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  • Hikers go deep into the heart of Sierra Espuña Regional Park in the last route organized by the Department of Sports (31/01/2012)

  • More than 700 people witnessed the proclamation of The Muse and Don Carnal 2012 (31/01/2012)
    in a spectacular presentation in which it has released the poster for the edition of Carnival this year
  • Exhibition Registration for the course of time to monitor young people (31/01/2012)

  • Start of Valencia Cup Race by Sea (30/01/2012)
    attended several members of the Athletic Club Totana
  • Totana participate in a pioneering project aimed at novice women entrepreneurs to settle and improve their business (30/01/2012)

  • The Collective for Social Promotion "The Chandelier" resets its training actions of the "Labor" (30/01/2012)
    three training courses for unemployed
  • The Department of Social Services and Citizen Participation Capacitación'2012 program presents for the first half of this year (30/01/2012)
    Includes a total of ten shares free training
  • Weekend sports scores 28 and January 29, 2012 (30/01/2012)

  • ... (30/01/2012)

  • The Olympic Ceutí spared in the first half and lost in the second (30/01/2012)
    debut the new additions to which they felt lacking in pace.
  • The Mayor of Totana meets tomorrow with the new government delegate (29/01/2012)
    To address some issues and projects within the remit of the National Government that affect this county, such as security and rail infrastructure
  • Begin Promises XII Tennis Open Totana City, Grand Prix Tennis Vip (27/01/2012)
    The tournament promises oldest reference region remains in tennis Murcia
  • The Holy Totana regional hosted the first day of school sport orientation (27/01/2012)
    counted with the participation of 421 schools across the Region of Murcia
  • The corporate give green light to start the file to declare the Procession of the Holy and Regional Tourist Interest (27/01/2012)

  • Children are the main protagonists in the activities that will commemorate the World Day of Rare Diseases Totana (27/01/2012)

  • Velasco movie programming continues this weekend with screenings of the film "Puss in Boots" (27/01/2012)

  • Rugby Club on Saturday faces the XV Rugby Murcia Municipal Sports Center B (27/01/2012)
    Rugby totanero plays its home opener against powerful rival team
  • The House agreed to hold a tribute to nominate institutional and public spaces of the town of Totana "Uncle John Rita" (27/01/2012)
    Coinciding with its 100 years of age and promotion of folklore
  • The Department of Sports organizes five new mountain biking routes (26/01/2012)

  • Totana pays tribute on Saturday January 28th businessman Antonio Fuentes Mendez (26/01/2012)
    With the appointment of a street in the industrial area "The Saladar"
  • The full council will discuss about a dozen proposals (25/01/2012)
    Between most notably the beginning of the procedure to get the declaration of Regional Tourist Interest of the Pilgrimage of La Santa
  • The City of Totana will develop a municipal heritage inventory (25/01/2012)
    ​​ to know the real estate and the current status of properties
  • The Department of Sports organized a hiking trail this Sunday January 29 and features three new routes for the coming months (25/01/2012)

  • Begin a course on "Computer science applied to the job search" (25/01/2012)

  • Agenda sports weekend 28 and January 29, 2012 (25/01/2012)

  • Finished the work of the comprehensive plan for cleaning, cutting and other care in the green areas of the Industrial "The Saladar" Totana (25/01/2012)

  • XXIII Half Marathon "Villa de Santa Pola" (25/01/2012)
    Number of athletes present in Santa Pola CAT
  • The mayor takes office today in Madrid as a member in the Security and Coexistence of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (24/01/2012)

  • The village headman provides the basis for joint work in 2012 with the Mayor and Councilman Pedanías (24/01/2012)

  • Social care support suggests that the full social intervention project "For Two" (24/01/2012)
    to allow access to certain commodities to people who really need
  • The City Council Equality opens up a process of joining associations and local authorities who want to be part of it (24/01/2012)

  • Mtb season starts for Santa Eulalia Cycling Club (23/01/2012)

  • It is the second route solidarity for Rare Diseases (23/01/2012)
    will take place on Sunday February 5
  • The hamlet of Lower Raiguero celebrates the feast of its patron saint, San Fulgencio with the "Songs of Souls" (23/01/2012)
    one of the most traditional festivals of this deputation totanera
  • On Sunday January 22 occurred in the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña the 7th "Rise to Morrón" (23/01/2012)

  • Weekend sports scores 21 and January 22, 2012 (23/01/2012)

  • More than thirty people have participated in courses automaquillaje (23/01/2012)
    have been developed at the Centre for Local Development
  • ... (23/01/2012)

  • The Library "José María Munuera and Abbey" expands its services with a new computer room with Internet access (23/01/2012)

  • The Olympic links victories place him within three points of the rise (22/01/2012)
    won the rivalry game to a convincing 4-0 Mazarron.
  • The city starts the file to declare the Procession of the Holy and Regional Tourist Interest (21/01/2012)

  • You know the Nazarene preacher of Honor and Easter 2012 (21/01/2012)
  • New blog theme Totana.com (20/01/2012)
    You can use different digital logs that gives you a team Totana.com
  • The writer opens Murcia Jose Muñoz web (20/01/2012)
    The website has been made with "SUPERWEB" the new product Totana.com
  • More than seventy people attended the talk on the red palm weevil (20/01/2012)
    It was organized by the Department of Agriculture
  • Velasco movie programming continues this weekend. (20/01/2012)
    With the screening of the movie "Immortals 11/11/11"
  • A group of Nazarenes Totana accompanied by the Counsellor of the City Council to interview visitors Sevilla famous composer Don Abel Gomez Moreno (20/01/2012)

  • Vicente del Bosque will support the Rare Disease Totana (20/01/2012)
    Vicente del Bosque will participate on Thursday February 2 beginning at 21:00 hours in a solidarity dinner to be held at Restaurant Miras
  • The City Council is promoting a course Totana Free Time Monitor (19/01/2012)
    will be held from February to May on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Parents off into the "Prevention of risks at home" (19/01/2012)
    Thanks to the program of "Municipal School Parent Parent" promoted by the departments of Social Care and Education
  • The Department of Health raised a motion to support the full specially and to mark the World Day of Rare Diseases on 29 February (19/01/2012)

  • Totana involved in the day of validation of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña (18/01/2012)

  • Don Carnal and The Muse in Totana Carnaval'2012 (18/01/2012)
    Juan Jose Martinez Canovas, of the rock "The Pistonazo" and Chari Sandoval Ruiz, of the rock "Eclipse"
  • The Totana Mayor and City Council Social Care meet with tenants of public advocacy in the area "El Parral" (18/01/2012)
    to address issues of community character
  • More than 40 people participated in the hiking trail that took place in the Rambla de La Torrecilla (Lorca) (18/01/2012)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports
  • Agenda sports weekend 21 and January 22, 2012 (18/01/2012)

  • The Local Board of Totana of AECC makes a positive assessment of the activities undertaken during 2011. (18/01/2012)
    Totana Local Board of AECC makes a positive assessment of the actions undertaken during the year 2011
  • The Mayor of Totana receives two French and Czech delegations (17/01/2012)
    Along the Prado Mayor IES conducted a European project on ecology, environment and sustainable development
  • The Department of Services optimizes customer service in the municipal area of ​​the cemetery (17/01/2012)
    with a new management system through appointment
  • The council for entrepreneurial women entrepreneurs Nobel and seniors to take part in a pioneering project in the Region of Murcia (17/01/2012)

  • 170 school children participated in the Orientation Day School Sports (17/01/2012)
    is organized by the Department of Sports and Club Totana Guidance
  • The Department of Agriculture held on Thursday 19 January a briefing on the red palm weevil plague that affects the palms (17/01/2012)
    will take place from 20:00 pm
  • Start of season Santa Eulalia Cycling Club (16/01/2012)

  • The mayor will propose to the full the appointment of a street in the town of Manuel Fraga Iribarne (16/01/2012)
    to be one of the founders of the Spanish Constitution
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17, in the framework of the Municipal School Parent, will be held a talk on "Prevention of risks at home" (16/01/2012)

  • Magnificent results Tennis Club in the League Espuña interschool Vip-Tecnifibre Tennis (16/01/2012)

  • First victory of the Rugby Club in his second game Totana friendly (16/01/2012)
    On the day yesterday, Totana Rugby Club played a friendly match against Rugby Club in Albox Albox Municipal Sports Centre with the result of 34-7 for the combined totanero.
  • Weekend sports scores 14 and January 15, 2012 (16/01/2012)

  • Full of three Olympic teams Totana Club (15/01/2012)
    Preferred team won on their way out to Los Garres.
  • ... (15/01/2012)

  • Former is Totana Athletics Club (14/01/2012)
    The CAT has in its ranks with the Pastor of the Church of Santiago
  • Finish the first round of the Amateur Football League Play Fair (13/01/2012)
    Teams "The hearted" and "Preel" dominate the first and second divisions respectively
  • Velasco movie programming continues this weekend with screenings of the film "Lion King" and "Immortals 11/11/11" (13/01/2012)

  • Ends in Totana Management Course organized by the School Choir of Lorca CPR (12/01/2012)
    The event was in collaboration with Vox Musicalis
  • The Sports Club Espuña closed last January 8th the Christmas Tennis Tournament (12/01/2012)
    was held during the Christmas season in tennis Sports City and the municipal sports center "December 6"
  • The mayor meets with neighbors Paretón to report PGMO proposals in relation to the parish (12/01/2012)

  • On Tuesday, January 17, in the framework of the Municipal School Parents, held a talk on "Prevention of risks at home" (12/01/2012)

  • Bedia "The value of the recovery of the entrepreneurs have Totana" (11/01/2012)
    "only in the last three months have opened 40 stores in the area"
  • Agenda sports weekend 14 and January 15, 2012 (11/01/2012)

  • The Civil Defence volunteers expand their knowledge Totana health practices in traffic accident victims (11/01/2012)

  • The Olympic deserved much more in its output to Bacons Bridge (10/01/2012)
    's goal meant the defeat of the totaneros was helped with the hand that only the referee did not see.
  • The Rugby Club Totana face this Sunday at Rugby Albox (10/01/2012)
    The team totanero dispute its 2 nd meeting away from home
  • The Ascent of Morrón VII will be held on January 22 (10/01/2012)
    is organized by the Walker Club Totana
  • A total of 47 people have been hired under the program of the Regional Councils (10/01/2012)
    for cleaning and conditioning on the rural roads network in the municipality of Totana
  • The Department of Sports points out that on Sunday January 15 will be out hiking route along the promenade de la Torrecilla (Lorca) (10/01/2012)

  • Begin the training in the area of ​​Citizen Participation for the year 2012 (10/01/2012)

  • The Department of Agriculture will take place next January 19th a talk on the red palm weevil plague that affects the palms (09/01/2012)

  • The show "The Bremen town musicians" reaches Totana (09/01/2012)
    Transeduca work program "The Bremen town musicians" to be represented in film Totana velasco by T-Grace Company
  • City officials attending the Raiguero Alto where a Mass was celebrated in the chapel of Santo Domingo (09/01/2012)
    And he took out the traditional "Song of Souls" the hand of the crew of the parish
  • Results Sporting 6-7 and January 8, 2012 (09/01/2012)

  • II Ascent Sima "Cabezo de la Jara" (09/01/2012)
    First race of 2012 for the CAT in Puerto Lumbreras.
  • A safety device, comprising more than 60 effects, ensure the smooth conduct morning of the festival of Santa Eulalia rise (06/01/2012)
    The road will remain closed to traffic for more than 6 hours
  • Thousands of people took to the streets to greet the Magi from the East (06/01/2012)
    have walked the main streets of the town in a show full of light, music and dance
  • Broken up a gang engaged in retail theft (05/01/2012)
    are responsible for an attempted robbery and another theft accomplished
  • More than 300 people make up the Three Kings parade through the streets of Totana this afternoon (05/01/2012)
    From 19:00 pm
  • The Local Government Board gives its approval to the grant the council (05/01/2012)
    to carry out training programs for women and youth socio
  • The next January 8th Films are projected on the film Velasco "Maids and Ladies" (05/01/2012)

  • Agenda sports weekend in June and January 8, 2012 (05/01/2012)

  • The band of bugles and drums of the Illustrious Cabildo concluded its proceedings with the delivery of the letter to their Majesties the Magi (04/01/2012)

  • The city and the Autonomous Region signed a cooperation agreement (04/01/2012)
    for the provision of the service day center for people with mental illness in Totana
  • The Center for Victims of Gender Violence Totana has performed more than 1,500 operations and has served 158 women in 2011 (03/01/2012)

  • The College Luis Perez Rueda has the access road to the school (03/01/2012)
    to ensuring a better vehicle traffic for access to it
  • Agriculture asked farmers to report on the damage caused by the plague of rabbits (03/01/2012)
    to ask the Autonomous Community to hunt on land extending free
  • The Magi arrive Tuesday from 17:30 hours to the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (03/01/2012)
    to collect the cards personally with the wishes and requests of the children of the village
  • X San Silvestre Murcia (02/01/2012)
    Athletic Club well represented in the San Silvestre Totana Murcia record-breaking participation
  • Film Programming Velasco continues Monday January 2 and Tuesday (02/01/2012)
    with the screening of the films "Superbruja Kika" and "Brain Drain 2 now at Christmas"

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