feel cheated by the Spanish Agricultural Insurance System, expensive insurance now does not respond to the coverage paid by the farmer
  • Begin a campaign in the municipality "against the reduction of pensions by the Government" (19/09/2013)
    United Left's campaign of Totana is called "Do not get your pension remove"
  • Service was awarded the operation of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of La Santa (19/09/2013)

  • Sports has launched gymnastics program for disabled (19/09/2013)
    It takes place in the Municipal Center Day for people with mental illness
  • The Municipal Socialist Group in the city of Totana supports the claims of table grape producers (18/09/2013)
    "Farmers say they feel cheated by Agroseguro"
  • They bid management works the N340 for processing in urban road passing through the ravine of La Santa and expansion of the existing bridge (18/09/2013)

  • City officials attending the ceremony to honor professionals who organized an association of Totana (18/09/2013)

  • City officials attending the lunch at the IX totanero Solidarity Meeting Friends and Patients with Alzheimer's (17/09/2013)
    Coinciding with the International Day of the disease
  • PADISITO visits an equestrian therapy center in Alhama de Murcia (17/09/2013)
    This type of activity on this group to social integration and improved quality of life
  • They are to collect property taxes on urban and rustic nature of economic activities and special characteristics (17/09/2013)

  • The departments of Employment and Industry Promotion presented on Thursday portal "Find your place" (17/09/2013)
    In collaboration with INFO
  • The totanero José Miguel Cano participated in the X Swimming across Perdiguera Island - Los Alcazares (16/09/2013)
    It took place on Sunday, September 15
  • Community and City of Totana advance in the urban development of the town (16/09/2013)
    The Ministry of Public Works and Planning advisory work done on municipal planning issues
  • The mayor meets with the Minister of Education, Universities and Employment to determine the actions in training and employment in Totana (16/09/2013)

  • "SonIMAGINA" and the city organized a varied program of courses and workshops for cultural and artistic (16/09/2013)
    will take place at the Centro Sociocultural "Jail"
  • The PP will propose in Parliament that the council expresses its support for the Central Union of Irrigation Tajo-Segura (16/09/2013)
    For the Memorandum on the Tajo-Segura acquire the force of law
  • From 20 to 22 September, celebrates the festival of Santa Leocadia with various activities (16/09/2013)

  • Open City Lorca (16/09/2013)
    This past weekend was the Open City deputy Table Tennis Lorca in which clubs players have participated in the Region of Murcia and other Elda, Elche, Alicante, Baza and Almeria.
  • García Cánovas: "The Municipal People are suffering serious post-holiday stress" (15/09/2013)
    "It is completely false that there is no substitute for Pepe Gomez, actually began the process to manage the minutes of council of Antonio Navarro for quite some time"
  • Motorcyclist seriously injured in C / Albeniz, Totana (14/09/2013)
    The woman driving a motorcycle, has been involved in a traffic accident with a van
  • The PP does not understand why the Socialist Group has more than two months without choosing to substitute councilman who resigned last summer before (14/09/2013)
    In mid-September remains unknown who will fill the post of Jose Gomez
  • Next week we celebrate the commemoration of Solidarity Meeting IX Friends and Patients with Alzheimer (13/09/2013)
    coinciding with the global day of this disease
  • The Department of Sports is organizing a soccer monitor (13/09/2013)
    In collaboration with the School of Coaching Football Federation of the Region of Murcia
  • One hundred executives from COAG, cooperatives, and landowners associations in natural Guadalentin Valley participate in a meeting held in CROEM on naturles spaces in the region (13/09/2013)
    Jose Luis Hernandez, as President of FAPEN, was the keynote speaker of the assembly
  • The Totana Tennis Club begins its partners Catchment Campaign (12/09/2013)
    have released a promotional video
  • The mayor sets a priority for the new political year 2013/14 to promote "the conditions that contribute to economic recovery and job creation" (12/09/2013)

  • IU Totana claim that "the PP government wants to give the lace to the Tajo Segura" (12/09/2013)
    front express their opposition to the proposal released by the Tagus River Basin on the new Basin Plan
  • Press conference political course start (12/09/2013)
    The mayor says he will not accept any pressure or coercion that infringes the general interests of the people of Totana in relation to its complaint about the settlement of the Raiguero
  • Civil Protection removes a snake in Pilar Street had caused alarm among neighbors (12/09/2013)

  • The autonomous states well cataloged the archaeological culture of the Black Cave of Totana, Sierra Espuna (12/09/2013)

  • The General Directorate of Cultural Heritage declared well cataloged by its cultural relevance Black Cave archaeological site in Totana (11/09/2013)

  • The Local Police and Civil Guard recover Totana stolen grapes in a vine of the council of The Raiguero (11/09/2013)

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Water fund this year in full settlement of rural roads "Gateway", "The Forest", "The Yesares" and "The Cabezuelas" (11/09/2013)
    All of them access to the town center
  • A total of 36 users participate in the training course Free (11/09/2013)
    "Prevention of occupational hazards in the workplace: safe handling and forklift traspaletas"
  • The Popular Party will ask the Ministry of Presidency to take the necessary steps to Aujeszky's disease does not spread in susceptible animal species in the game reserve Espuña (11/09/2013)

  • IU "will fight" against changes in the pension system (11/09/2013)
    Izquierda Unida has stated that the proposal of the Minister of Employment, Fatima Banez, social agents over pensions means that the Government starts political year "with secateurs "
  • Approved the replacement of wiring lighting subtracted to give the public the Industrial Estate "The Salt Marsh" (10/09/2013)

  • He renewed the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health and Social Policy (10/09/2013)
    for the development of actions related to primary care social services in the 2013/14
  • It's open enrollment period for adult education for the academic 2013/14 (10/09/2013)

  • The mayor presented to the executive Totana PP projects and goals for the new political year 2013/14 has just begun (10/09/2013)
    The Executive local folk shows and reiterates its unanimous support to the mayor after his entry on the convention Raiguero
  • Last August 25 was held at the Sports 1st day continuous swim (09/09/2013)
    José Miguel Cano participated in this day and on several cruises
  • They bid the Regional Championship of Football 7 Amateur, located at the Sports Complex "Guadalentin" of the Paretón-Cantareros (09/09/2013)

  • Two new podiums of the Rock Nine in The Sunday Pelegrin (09/09/2013)

  • A total of 3,430 students and Primary Education normally begin the school year 2013/14 (09/09/2013)

  • Muñiz: "The Socialist Party had warned the Mayor of potential liability by the agreement of the Raiguero" (08/09/2013)
    "Not one of the twenty questions in plenary or those recorded in the month of July have been answered by the PP about two and a half million euros that would have been spent Mayor "
  • More than 220 runners participated in the VII memorial mtb Sunday Pelegrín (08/09/2013)
    lugas this morning has been organized by the Cycling Club Santa Eulalia
  • "The new system of scholarships and grants to students, proposed by the Minister of Education, Wert, is manifestly unjust", according to IU-Green (08/09/2013)

  • The School of Dance Manoli Canovas registration period opens for the new academic year 2013-2014 (08/09/2013)
    Psychomotor applied to dance and high fidelity rate, will be the main news
  • Warn that more than 45% of samples taken in animals from the game reserve and park Espuña test positive for Aujeszky's disease (pseudorabies) (07/09/2013)
    APESE already warned, for nearly two months, the grave danger which involved wildlife, exotic and invasive native uncontrolled or
  • They just know the composition of group 8 of the 2nd National Division (07/09/2013)
    which will be framed in team Totana Club TM
  • Open to the next day September 20 enrollment within the School of Music for the academic year 2013/14 (06/09/2013)
    Covers a broad and varied musical training
  • Is organizing a Futsal League will start on September 30 (06/09/2013)
    is played in the various sports facilities in Totana
  • The city of Totana shows institutional support Olympic bid "Madrid'2020" (06/09/2013)

  • PADISITO Summer Camp 2013 (06/09/2013)
    This past August, the Association of Parents of Mentally Handicapped Totana, held for a week PADISITO its traditional summer camp
  • The PSOE criticizes the "sectarian attitude and comfortable" by the Mayor of Totana (06/09/2013)
    "to make representations to the proposed draft of the watershed plan pit"
  • Today is the processing time for providers who wish to join the third Plan Payments (06/09/2013)

  • "Aircraft", "World War" and "Shadow Hunters" in the Summer Film (06/09/2013)

  • September 10 The next course starts on occupational risk prevention in safe handling trucks, lifters and traspaletas (06/09/2013)

  • The council supports the allegations that promote agricultural organizations from Totana to the proposed Basin Hydrological Plan of the Tagus to defend farmers (05/09/2013)

  • The local police identified the perpetrators of the break mirrors several cars parked on the street (05/09/2013)

  • Information about the program of Family Education Support in Early Ages held in the CEIP Santiago (05/09/2013)
    New this year are admitted in the course children from 1 year
  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary organizes decrease activity Segura on September 15 (05/09/2013)
    This activity concludes the summer program of events
  • The city of Totana submits comments to the proposed Basin Plan Hidrogógico Tagus (04/09/2013)

  • PROINVITOSA opens the application deadline to purchase or rent the warehouses to be put in place in the Industrial "The Salt Marsh" (04/09/2013)

  • The residents of the council of La Huerta held this weekend, 7 and September 8, traditional festivals (04/09/2013)

  • Totana host the sixth edition of Rare Diseases National Congress (03/09/2013)
    The Ministry of Health and Social Policy has recognized the 'Health Scientific Interest' of the Sixth National Congress of Rare Diseases
  • Totana Local Police campaign adheres to the DGT special safety belt and child restraint systems (03/09/2013)
    It will be held from 9 to September 15
  • You are open enrollment periods of the three courses offered by Youth (03/09/2013)
    "Reading activities and creative expression", "How to create and manage a blog" and "Planning for recreation, sport and leisure"
  • La Peña The Nine in the Regional Championship Marathon Btt. (02/09/2013)

  • Providers who wish to join the third Plan Payments to process the request before Friday September 6 (02/09/2013)

  • The registration period for the course 2013-2014 Municipal School of Music in Totana starts today (02/09/2013)

  • Activities continue in the new season of Totana Table Tennis Club (01/09/2013)
    Activities planned for September
  • The parking service ORA starts from today (01/09/2013)
    After payment be free throughout the month of August

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