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  • PP Canovas Totana urges to take example of the government team of Alhama and explain where the millions spent Urbanísticos Collected by Conventions " (31/07/2013)
    " If you do not clarify to the people, must do so before the courts because many millions of euros have been volatilized, "say from IU Totana
  • Children Day Center "José Moya" closed down the course activities with an emotional ceremony in which local authorities have participated (31/07/2013)

  • JST: "The leaves Totana PP Third healthcare services" (31/07/2013)
    Denounce the long queues both queries as in the Health Center administration
  • The parking service shall be exempt from payment ORA starting tomorrow August 1st, and until September (31/07/2013)

  • The festivities of the hamlet of High Raiguero be held this coming weekend in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzman (30/07/2013)
    They have a wide range of activities to be held from 2 to August 4
  • The bars and restaurants serve more than 40,000 Totana tapas in the V edition of "Top Road and the Cocktail" (30/07/2013)
    Pedro Tudela and Miguel Valero Fernández Sánchez are the award winners of 500 and 700 euros
  • The city of Totana municipal closed again in August as saving measure and workforce optimization (30/07/2013)
    It is estimated that, like last year, the savings for this measure reaches 50,000 euros
  • This weekend festivities are held in the hamlet of La Costera-Ñorica (30/07/2013)
    with a broad program full of musical performances and sports
  • IU-Green reports that the Health Center users have to endure long queues at the cuts "to the passivity of the government team" (29/07/2013)
    "With the template at 50% and no substitutions for holiday makers undergo health professionals and patients to a state of decline in the quality of Public Health "
  • ... (29/07/2013)

  • The city is home to the third Provider Payment Plan with 1655 that will face bills totaling nearly 6 million euros (29/07/2013)
    On this occasion are the suppliers who have to adhere to the Pay Plan
  • XXIV are closed down the Hemophilia Training Days (29/07/2013)
    hemophiliacs have participated 55 children from across Spain
  • The Dove parties solidarity with D'genes and AELIP (29/07/2013)
    The Rock Barcelona Totana with Santiago Colombicultura Association, organized the traditional festivities of the Virgen de la Paloma, 9 to August 11
  • JST: "The PP Totana sees no urgent help in purchasing textbooks and school supplies, stops families, many low-income and" (28/07/2013)

  • The Delegation of Totana of Lourdes Hospitality organized its traditional summer trip to Aqualandia Benidorm (28/07/2013)
    50 people attended
  • Social Policy brings more than 210,000 euros for 19 seats in the Day Centre for people with mental illness Totana (27/07/2013)
    The CEO of Instituto Murciano Social Action 21 users gave Psychosocial Support Services qualifications for participation in the Course activities 2012-2013
  • They observe a minute of silence in all the festivities of Santiago (26/07/2013)
    As a sign of respect and mourning for the victims of the train accident in Galicia
  • Muñiz: "The government team should explain the fate of 18 million euros of the agreements require the PSOE before to renegotiate" (26/07/2013)
    "The Mayor intends to continue lying to deny that remain more than twenty agreements in the Transfer irrigated area "
  • Several hundred people attend the Fair Night "Oktoberfest" (26/07/2013)

  • Totana from September provide service day center for people with mental illness in a dependent (26/07/2013)

  • Hundreds of people accompanying pattern image Totana, Santiago Apostle, in the procession held on the occasion of local festival (26/07/2013)

  • Summer Concert in the Performing Arts Center "Cinema Velasco" Totana (26/07/2013)
    Tonight, Friday July 26, the Performing Arts Center "Cinema Velasco" Totana, host a concert by the Band of the Brethren San Juan de Totana
  • Totana adds to sympathy for the unfortunate victims of train crash Galicia (25/07/2013)
    The mayor expressed his condolences and sympathy to the families and wounded of the catastrophe
  • Citation with nature and prehistory (24/07/2013)
    ​​ On Sunday July 20, organized by the Walker Club Totana, as activity by the festivities in honor of our patron Santiago, was performed guided tour Soria area of ​​La La Bastida
  • The Socialist Party of Totana Pepe Gomez wants to thank the work you have done (24/07/2013)

  • Statements by José Gómez (PSOE) to leave his position as councilman (24/07/2013)

  • The PP greatly regrets that "the local PSOE did not accept the offer liable for IU in plenary work vover to join the commission Totana General Plan" (24/07/2013)

  • The House agreed to express their total rejection of the draft amendment of the Law on Judicial (24/07/2013)
    It would mean the removal and centralization of courts
  • They take possession of the two new councilors Municipal Socialist Group (24/07/2013)
    Maria Dolores Solano Aguayza and Andrew Garcia Canovas
  • The First Meeting Canine Wind Shelter will take place on Thursday, July 25 (23/07/2013)
    The event will be at the Park Side in Totana (Murcia) at 19h
  • The Totana Rock Barcelona organizes a trip to the final of the Supercopa of Spain. (23/07/2013)
    For the return leg at the Camp Nou on Wednesday August 28
  • A total of 19 teams participated in 12 hours of football-7 (23/07/2013)
    were organized by the Department of Sports and Club "Jupada"
  • The Night Fair starts this Wednesday with the Beer Festival (23/07/2013)
    It can buy a glass ceramic with free beer to taste paprika and cake
  • Tovar: "In 2015, Totana will be governed by the Socialist Party" (23/07/2013)
    Rafael González Tovar, transmitted to the local executive, the belief that with the right job, the Popular Party will lose the next election
  • New Podium de la Peña The Nine Nerpio (23/07/2013)
    Six runners Rock Nine Sports Association on Saturday participated in the march Btt Nerpio
  • The July regular plenary session will begin tomorrow with the inauguration of the two new councilors Municipal Socialist Group (23/07/2013)
    The House consists of twenty items on the agenda
  • The Night March II by The Low Raiguero took place on Saturday (22/07/2013)
    The march was framed in the program of celebrations of the deputation, which continues next weekend from 26 to 28 July
  • The Coral Santiago and the Musical Band star in a musical evening (22/07/2013)

  • Totana hosted the 1st round of the regional league ultralight aircraft 2013 (22/07/2013)

  • Totana potters displayed in the exhibition "Between embroidery and clay" (22/07/2013)
    Potter Andrés Hernández receives the homage of the year of the Association of Artisans of Totana
  • Children with intellectual disabilities enjoy summer colonies PADISITO (22/07/2013)
    The association of families of Totana organizes these activities promoted by FEAPS Murcia by Kutxabank
  • The House July regular Wednesday ahead of the local festival of Santiago Apósol (21/07/2013)
    shall take office the new two council of the Socialist Group and Maria Dolores Andres Solano García Cánovas Aguayza
  • Nine Club Totana counselors have participated in international testing guidance "five days in France" (21/07/2013)
    It took place in the French Pyrenees 13 to July 18
  • The Rock Barcelona Totana strongly supports Tito Vilanova (20/07/2013)

  • Meet all Alamo Advisory services through its new website, developed with Superweb (19/07/2013)
    On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, presents its new website where users can find all the services offered
  • Totana organize a party to mark the "Gay Pride Day" (19/07/2013)
    Café Martin's host on Saturday July 20 a Feast Gay where "you can have a good time with great music and surprises"
  • The Department of Agriculture and Water convened an informational meeting for landowners rainfed and Totana wells societies by the sanctions of the CHS (19/07/2013)
    will take place on Tuesday on "Jail" (21: hours)
  • About 600 people attend the children's show "The Gang Show Drilo" (19/07/2013)

  • The Health Center "South Totana" enters its final implementation phase (18/07/2013)
    will become operational before the end of this term
  • 55 children with hemophilia learn self-care during NIDs held in Totana (18/07/2013)
    The Minister of Health and Social Policy and the Vice President for University Extension are children in the aquarium at the University of Murcia
  • IU requires DG Careers cleaning and adjustment of the Prince of Asturias Avenue in the hamlet of Paretón and Cantareros (18/07/2013)

  • The Highways Agency carries out works to avoid flooding rains in the vials of the new school of the Cross and the Rulo (18/07/2013)

  • Car accident on the A7 towards Lorca, near km 621, in the municipality of Totana (17/07/2013)
    In the accident involving two paths, one of which has been off the road and the driver was injured
  • The Band of Bugles and Drums of the Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Communion will participate in the processions of the summer holidays in the Low and San Roque Raiguero (17/07/2013)
    Summer Dinner will take place on Friday, July 26
  • There are works of disinfestation and fumigation in Guadalentin riverbed to prevent mosquito infestation during the summer (17/07/2013)

  • "You (the sun and the star)", first video from The Street of silence (17/07/2013)

  • The special campaign on the control of the BAC by the local police registered a single positive in 56 tests performed (17/07/2013)

  • The feast of The Raiguero Under are held from 26 to 28 July in honor of St. James and St. Anne (17/07/2013)

  • The Civil Guard detained in Totana two women dedicated to defraud by scam "tocomocho" throughout the national territory (16/07/2013)
    ​​ They offered victims a fake winning lottery ticket or envelope with papers in exchange for money or jewelry
  • I Biciorientacion Sports Association Peña The Nine (16/07/2013)
    Participants had to find four beacons spread by several points
  • He closes the first half of the "Summer Polideportivo'2013" (15/07/2013)
    Contributors 180 children in Totana
  • The city of Totana delivers the title of Honorary Citizen Crespo Jose Giner, "Father Lucas" (15/07/2013)
    In a moving ceremony in the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen Paretón-Cantareros
  • The Carnival Supporters' Federation organized "Hat Party" which brought together more than two hundred people (15/07/2013)

  • Tournament Huercal de Almeria (14/07/2013)
    Eight players Totana TM Club traveled to the town of Huercal de Almeria tournament play this summer
  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Communion will restore the throne of the passing of "washing of Pilate" that gleams with greater splendor (12/07/2013)

  • Effective Local Police and Civil Protection attending the injured in traffic accident recorded in the North Ring (12/07/2013)

  • The celebrations begin today "Las Lomas de la Cruz" in the Paretón-Cantareros'2013 (12/07/2013)
    are held this weekend in honor of the Virgen del Carmen
  • Next Tuesday will be the traditional Mass in the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (12/07/2013)
    On the occasion of the name day of the Virgin
  • IU-Greens presents a motion in Parliament in July to boost the Agricultural and Rural Sector in Totana (11/07/2013)

  • ... (11/07/2013)

  • The Study Room "Jail" expands its schedule to meet the needs and requests of students during the summer (11/07/2013)
    opening and closing public libraries and study rooms summer to mark the September exams
  • The First charity dinner for the Wind Shelter took place last Saturday (11/07/2013)

  • The Summer School '2013 provides support for work-life balance more than 70 families (10/07/2013)
    Organize the Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle" and takes place in schools "Santiago" and "Tierno Galván"
  • The Central Government provides mechanisms to help the city of Totana providers with the second payment plan, which will be paid in a few days (10/07/2013)
    and a third for bills until May 31, 2013
  • The Choir "Vox Musicalis" will star in a concert in the courtyard of the Cross at the Shrine of the Holy (10/07/2013)
    It will take place on Friday, July 12
  • Great success of participation in arts courses and photography (10/07/2013)
    Framing in programming "Totana Summer 2013"
  • The council plans to establish lines of collaboration with the Association of Independent Workers of the Region of Murcia (10/07/2013)
    to promote actions for the promotion and consolidation of employment
  • The Department of Public Health reports Totana mandatory rabies vaccination of dogs, cats and ferrets (10/07/2013)

  • The Carnival Supporters' Federation and the Department of Celebration organized the "Noche de Carnaval. Festival Hat" (09/07/2013)
    will take place this Saturday, July 13, in the auditorium of the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The Vines and Carivete parties held this weekend on 12 and 13 July (09/07/2013)

  • The Municipal Water Service clarifies that water bills are receiving users are the current billing period (09/07/2013)

  • The city municipal cerrrar again in August as saving measure and workforce optimization (09/07/2013)
    It is estimated that, like last year, this measure savings reach 50,000 euros
  • Perform Woodland refurbishment works on the main avenues and streets of Totana (09/07/2013)

  • CC Jose Santa Eulalia Andreo test ran successfully Molinicos (09/07/2013)

  • Winter Weekend Hikers Club of Totana Sierra Nevada (08/07/2013)
    Over the weekend 5 to July 7 Totana hiking club has developed its penultimate sport your calendar of events
  • Descends Totana unemployment by almost 5% last month thanks to 117 new jobs created (08/07/2013)

  • Totana hosts on Wednesday July 10 AFAMMER Regional Assembly (08/07/2013)
    Totana hosts on Wednesday July 10th Regional Assembly of the Association of Family and Women in Rural Murcia, within the campaign "Know Your Region"
  • Totana Local Police held a special campaign on the control of BAC from 9 to July 15 (08/07/2013)

  • IU welcomes the decline of Unemployment in the city in June, "but far from stable employment recovery" (07/07/2013)
    priority consider the fight against unemployment, "in which the Council can do more", and attention to unemployed who have exhausted benefits
  • The XXII Enquique Rosa Cycling memorial will be held on July 27, framed in the Fiestas de Santiago 2013 (05/07/2013)
    Later there will be a dinner tribute to the founders of the Club Ciclista de Totana
  • 120.000 euros to strengthen and preserve the remains of the site of La Bastida in Totana (05/07/2013)

  • Totanera historian Maria Martinez gave the lecture on the importance it had Totana in the process of Islamization of southeastern Spanish (05/07/2013)

  • Today starts the V route from the top and cocktail Totana (04/07/2013)
    Get all the details on the web detapasportotana.com created Superweb
  • The city of Totana ERDF supports the candidacy for the prize "Prince of Asturias" in the "Concordia" (04/07/2013)

  • The feast of St. Veronica will be this Saturday July 6 (04/07/2013)
    It is organized by the Brotherhood of Veronica
  • Totana companies signed an agreement with the city (03/07/2013)
    for students of professional qualification program in nurseries and gardens ancillary conduct their practices in companies
  • We present a new municipal home help which currently serves 47 users Totana (03/07/2013)

  • Bonfire of San Juan 2013 (03/07/2013)
    A year was the traditional burning of the bonfire of San Juan, on 24 June at 00:00
  • Out of A Canine Unit Totana Local Police involved as I monitor the dog handlers course Drug Detector Dog (03/07/2013)
    Organized by the Public Safety Academy Extremadura
  • The city offers the service of "promotion of industrial land and buildings" offered by the Institute of Development (03/07/2013)
    Through the municipal website and Local Development Agency
  • ... (02/07/2013)

  • The Municipal Water supply infrastructure improvement with the remodeling of the deposit of the Virgin de las Huertas (02/07/2013)
    Of which depend 1,300 users
  • The Cultural Association "Canico" takes you to descend Segura (02/07/2013)
    The excursion "natural Calasparra rock" combines natural wonders with prehistoric art
  • Consumption offers a series of recommendations to be considered at the stage of the summer sales (02/07/2013)

  • The Cultural Association "Canico" offers a conference Thursday on the role played Totana in the "723 DC Tudmir Pact" (02/07/2013)
    From the hand of the historian Maria Martinez
  • The 12 hours of football-7 will be held on 19 and 20 July in the sports city "valverde Queen" (02/07/2013)
    Within sports activities Santiago'2013 parties
  • The 24-hour tournament futsal "Totana City" takes place this coming weekend (02/07/2013)
    The inscriptions can be made until the day July 4
  • The summer movie schedule begins tomorrow, Wednesday, July 3 (02/07/2013)
    In the auditorium of the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The festival of "Las Lomas de la Cruz" in the Paretón-Cantareros'2013 held from 12 to July 14 (02/07/2013)
    In honor of the Virgen del Carmen
  • The PA.DI.SI.TO II Benefit Concert took place on Saturday (01/07/2013)
    Cats acted Parachute Kaos Renowatio and Experience
  • The "V Top Road and the Cocktail" will take place from 4 to July 21 (01/07/2013)

  • The Urban Mile XXVI "Totana City" will take place on July 13 (01/07/2013)
    in the sports program of the festival of Santiago'2013
  • The neighbors can pick from today hand programs the festivity of Santiago'2013 (01/07/2013)
    In the Tourist Office and the Center Sociocultural "Jail"
  • A total of 105 people took part this year in the "Labor, a step towards employability" getting a total of 23 insertions labor (01/07/2013)
    A total of 34 people have been trained in computer, cooking, social skills, painting, gardening , waiter and actively seeking work
  • The Community and the city of Totana agree to establish a working group for the municipal urban development (01/07/2013)
    The Director General of Planning and Housing explained that "counseling is an ongoing work that lends his apartment at the request of the municipalities"
  • IU-Greens denounced "the dismantling of Social Work produced after the" banking "of Caja Murcia" (01/07/2013)

  • The City and The Holy Foundation prizes for the first photo contest "Fiestas de Santa Eulalia" (01/07/2013)
    in the context of open house of the newly restored adjacent areas to the sanctuary
  • The artisan market of La Santa ends the first season of the year with great success Visitor (01/07/2013)

  • The Totana Local Police detained a person for an alleged crime of usurpation of civil status (01/07/2013)
    On the other hand, recovered a bracelet and a gold cord

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