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  • The PSOE de Totana ensures that June 30 CEDET workers remain unpaid (30/06/2011)
    Require the mayor not to lie to totaneros and municipal workers and respond with facts and not forecasts
  • 2nd popular assembly movement in Totana 15M (30/06/2011)
    took place on 19 June at the Plaza Balsa Vieja
  • The mayor says the council is aware of the payment of payrolls CEDET (30/06/2011)

  • They claim that more than fifty municipal workers have not been paid for five monthly (30/06/2011)

  • Eleven young people complete the program of qualifications in "ancillary Aesthetics" (30/06/2011)
    It has been developed over the last nine months at the Centre for Local Development
  • Students of the Center for Child Care "Gandía Patty Lewis" shut the 2010/2011 academic year (30/06/2011)

  • The neighborhood festivals Era Alta, in honor of Santa Isabel, starts tomorrow Friday July 1 (30/06/2011)
    With a loud bang and young night in which several bands act
  • The people of Totana learn how to recycle used cooking oil (30/06/2011)

  • Agenda sports 1 to July 3, 2011 (30/06/2011)

  • Totana Jet pilots will participate next weekend in the European Championship watercraft (30/06/2011)
    And in the third round of the Championship of Spain
  • The piano students of Professor Cecilia Aznar at the Music Academy of Totana, held its final hearing of course (30/06/2011)

  • La Peña Madridista "The Tenth" receives at its headquarters today to former international players Víctor Sánchez del Amo and Ruben de la Red (30/06/2011)

  • The Neighborhood Association of the Orchards of Totana organized a picnic on Saturday (30/06/2011)
    will be from 19:00 pm
  • Inkeys The group recently appeared on "The Concert Radio 3" TVE (29/06/2011)
    In addition, the group will perform Friday at the party's youth was high.
  • Santiago College Alumni met at a dinner after more than 40 years (29/06/2011)

  • "From tapas and cocktails Totana" (29/06/2011)

  • José Antonio Valverde Queen is elected president of the Olympic Club de Totana (29/06/2011)

  • The Mayor of Totana meets with the board of the Association of Immigrants "FAE" (29/06/2011)
    For projects and collective needs of the town
  • The mayor and councilman of Sports congratulated the new president of the Olympic Totana (29/06/2011)
    And they trust that leads to successful new sports project
  • The new government team meets with neighborhood groups in the hamlet of El Paretón (29/06/2011)
    for their needs and coordinate a work plan for this term
  • The Candidate for President of the Olimpico de Totana headed by Jose Garcia Lopez apologizes (28/06/2011)
    wrongly cited a person as a candidate for the board
  • The Municipal School of Music held from 4 to 15 July a "course of flamenco guitar and initiation of the accompaniment to flamenco" (28/06/2011)
    be taught by Isabel Moreno (Sing) and Manuel Leon (Guitar)
  • The Brotherhood of Kiss of Judas and Jesus Pierced held on Saturday July 2 a day open (28/06/2011)
    And a Mass in honor of the dead of the Brotherhood
  • Success of Hello Summer Paddle Tournament 2011, organized by the Club Paddle Tennis vs. Evolution (28/06/2011)

  • ... (28/06/2011)

  • Socialist Youth of Totana celebrates LGBT Pride 2011 (28/06/2011)
    Young Socialists started the campaign "What right do not get you into the closet"
  • A total of twenty students are initiated into the world of cuisine (28/06/2011)
    Through Training Program for Socio-groups at risk of social exclusion
  • The Department of Sports closed the Municipal School of Dance (28/06/2011)
    season has counted with the participation of a hundred students
  • Term voluntary payment period fords permanent hunting grounds, stop cars and kiosks in public (28/06/2011)
    remains open until July 5
  • The Fran totanero Abellaneda proclaimed champion of the Regional Master Paddle (27/06/2011)

  • End of training course developed in voluntary work totana (27/06/2011)

  • The team's Tenth-Alumar I became champion of the Clausura Football Fan (27/06/2011)

  • Students in 4 of the ESO IES "Juan de la Cierva y Codorniu" receive their scholarships (27/06/2011)

  • Closing the services of the 2010/2011 academic year of association "D'Genes" (27/06/2011)
    Ce held at the Day Centre and Continuing Education in Haemophilia "The Pond"
  • Weekend sports scores 25 and June 26, 2011 (27/06/2011)

  • The new schedule of Citizen Service City Hall from 9 to 13:30 am on July 1 to August 31 (27/06/2011)

  • New candidate for president of the Olympic Totana (26/06/2011)
    "For the Olympic play where the players deserve their quarry"
  • He finished the season Totana Official Club TM (26/06/2011)
    with food held last Saturday attended by 25 club members and their families
  • Former Councilman Sports Totana presented his candidacy for president of the Olympic Totana (24/06/2011)
    "With an ambitious project that aims to recover the prestige it deserves sports club and the city"
  • Authorized hiring collector of works of general sanitation south Totana (24/06/2011)
    The Governing Council has agreed to the procurement of works included in the project called 'general collector Totana South sanitation', with a budget of 1.5 million.
  • The Mayor and City Council of Education attended the party to ongoing municipal nursery school "Clara Campoamor" (24/06/2011)

  • Last night saw the Annual General Meeting AEMC (24/06/2011)

  • The "Santa artisan market" will be held on Sunday June 26 (24/06/2011)

  • Over a hundred children who participate daily in the EDUTEC enjoyed a day of leisure in the municipal pool Totana (24/06/2011)

  • Successful day of coexistence of the Rock Barcelona Totana (24/06/2011)
    On the other hand, Juan Carrión participated in the meeting of the Consultative Council of FC Barcelona
  • On Sunday there will be the closure of the Municipal Sports School of Dance in the City Park (24/06/2011)
    free entry
  • The city informed residents' associations and village headman to not enter into economic agreements from this year 2011 to celebrate the holidays in neighborhoods and districts (23/06/2011)
    only provide logistical support package for the municipal organization of celebrations from next year
  • Still open until Friday July 1 the deadline for registration for Schools Verano'2011 (23/06/2011)

  • Sports Weekend Agenda 25 and June 26, 2011 (22/06/2011)

  • The Mayor and City Council Services CEDET meet with officials (22/06/2011)
    "to meet needs and address issues related to management and finance"
  • The Mayor visits the service Segura basin is in the CLD (22/06/2011)

  • The High Lebor parties being held this weekend in honor of San Pedro (22/06/2011)

  • Wards Olympic Pears, Triptolemos Station and live their holidays this weekend (22/06/2011)

  • The Second Slalom and Autocross Totana City will take place on 23 July 24 (21/06/2011)
    Both tests are scoring for the regional competition of different modes
  • Exhibition Synchronized Swimming 2011 (21/06/2011)

  • Delivery of trophies to the League and Amateur Football Cup "Play Fair" (21/06/2011)

  • End of Racetrack VI "CAT Totana" (21/06/2011)
    On Saturday June 18 was the last test, "cold sores"
  • The Third Festival of Dance School Step by Step Dance will take place on Saturday July 2 (21/06/2011)

  • The First Amateur Soccer Clausura be held on Saturday June 25 at the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela" (21/06/2011)

  • Citizens interested in participating in the "County Council empleo'2011 'must apply between June 20 and July 13 (21/06/2011)

  • The Brotherhood of "Denial" will be in the holiday 'Camposol' end of week 25 and June 26 (20/06/2011)

  • Results sporting weekend 18 and June 19, 2011 (20/06/2011)

  • Graduation of students in vocational training and high school students from IES "Prado Mayor" (20/06/2011)

  • The Capuchin-Sala Soccer Club puts the finishing touches on the 2010-11 season (20/06/2011)
    welcomed the closing day of the school sports and the traditional gala dinner to benefit the club
  • City officials attending the graduation ceremony for eight students in 4th of ESO CP "Guadalentín" (20/06/2011)
    in the village of El-Cantareros Paretón
  • Extending the registration deadline for the camp, "Classrooms of nature" in The Stables (20/06/2011)
    will be held from 4 to 10 July for children aged 8 to 10 years
  • The plenary address today's organizational structure and operation of the new legislative council for 2011/2015 (20/06/2011)
    Approve the appointments of municipal officials in different agencies and entities
  • The school paddle "Fran Abellaneda Vip school paddle" in solidarity with Lorca (19/06/2011)
    On the other hand, for the month of July, plans to conduct summer school
  • The School of Dance on Saturday Manoli Canovas offers a show full of originality and great choreography (17/06/2011)

  • Closing the course of "Basic maintenance of buildings" (17/06/2011)
    has allowed the formation of 15 students who conducted their practices in municipal
  • Stage Summer Tennis at the Club de Tenis Totana (17/06/2011)
    During the month of July, the School of Tennis Club de Tenis Totana continues its activities offering tennis lessons for children and adults both in the mornings and afternoons
  • XLIII diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes (17/06/2011)
    75 people including 6 patients participate in this pilgrimage Totana
  • Open Call for application deadlines for the School of Music Veronica (17/06/2011)

  • Morning VI ends the race track "CAT Totana" (17/06/2011)

  • The Municipal School of Music closing the 2010/2011 academic year (17/06/2011)

  • The sample of students in the paint shop of the People's University of Totana remains on display until June 26 (17/06/2011)
    In the room, "Gregory Cebrián"
  • The city of Totana SEF requests for funding to carry out the school project workshop "Casa de las Monjas II" (17/06/2011)
    would allow to enable the building and its surroundings as Hostel
  • The X youth soccer tournament "Ciudad de Totana" takes place this weekend with the participation of six teams (17/06/2011)
    At the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela"
  • The school "Reina Sofia" participated in the regional final child Athletics held in Alhama School Sport (17/06/2011)
    getting a third in the relay event
  • The PP Totana endorses and supports "legitimate" demands of the mayor of not closing the Civil Guard barracks at night (16/06/2011)
    And ask the Government Office not take balls out and specify whether to maintain or not in the same situation last night
  • The Mayor of Totana unfairly accused the Civil Guard without even established contact with their commanders (16/06/2011)
    The performance of the Civil Guard in the city has been impeccable and will continue to ensure public safety as far
  • The mayor calls the delegate of the Government not to close the barracks of the Guardia Civil de Totana at night by the lack of effective (16/06/2011)
    And to increase security in rural areas during the summer
  • The great bodybuilder Luis Vidal taught in Spanish Totana a Campus Training (16/06/2011)
    will take place next Saturday, July 2 and will include a practical and a theoretical section
  • Amit Totana was present at the ceremony of "Gold Medal" at the NGO Hope International Phone (16/06/2011)
    Coexistence also participated in the Regional Amit Phone Hope held on Sunday June 12 in the city of Lorca
  • Organize a rap festival beneficial for Lorca (16/06/2011)
    "Positive Sound" will take place on 8 and 9 July in the auditorium of the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz" Totana
  • On Friday June 24 will be held the placement test of English Official Language School (16/06/2011)
    for students who wish to access the second level course
  • The Department of Sports will distribute € 9,000 in scholarships to outstanding athletes of Totana (16/06/2011)
    Call for sporting merit, 2010
  • The neighborhood of San Juan de Las Lomas El Paretón celebrates its 24 to June 26, 2011 (16/06/2011)
    With an extensive program of recreational activities, music, food
  • Organize an exhibition of synchronized swimming with free entry in the municipal sports facilities "December 6" (16/06/2011)

  • The municipal swimming pool sports complex Guadalentín Valley "of Paretón opens today (15/06/2011)

  • The Department of Sports closed the Municipal School of Gymnastics Sports (15/06/2011)

  • Sports Weekend Agenda 18 and June 19, 2011 (15/06/2011)

  • Install ten points used oil collection (15/06/2011)

  • The Family with children of school age can apply for aid for textbooks for the 2011/12 school year (15/06/2011)
    To 22 June
  • End of Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Initiatives (15/06/2011)
    As part of the Second Conference for intercultural dialogue and solidarity
  • ... (14/06/2011)

  • The IES Juan de la Cierva of Totana organizes the charity project "Share your book" (14/06/2011)
    going to create a database of books available to families who request
  • Start the activity of duathlon and triathlon for Totana CAT (14/06/2011)

  • Civil Defence training sessions offered to students of the College "Santiago" to know what to do if an earthquake (14/06/2011)

  • Weekend Sports Scores 11 and June 12, 2011 (14/06/2011)

  • The youngest team in college basketball 3x3 La Milagrosa participated in the regional semifinals School Sports (14/06/2011)

  • Still open until next Friday on 17 the deadline for registration for Summer School (14/06/2011)

  • The Federation of Barcelona supporters clubs in the Region of Murcia hosts a dinner to benefit those affected by earthquakes in Lorca (13/06/2011)

  • The School of Paddle Tennis Vs Evolution organizes the next 24, 25 and 26 June a paddle tournament "Hello Summer!" (13/06/2011)
    More than 700 euros will award
  • Great success of the Coral "Vox Musicalis" at concerts offered for "Spaces Sonoros'11" (13/06/2011)

  • The new mayor announced the completion of an internal audit designed to show the economic situation of the municipal coffers (13/06/2011)
    and expenses generated by the maintenance of services that are not municipal competition
  • Students Lorca's headquarters the days normally start testing the selectivity in the IES "Prado Mayor" of Totana (13/06/2011)

  • A company totanera receives award for its eco-efficiency residential (13/06/2011)
    'We wanted to show by example that construction and the environment they can live,' says a member of the Construction Company
  • ... (12/06/2011)

  • 2nd Course Ham Court (11/06/2011)
    take place the next 23, 24 and 25 June in the Paretón Amaro Restaurant
  • The PB Totana held the titles of Fúltbol Club Barcelona in the place of the tap of the Holy (11/06/2011)
    The festive day will take place tomorrow Sunday 12th June
  • Investiture speech Mayor of Totana, María Isabel Sánchez Ruiz (11/06/2011)

  • The new mayor of Totana calls for political consensus, proximity to the city and work together as fundamental axes (11/06/2011)
    to ensure the interests of local residents
  • Students of the School of Dance Manoli Canovas prepare their Festival 2011 (11/06/2011)
    will take place on June 18 at 22:30 pm in the park
  • The Sixth Circuit Racing "Totana CAT" comes to an end (10/06/2011)

  • The sports facilities at the Sports Pavilion will be upgraded with a young space (10/06/2011)

  • Inauguration of the Center for Lower Guadalentín Carriers (10/06/2011)
    An infrastructure that will improve the competitiveness of enterprises totaneras
  • The city of Totana delivers the Golden Shield City Totana Olympic Club (10/06/2011)
    In the course of a triangular tournament friendly beneficial for the victims of Lorca
  • José Sánchez Cánovas, champion of the 4 th test in Spain open downhill mountain bike (10/06/2011)

  • Continue acts of the Party of People Mayores'2011 (10/06/2011)
    With the crowning of the queen and her bridesmaids at the city park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The Mayor attended the official ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Day XXIX Murcia (10/06/2011)
    was held in Torre Pacheco
  • The film programming continues on Sunday 12 and Monday June 13 (10/06/2011)
    With the screening of the movie "Fast & Furious 5" and "Hop"
  • The Polígono Industrial "El Saladar" Proinvitosa Totana and participate in the "Spanish Arab Investment Forum" (10/06/2011)
    The next 28 and 29 June in Torre Pacheco
  • More than 300 users have enjoyed the first day of opening of public swimming pools of the "Polideportivo municipal December 6" (10/06/2011)

  • The Basketball Club Murcia will make his preseason Totana stage from 28 August to 4 September (08/06/2011)

  • Kick-off parties with older people living in the mountains (08/06/2011)

  • The "Summer Youth 2011" including travel, multi-adventure activities, nature classes and summer schools (08/06/2011)

  • The Totana Aikido Club participated in a benefit for Japan that raised 8,560 euros (08/06/2011)

  • Continuing the intense activity of CAT athletes Totana (08/06/2011)

  • On Thursday, Day of the Region, will open the municipal sports pools "December 6" (08/06/2011)

  • Agenda sport 9-10, 11 and 12 June 2011 (08/06/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Twenty totaneros school participated in the regional final of School Sport Triathlon held in Yecla (08/06/2011)

  • The inaugural meeting of the Town Council of Totana will take place on Saturday 11 June at 11:00 am in the Performing Arts Hall (07/06/2011)
    will take possession of the 21 corporate and elect the new mayor
  • Sports and Sports Clubs organize a cast of over 40 sports activities taking place during the summer months (07/06/2011)

  • The Department of Sports congratulates Carlos Tudela Corbalán totanero has been proclaimed regional chess champion (07/06/2011)

  • Social Welfare extends the deadline for participation in the narrative and photography contests (07/06/2011)

  • Students Lorca's headquarters selectivity in the IES "Prado Mayor" of Totana (07/06/2011)
    There will be a special device and security services
  • Good results totaneros schoolchildren who participated in the regional final in school sports Aquathlon held at Eagles (07/06/2011)

  • Tudela Corbalán The totanero Carlos was proclaimed brilliantly Regional Chess Champion (06/06/2011)

  • JS Totana stresses that "the Central Government has invested in the Region of Murcia more than 5 million euros to 2.0 Classroom Program" (06/06/2011)
    youth organization regrets that "the Popular Party government has taken more than two years to accept the aid from the Ministry of Education "
  • Totana reiterates its commitment to the craft sector working through the Spanish Association of Towns of Ceramics (06/06/2011)
    To promote activities undertaken by teachers totaneros
  • City officials attending the first anniversary celebration of ADIPSAI (06/06/2011)

  • Totana receives a total of 406,028 euros through the County Councils Employment (06/06/2011)
    To tackle unemployment and help develop rural areas of the municipality
  • Results sporting weekend in April and June 5, 2011 (06/06/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Sixty-school students Reina Sofia, Santiago Tierno Galván and participated in the regional final of Sports School "Nano Nana Practice Greco-Roman" (06/06/2011)
    was held in San Javier
  • The regional government begins work on improving the road to El Paretón (05/06/2011)
    renew the firm is over five miles on a track that records the passage of 600,000 cars a year
  • End of project-Gelem Gelem, conducted in public housing (03/06/2011)
    More than 30 people have expanded their training in literacy, electricity and painting
  • The group of Social Promotion "The Candle" launches this year the Summer School (03/06/2011)

  • Municipal Center Senior Totana next week celebrates its program of Events 2011 (03/06/2011)

  • Open Now payment deadline, in the voluntary period of permanent Fords, hunting, stop vehicles and kiosks in public (03/06/2011)

  • Successful closing day of the respite program partnership D'Genes (02/06/2011)
    On Saturday, May 28 D'Genes Association Murcia held the final day of respite care program 2010-2011
  • ... (02/06/2011)

  • "Solidarity Meeting for Lorca", from the Associations of Totana (01/06/2011)
    will be held on June 8 at The Santa
  • Start the forest monitoring Espuña to fight forest fires during the summer months to the end of September (01/06/2011)
    It is part of Infomur Plan 2011
  • Present the publication of the Municipal Youth Plan (2011-2014) (01/06/2011)
    Collect the 190 actions to more than 7,000 young people of Totana
  • This weekend they celebrate the festival of the shrine of the Spider, in the hamlet of Raiguero, in honor of the Immaculate Conception (01/06/2011)

  • Totana host next Saturday's events celebrating the Day of Public School Murcia (01/06/2011)
    Day Murciana Public School is dedicated to the educational community in Lorca
  • Agenda sports weekend in April and June 5, 2011 (01/06/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Great number of people in "the Artisan Market of the Holy" (01/06/2011)
    was held near the shrine as it is traditionally held every month
  • The Department of Youth opens tomorrow, June 2, the date of the first Summer Youth activity, camp "Classrooms of Nature" (01/06/2011)


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