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  • Coral Jewelry and has a "bright" Superweb to shop on-line (30/03/2012)
    The Coral Jewelry website has been developed with Superweb, the new product Totana.com
  • The city is adorned with floral arrangements to receive the Holy Week, declared of Regional Tourist Interest, thanks to a donation from a local company (30/03/2012)

  • The full City Council approves the Municipal Adjustment Plan to address the payment of 29.8 million euros to suppliers (30/03/2012)

  • Students of the Municipal School Children "Clara Campoamor" held a procession through the city park (30/03/2012)
    To welcome Easter
  • Local Police Totana offers a number of recommendations to drivers and pedestrians for the holidays of Easter (30/03/2012)

  • The Socialist Party of Totana mourning the death of the former Socialist councilor Francisco Cifuentes Valero (29/03/2012)

  • The incidence and follow-up day general strike in the city of Totana is 22% (29/03/2012)

  • The mayor message conveys condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased former councilman Antonio Cifuentes Francisco Valero (29/03/2012)
    has decreed two days of official mourning
  • The deadline for the four municipal nursery schools opened on Monday 2 April and end on May 9 (28/03/2012)

  • The Department of Sport and Club "Kuore" I organize days minitenis-bilingual (28/03/2012)
    will be held Monday through Wednesday of Holy Week in the morning, at the Municipal Sports Center "December 6"
  • Agenda sports weekend March 31 and April 1, 2012 (28/03/2012)

  • Day of mourning in the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (28/03/2012)
    They observed a minute of silence in all the games on the recent death of Jose Antonio Valverde Queen
  • The regular plenary session March regional urge the Government to extend the hours of catering establishments (28/03/2012)
    to offset losses from the crisis and smoking ban
  • The Department of Industry carries out repainting and maintenance of road marking in the Industrial Park "The Saladar" (28/03/2012)
    with the help of the conservation entity and municipal warehouse
  • The council held an emergency plan for patching streets to develop urban roads on the occasion of Easter (27/03/2012)

  • The People's Party will have 29 electors Totana and a new generation in the XV Regional Congress (27/03/2012)
    will be held on May 19
  • Successfully concludes ongoing support tasks in early childhood education (27/03/2012)
    It was organized by the Department of Social Services, Citizen Participation and Neighborhood Collective
  • Totana account since last week with a pilot and experimental detection of violations at traffic lights Street Alhama (27/03/2012)
    To control for drivers who are passing red lights
  • The students of Initial Vocational Training Program "Ancillary aesthetic" broadens your knowledge at the 20th National Congress of Aesthetics (27/03/2012)
    was held in Alicante
  • Record participation with about 60 couples entered in the tournament II paddle Easter 2012 (26/03/2012)

  • Discrete team performance paddle Tennis Club Totana (26/03/2012)
    Team Paddle Tennis Club has played Totana this past weekend's regional championship team in the second category which was held at Club Monte-Prince Murcia city
  • They set minimum public services in different areas of the City of Totana, in anticipation of the general strike on Thursday 29-M (26/03/2012)

  • Sporting Success and the public in simple posthumous tribute to former President Valverde Queen (26/03/2012)
    Totana Olympic FC Vs Huércal-Overa (6-0)
  • Exhibition of the course registration period "accompanying guide Totana" (26/03/2012)
    be expanded understanding of urban archeology, gardens, the natural environment and emblematic corners
  • Chronicles CFS Capuchin weekend 24 and 25 March (26/03/2012)

  • Victoria Rugby Club Totana against Albox Rugby Club (26/03/2012)
    signature club team his best performance so far.
  • ... (25/03/2012)

  • See the website that Amazon has created Disco "Superweb" (23/03/2012)
    Amazon is a tropical disco available 365 days a year, located on Calle El Coto Industrial Estate Totana The Saladar
  • The Industrial Park "The Saladar" enhances its services with the launch of the surveillance system that shields the facilities to theft (23/03/2012)
    The new system has been opened by the Mayor of Totana and director of the Institute for Regional Development Murcia
  • The tourist offer of the Shrine of the Holy again increased this month with the celebration of the Market: The Holy (23/03/2012)
    will this Sunday March 25
  • The Mayor and Councilman Pedanías hold a meeting with the residents of Lebor (23/03/2012)
    to set the priorities of the urban parish with respect to the overall plan
  • Reina Sofia Schools, La Milagrosa, Santa Eulalia participated in the regional final game of athletics fry School Sports (23/03/2012)
    was held in La Union
  • The mayor and the new village headman of the Paretón meet (22/03/2012)
    to try the plan of patching streets and rural roads and the layout of some roads in the district
  • More than three hundred pupils take part in activities against Racism Day (21/03/2012)
    have worked more than a dozen associations and groups
  • Party Totana Rugby Club Rugby Club Vs Albox (21/03/2012)
    will take place on Saturday March 24, at 5 pm at the Municipal Sports Centre
  • Pedro Antonio Canovas Nerpio up to the podium and get the lead in the elite category Albacete circuit btt 2012 (20/03/2012)

  • XXXIII Murcia City Half Marathon and III first round (20/03/2012)
    5 th Day of the Local League Athletics "Sports Mill"
  • Tourism launches second edition of the course "accompanying guide Totana" (20/03/2012)
    be expanded understanding of urban archeology, gardens, the natural environment and emblematic corners Totana
  • A total of 26 school children participated in the final Totana regional cross country and fry youngest school sports (20/03/2012)
    was held in Puerto Lumbreras
  • Results sports weekend 17 and 18 March 2012 (20/03/2012)

  • The orchestra "La Dolorosa" will offer a concert tonight at the Convent (19/03/2012)
    Progress will be released "Prayer", by Juan Miguel Marin, recovered this year 2012
  • Good results of the I totaneros Open Regional (18/03/2012)
    Three titles and a runner-up for players club Totana Tennis Table at the First Regional Open Season held this weekend in Calasparr
  • The city of Totana certifies to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, with the government credit line, a total of 8,747 supplier invoices to 677 (18/03/2012)
    amounting to EUR 28.9 million
  • NNGG shows sympathy to the family of former councilor Jose Antonio Valverde and highlights his work on behalf of sports and clubs of this city (16/03/2012)
    New Generations conveys its condolences to his son, Alejandro Valverde Arnao, "our friend and member of the Executive our organization juvenil2
  • Sports conveys its deepest sorrow for the death of former Councillor for Sports, Jose Antonio Valverde Queen (16/03/2012)
    Suspended until next Tuesday all events arranged this municipal area
  • The PP Totana is mourning the loss of former councilor sensitive council, José Antonio Valverde Queen (16/03/2012)
    The PP conveys the sympathy and condolences to his family, friends and members
  • The mayor decreed two days of official mourning for the death of former councilor and former president of Proinvitosa, Jose Antonio Valverde Queen (16/03/2012)

  • Press Totana People's Party on the occasion of World Consumer Rights (15/03/2012)

  • The councils of Education and Public Safety are working with 400 students in the prevention of truancy in the town of Totana (15/03/2012)

  • The renewal of the printing and multifunction devices allow savings of 40% per year cost under the "City without papers" (15/03/2012)
    and improve citizen access to local government services
  • Users Psychosocial Support Service will resume their weekly cooking workshop facilities Multipurpose Center on Disability (15/03/2012)

  • The Consulate of Ecuador in Murcia reports that President Rafael Correa will meet with the Ecuadorean resident in the region (15/03/2012)
    will be on Saturday morning at the pavilion, "Prince of Asturias"
  • Totana consumers receive guidance on how to save water at home (14/03/2012)
    in the mobile information point installed in the market on the occasion of the commemoration of "World Consumer Day"
  • Agenda sports weekend 17 and 18 March 2012 (14/03/2012)

  • The new video surveillance system Industrial Estate "The Saladar" finally be inaugurated on 22 March (14/03/2012)
    With the visit of the Minister of Universities and Research Company
  • Organize an awareness program and the fight against racial discrimination and xenophobia under the title "A Sea of ​​values" (14/03/2012)
    will be developed during the next quarter
  • The Department of Sports on Sunday organized a route 18 mountain bike to Lorca (14/03/2012)

  • CAT Totana continues its heavy involvement in several races during the last week (14/03/2012)

  • AJE Guadalentín Totana conducted in a free workshop on "Creating my own company blog" (14/03/2012)

  • The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Education program takes Vial (13/03/2012)
    Participate 2,300 students from different schools in Totana
  • Professional Service to Diversity of the Ministry of Education visit the Hall Occupational (13/03/2012)
    To see how this program is being implemented compensatory education
  • The Department of Commerce asked the regional government to consider extending schedules to catering establishment (13/03/2012)
    to offset losses from the crisis and smoking ban
  • Inkeys are semifinalists in the prestigious "Project Demo" International Festival of Benicassim (12/03/2012)

  • Success of acceptance and participation of "Solidarity Square" (12/03/2012)
    A total of 18 partnerships were announced projects conducted in the city
  • Results sports weekend 10 and 11 March 2012 (12/03/2012)

  • The government team makes a living with everyone in the nomination of municipal elections PP (12/03/2012)
    to report municipal currently an exchange of ideas, proposals and suggestions
  • Users of Psychosocial Support Service made several departures scheduled in order to enhance their autonomy and integration (12/03/2012)

  • ... (11/03/2012)

  • First victory of the Rugby Club Rugby XV Totana against Murcia (11/03/2012)
    The Oncina John XV won 0-26
  • Moved weekend to Santa Eulalia CC (11/03/2012)
    Last weekend the DC Santa Eulalia was present at several sites in the region and the province of Albacete in several tests that were played both mtb and road
  • ... (11/03/2012)

  • The students of the College 1984-1985 promoting "La Milagrosa" Totana hosted a dinner (11/03/2012)
    took place on Saturday March 10
  • Shows his support Otálora Joaquin Lopez as a future secretary general of the Socialist Murcia (11/03/2012)

  • ... (11/03/2012)

  • The Guardia Civil moved this week from some units provided by the council to the Ministry of Interior in the former Institute of Totana (10/03/2012)
    while executing the works under after the earthquakes of May
  • Martinez Banos supports the candidacy of Joaquin Lopez Pagan to the general secretary of PSRM (10/03/2012)

  • The mayor and the president of Amusal signed a cooperation agreement (09/03/2012)
    To carry out program of support for entrepreneurs to create viable social economy enterprises in the town
  • The PSOE will ask in the March plenary session that the city requires damages to Morales (09/03/2012)
    "He who now openly declared delinquent, should compensate the people of Totana for all the damage done"
  • Six women and two entities are honored to celebrate the International Day of Working Women (09/03/2012)

  • Applicants for grants of public housing must submit documentation within one month from registration (09/03/2012)

  • Many neighbors showed a year devotion to Christ Medinacelli (08/03/2012)
    The image of the convent was visited by many residents on Friday, March 2
  • Civil Protection in a hole next to the River Guadalentín several sheep from a flock, some of them alive (08/03/2012)
    after neighbors should give notice of a continued strong stench in the area
  • The municipal libraries perform various activities to encourage reading for schoolchildren (08/03/2012)
    Between the meeting highlighting the author with the totanera Morenica Galan
  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities launches a campaign to inform employers (08/03/2012)
    about the incentives that exist to the recruitment of women victims of domestic violence
  • The People's Party introduced a motion in Parliament March to push for a special plan for non-discrimination between men and women (08/03/2012)

  • The mayor met with the Minister of Culture and Tourism to review some projects (08/03/2012)
    And give account of the actions of the Strategic Tourism Plan Totana
  • The commemoration of International Women's Day continues the path for equality (08/03/2012)

  • Occupational Classroom Students participating in the workshop "Water commitment to my city" (08/03/2012)
    have worked on the importance of the water cycle and environment
  • ... (07/03/2012)

  • Socio-Cultural Center will host tomorrow Jail at 20:30 homage totaneras seven women and two local authorities (07/03/2012)
    On the occasion of International Women's Day, March 8
  • Agenda sports weekend 10 and 11 March 2012 (07/03/2012)

  • It is open enrollment period to apply for pre-registration-free regime in the Official School of Languages ​​Totana (07/03/2012)

  • Next week starts the new video surveillance system in the industrial area "The Saladar" (07/03/2012)

  • Athletes of the CAT were present in three competitions last weekend (06/03/2012)
    XI Resistance in Mountain Crossing "Mountains of the Northwest", I Mountain Race "Sierra de Callosa" and nineteenth edition of the Half Marathon Cartagena
  • About 150 young people participated in the "I Coexistence Totana Nazarene Youth" (06/03/2012)
    It was organized by the Investigation Board of Education, Youth and Violence of the Illustrious Cabildo Superior Processions
  • City officials attending the Fourth Annual Gala "D'Genes" (06/03/2012)
    premios'2012 ten were given recognition to institutions, companies and volunteers
  • The councils proposed Youth and Sports, at the initiative of "Juvele", give the name of Juan José Martínez González "the Navarro" to the arena of Lebor (06/03/2012)

  • The students participate in an awareness program for Equal Opportunity and Prevention of Gender Violence in schools (06/03/2012)
    organized by the Department of Women on the occasion of the celebration of March 8
  • More than 200 gymnasts from Lorca, Alhama and Totana have participated in the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition (06/03/2012)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports
  • Great fourth consecutive Olympic victory that places it back to only one party's rise (05/03/2012)
    This time it was home of the Well Straits and although the result could be more bulky finally was 1-2.
  • Results sports weekend 3 and 4 March 2012 (05/03/2012)

  • A total of 15 students started the training program assistant and beauty spas (05/03/2012)
    Held in the CLD
  • Parents successfully hosting the talk of the Municipal School of Parents "Studying, learning to learn" (05/03/2012)
    The next talk, "Motivating the reading interests of our children," will take place on Tuesday 6 March at 20:00 pm
  • The deadline for students in second cycle of primary to high school is open until 23 March (05/03/2012)

  • The Mayor of Totana performs a series of proposals to the Commission on Security and Coexistence of FEMP (05/03/2012)
    Some of which are initiatives of the Region of Murcia
  • The Santa Eulalia CC participates in testing and Tobarra Mazarrón MTB with excellent results (04/03/2012)

  • 167 new people INEM figures rose in Totana (03/03/2012)
    Assumes 7.51% growth in the agricultural sector amounts to 37.25%
  • Suffocate an arson attack on a house in the Calle Aragon caused by a short in the fridge (02/03/2012)
    It affected both floors of the building
  • Several routes will be cut tomorrow Totana traffic (02/03/2012)
    As a result of passing through this city of the first stage of the 32nd edition of the Tour of Murcia
  • Futsal Teams College cadet male juvenile male Reina Sofia and Prado Mayor IES participated in the quarter-finals of the inter-phase School Sports (02/03/2012)
    Together with IES Miguel Hernandez de Alhama
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Citizen Participation meet with the new board of the Association of Residents of Barrio San Jose (02/03/2012)
    To address some issues that affect this part of town
  • The councils of New Technologies and Citizenship promote the campaign "Inforeutiliza2" (02/03/2012)
    directed to recycling and reuse of computer equipment donated by citizens
  • UPyD cree that the Supreme Court should do "everything possible" to make effective Morales in full the fine which has been condemned (01/03/2012)

  • Opened the voluntary payment period tax motor vehicles of 2012 (01/03/2012)

  • The People's Party asked the ministry of industry concerned in the House of Representatives and become law, the prohibition on utilities and energy can leave without power to municipalities (01/03/2012)

  • Students of the School of Tourism visited Cartagena Totana (01/03/2012)
    to know the actions taken in this area in the municipality and monumental sightseeing
  • ... (01/03/2012)


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