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  • The mayor sends a message of support to farmers and defends the quality of the products totaneros (31/05/2011)
    Compared to the distrust caused by cucumber crisis that is causing the distrust of the horticultural sector
  • The program of drug prevention municipal council of Totana is added to the campaign "Active snuff free spaces" (31/05/2011)
    coincide with World Day against snuff
  • The municipality, with the collaboration of neighbors and Lebor Raiguero carries out the disinfestation of the plague of mosquitoes (31/05/2011)
    caused by the stagnation of water in the Rio Guadalentín
  • A specialized company in the sector will manage the transportation hub for Lower Guadalentín (31/05/2011)
    totaneros Employers can improve their competitiveness
  • The Department of closing the School Sports School Sports Sports Centre (31/05/2011)
    has had on this course with the participation of more than 600 students from ten primary schools in the town
  • The council signed cooperation agreements with companies (30/05/2011)
    For the students of the "Ancillary Services Aesthetic perform their internship
  • More than 60 swimmers, ages 5 and 16 years, participated in the Competition for Development of Swimming (30/05/2011)

  • Results sporting weekend 28 and 29 May 2011 (30/05/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Municipal authorities inaugurate the street Zamarreño Francisco Cayuela " (30/05/2011)

  • Totana Companies involved in the project final day mappers (30/05/2011)
    through which it promoted employment and corporate social responsibility
  • I Bugle and Drum Contest Solidarity - Jesus' Flagellate (29/05/2011)
    Bugle and Drum Band.
  • I Bugle and Drum Contest Solidarity - The Samaritan (29/05/2011)
    Hdad Musical Group.
  • 1 BiciAlmuerzo in mountain bike route Espuña 2011 " (29/05/2011)
    It was organized by the Ministers of the Air-Class
  • Local Police Officers will serve in a selfless and altruistic in the city of Lorca from 30 May to 5 June after the earthquake (27/05/2011)

  • The next day, May 31 is the deadline for registration of "Crearte joven'2011" (27/05/2011)
    on the music and graffiti modalidadesde
  • The Local Government Committee approved the award of four scholarships (27/05/2011)
    students of the institutes have developed their work as youth correspondents
  • On Monday May 30 will be a cut in water supply from 02:00 hours in the area of ​​the Paretón (27/05/2011)

  • Successfully Concludes the project "Getting to Know: different times, the same reality" (26/05/2011)
    Young people and older people have exchanged knowledge
  • Users of Psychosocial Support Services participate in an exit to the Environmental Education Center "CEMACAM" (26/05/2011)

  • The hospitality industry specializing in the execution of an introductory course to cut ham (25/05/2011)
    was conducted by maestro José Andreo
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 28 and May 29, 2011 (25/05/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Students of the course "Basic maintenance of buildings" theoretical and practical classes conducted in the Campo de Fútbol Juan Cayuela " (25/05/2011)

  • Users Occupational Center "José Moya" have known firsthand the social work carried out by Caritas Interparroquial (25/05/2011)

  • This Saturday will open the street "Zamarreño Francisco Cayuela" located in the "La Scale" (24/05/2011)

  • The council congratulated Sports Table Tennis Club Totana (24/05/2011)
    For the promotion of its teams Cade Totana to 3 rd National Division, and Cade Promises to Honor Division Autonomous
  • On Saturday evening, May 21 was very lively for the athletes of Totana CAT (24/05/2011)
    were representing the club in two races
  • On 1 BiciAlmuerzo in mountain bike ESPUÑA SIERRA ROUTE 2011 "will take place on Saturday May 28 (24/05/2011)
    was scheduled for Saturday April 30 but was suspended due to weather conditions
  • A total of 15 members of the Senior Center participated in the kitchen workshop "Hands in the dough" (24/05/2011)

  • The qualification program of support services visit the academy beauty Nefer Center in Murcia (24/05/2011)

  • On Sunday May 22 was held at the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña a new route for walkers club Totana (23/05/2011)

  • The total participation in municipal elections in Totana has been 71.27% (23/05/2011)
    The PP has achieved 49.83%, 28.09% PSOE, IU-green 18.03% and 2.5% CDL
  • The Department of Sports congratulates the players and the Olympic directive CF (23/05/2011)
    for promotion to the autonomous preferences
  • Totana participates in the regional final school athletics championship team sports promotion in the Region of Murcia (23/05/2011)

  • Results sporting weekend 21 and 22 May 2011 (23/05/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Participation in local and regional elections in Totana amounts to 57.98 percent at 18:00 pm (22/05/2011)

  • Participation in local and regional elections in the town of Totana amounts to 43.72 percent at 14:00 pm (22/05/2011)

  • ... (21/05/2011)

  • Extraordinary Plenary Totana today "for the mayor of PP give explanations on a complaint of the Municipal Group Socialist" (21/05/2011)
    According to Francisco Javier Onate, "the allegations, if confirmed, would be all electoral scandal"
  • Work begins on completion of the roundabout at the kabuki (20/05/2011)

  • The municipality will sign an agreement with Telefonica by which will increase the mobile and internet coverage in The Saint and The Pond (20/05/2011)

  • Otálora calls for the vote of angry totaneros (20/05/2011)
    Socialists ended his campaign for the municipal elections of 2011 with a rally in the Era Alta, as is traditional for many years
  • The council is launching a plan to disinfect the plague of mosquitoes, caused by the stagnation of water in the Rio Guadalentín (20/05/2011)
    "and not effected by the Confederation of Segura Hidográfica"
  • The parish of the Paretón-Cantareros have a double line Infant School with six classrooms (20/05/2011)
    will be financed by the Autonomous Community
  • New Generations of Totana held a meeting tonight Solidarity with Lorca (20/05/2011)
    To raise funds that will go to victims
  • The mayoral candidate for the CP meets the five women's associations in the municipality (20/05/2011)
    To show their commitment with actions that can be carried out on equal
  • The Plenary Hall of Totana holds its last session of the legislature before the elections (20/05/2011)

  • The Association of Wildlife "The Hinojar" successfully organized the XXII Championship Autonomic wild (20/05/2011)

  • Schools Reina Sofía, Santiago and Regional Deitania participated in the regional quarterfinals of School Sport in the methods of multisport, basketball and volleyball (20/05/2011)
    were held in Murcia and Abarán
  • Otálora meets with representatives of primary and secondary AMPAS municipality (20/05/2011)
    To meet their demands and propose socialist education
  • Students of the Municipal School Children "Clara Campoamor" participate in a simple drill (19/05/2011)
    and become familiar with the security forces and emergency Totana
  • More than a hundred students have participated in the activity organized by citizen participation in order to promote intercultural (19/05/2011)

  • Complete works Transportation Center for Lower Guadalentín (19/05/2011)
    The new infrastructure will improve the competitiveness of enterprises totaneras
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, sailing mysterious waters " (19/05/2011)
    film programming continues on Saturday, Sunday and Monday with a screening of the movie" Pirates of the Caribbean, sailing mysterious waters "
  • Otálora informs representatives of the residents of Lebor its election (19/05/2011)
    Les said that "his priority will be to create jobs, pay suppliers, make an austere budget, seek agreement with other political group and approve the general plan "
  • The extension of Totana of the Official Language School opens next Monday 23 pre-registration deadline for the academic year 2011/2012 (19/05/2011)
    novelty this year is through Internet
  • PSOE: "Sports clubs Juan Francisco Otálora manifest their discontent with the municipal administration of the sport (19/05/2011)

  • The Department of Sports organized a conference MultiSport and Futsal (19/05/2011)
    under the program School Sports
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 21 and May 22, 2011 (19/05/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Sánchez Ruiz said that "we will work to convert Totana in a more accessible city" (18/05/2011)
    "on employment, sports and services are tailored to people with disabilities
  • Ends the first round of the Cup of Amateur Play Fair (18/05/2011)

  • Start the course "kitchen assistant" (18/05/2011)
    It has developed into a training to expand job training for residents of Totana
  • The Day Centre "José Moya" participates in the Regional Championship Football 7 (18/05/2011)
    was held in Molina de Segura
  • The works of completion of the roundabout at the Kabuki will start this Friday, May 20 (18/05/2011)
    After the award by the Local Government
  • The PP candidate for mayor exposes housewives proposals on women's issues for the coming years (18/05/2011)
    Among those is the fulfillment of the objectives and actions of the second Plan of Equal Pportunidades
  • The Socialist Party held a rally in the neighborhood of San Jose with over 200 neighbors (18/05/2011)
    The Socialist Party held its main event field in the neighborhood of San Jose to present their proposals for the future
  • Valcárcel visit the affected areas of Totana by the earthquake last Wednesday (18/05/2011)

  • "The scent of change, after the May 22, in Totana is perceived in the environment," said Juan Jose Canovas (18/05/2011)
    before a room full of neighbors in the neighborhood of San Francisco
  • Juan Francisco Otálora presents its proposals on youth (17/05/2011)
    The candidate for mayor met yesterday with about thirty young people from the municipality to discuss and present their proposals on youth
  • The city of Totana donate one euro for each neighbor to help earthquake victims in Lorca (17/05/2011)

  • Press the faculty of the School of Music in Totana (17/05/2011)
    consider the possibility of an imminent end to the teaching activity "against non-payment of wages"
  • The CC Santa Eulalia de Totana Got 2 podiums at the X up btt "Without fear of witch" (17/05/2011)

  • The students of the Municipal Sports School Totana Rhythmic Gymnastics participated in the interschool competition held at Alhama (17/05/2011)

  • Members of the Municipal Senior Centers enjoy a trip to Italy (17/05/2011)
    will return on 18 May
  • Neighbors of Alta was involved with questions and opinions at the meeting of IU-Greens in the Social Centre (17/05/2011)

  • More than thirty people have participated in training courses socio (16/05/2011)
    "child care" and basic management of partnerships and new technologies
  • The mayor is calling for citizens who want to work with the victims of the earthquake Lorca made through Totana Civil Protection (16/05/2011)
    The Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, together with the Head of Municipal Emergency Services, José María Sánchez, held a press conference about
  • Great performance by Mario Garcia of Santa Eulalia CC, Memorial Mariano Rojas 2011 (16/05/2011)
    On the morning of Sunday, 15 took place in March Cieza the X International Bike Tour Mariano Rojas DC where there was involvement of the Santa Eulalia with Mary and John
  • "To" fret "will donate all proceeds from the sale of their works in the exhibition" Everyday Objects "to the victims of the earthquake Lorca (16/05/2011)

  • PSOE Totana Press conference on aid to earthquake victims in Lorca (16/05/2011)
    Otálora requests financial contributions in solidarity with the residents of Lorca
  • ... (16/05/2011)

  • Weekend Sports Scores 14 and 15 May 2011 (16/05/2011)
    Information provided with the Department of Sports
  • Reina Sofía school students to learn first hand the project Avecinate " (16/05/2011)

  • The IU-Greens candidates filled the Community Center Lounge Lebor (16/05/2011)
    despite the rain and many neighbors were celebrations
  • The PP claims that "the Socialist Party Friday held a ceremony with public communication media" (15/05/2011)
    lament that "has broken the pact of the major political parties to respect the mourning for the earthquake Lorca
  • El Colegio La Milagrosa de Totana is launching a campaign to help victims of the earthquake Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • The Governing Board approved an institutional statement of condolence and solidarity, on behalf of the corporation and the citizens of Totana, with the city of Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • The Mayor of Totana and several councilors visit the civil defense volunteer Totana found in Lorca (13/05/2011)
    helping earthquake victims
  • The council is launching a special service for those residents who have damage to their homes because of the earthquake (13/05/2011)

  • The mayor made an assessment of damage after the earthquake in Totana (12/05/2011)
    He explains that is implemented emergency preventive level in the city
  • Regional and local authorities visit the 22 largest Lorca (12/05/2011)
    who were transferred from the residence "San Diego" Lorca's "La Purisima" of Totana, in the earthquake
  • Totana shows solidarity with Lorca and observed a minute of silence (12/05/2011)
    Like all municipalities of Spain
  • Totana Association Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue read out a manifesto (12/05/2011)
    Coinciding with the International Day of this pathology
  • Sánchez Ruiz moved his condolences to the families of the victims and thanked the company totanera solidarity with the city of Lorca (12/05/2011)
    After the earthquake in Lorca
  • Totana Civil Protection collaborates in the work of logistic support after the earthquake that struck yesterday Lorca (12/05/2011)

  • The city of Totana launches preventative level 0 emergency after the earthquake (11/05/2011)
    has caused physical damage to buildings in the village
  • The PSOE in the Region of Murcia suspended all campaign activities in mourning following the events in Lorca .- (11/05/2011)
    Totana The PSOE has also suspended all acts of planned
  • The IU-Greens candidates split the program and talked with the neighbors at the flea market this morning (11/05/2011)

  • Sanchez: "The PP will bet on the development of culture in all its aspects" (11/05/2011)
    "And the empowerment of local sport through the sports facilities"
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 14 and May 15, 2011 (11/05/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The 50th anniversary celebrations of the Olympics continue Thursday with a match between veterans and the College of Lawyers of Murcia (11/05/2011)
    On Friday, the final played in Totana Regional Veterans Championship
  • Otálora promised the construction companies to achieve agreement in the General Plan (11/05/2011)
    The socialist candidate said in a cordial and friendly atmosphere of his candidacy proposals to boost the construction sector in Totana, so that Over the next four years to create more than one thousand jobs
  • A total of 46 people complete their training in literacy and painting workshops (11/05/2011)
    Les has served to restore the building where they live
  • The Center for Adult Education has opened the deadline for students (11/05/2011)
    will remain active until 27 May
  • President Valcárcel Totana visit on Friday to hold a public event in the "Venta La Rata" (11/05/2011)
    and socialize with members and supporters
  • Residents of the Glen and San Jose attended so large to hear the proposals of IU-Greens (11/05/2011)
    left-wing candidates, explained their program and carried "a message of hope to overcome tension and go for jobs in Totana"
  • IU-Green, "Juan Cayuela Stadium grass is not speculation" (10/05/2011)

  • More than a dozen artists from the association "with" junk "will exhibit their works (10/05/2011)
    In a show which opens on Friday 13 May under the title" Everyday Objects "
  • The PP candidate meets with New Generation (10/05/2011)
    To realize actions on youth in the electoral program and coordinate campaign events aimed at young people
  • Tomorrow, Wednesday May 11 will be a cut in water supply from 08:00 hours in the hamlet of La Costera (10/05/2011)

  • Premiere the short film "Alma" performed by a group of young people who participated in the Imagine + (10/05/2011)

  • The Department of Housing reports that the Autonomous endorse the 20% mortgage credit for home purchases (09/05/2011)

  • Weekend Sports Scores 7 and 8 May 2011 (09/05/2011)

  • Last Saturday was played in Totana Autonomous Doubles Championship of Table Tennis all categories (09/05/2011)

  • The PP candidate meets with the village headman of the northern provincial town (09/05/2011)
    To make known their proposals for government and collect their needs
  • Burial of the Sardine in Totana (08/05/2011)
    Murcia A tradition more than a century and a half comes to Totana through workshops José Moya Day Centre
  • Presentation of the film "Soul" (08/05/2011)
    took place on Saturday 7 May in the Social Center of San Roque
  • The candidates will visit IU-Greens Totana street to street, explaining his program (08/05/2011)
    stand out "experience and commitment of the people who make the list and the representation of all neighborhoods and districts of the municipality"
  • CAT Totana athletes continue with their high activity (07/05/2011)
    On May 1, despite the festive, it was the most active athletes Totana CAT
  • Election campaign begins shouting "we want a debate" (06/05/2011)
    The PSOE's candidate for mayor of the Municipality of Juan Francisco Otálora Totana, states that "the time has come for change and renewal in Totana"
  • United Left-Green says this campaign should serve all political forces to handle the large city a great deal (06/05/2011)
    "That's way out of the economic situation of Totana"
  • More than 20 events begins today with the start of the campaign by the People's Party (06/05/2011)
    The candidate expected to "respect" and positive proposals for Totana
  • Technical associations of various parts of Spain is concerned with the dynamics of work developed in the local Edutec (06/05/2011)

  • Irrigators ask Otálora "that promotes dialogue and consensus in the new era that is coming" (06/05/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Totana City Council met yesterday with the board of the Community Diversion Irrigation to hear their claims and proposals for the next term
  • Starts in Totana the campaign for municipal elections to be held next May 22 (06/05/2011)
    With the traditional putting up posters
  • Successful participation in the 3rd round on Sierra Espuña (05/05/2011)
    took place on Sunday 1st May
  • Otálora: "Our manifesto is broad, evocative and ambitious at the same time realistic and participatory" (05/05/2011)

  • Agenda sports weekend 7 and 8 May 2011 (05/05/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The application of IU-Greens and Cebag Directors held a meeting to explain and take proposals Election Program (05/05/2011)

  • The Mayor and Councillor for Tourism met with the Minister of Presidency (05/05/2011)
    In order to see first hand the projects promoted by the City and Regional Government in the coming years
  • The mayor reported that the council requested the CHS over a month ago to proceed with cleaning the river Butte Guadalentín (05/05/2011)
    Due to water stagnation has led to a plague of mosquitoes and insects
  • Extended until 15 May, the deadline for registering for the IV "Fotoespuña 2011 (05/05/2011)

  • All applications for places for the three nursery schools have been admitted Totana (05/05/2011)
    be a total of 177 children, between 0 and 3 years, those who receive their first training in these centers.
  • The mayoral candidate meets the PP workers in the municipal CEDETES (05/05/2011)
    To show its commitment to employment of the disabled
  • Education announces one year grants of aid for transport Totana college students for the school year 2010/2011 (05/05/2011)

  • The city of Totana implementing energy saving measures municipal (04/05/2011)
    with which you are saving 200,000 euros per year
  • More than thirty people participated in the course "Follow excellence to our elderly and the sick in homes, hospitals and nursing" (04/05/2011)
    As part of the "Volunteer meeting Totanero XI"
  • The PP candidate announces, among the proposals for education, construction of a new municipal kindergarten (04/05/2011)
    On the site where it is now the Infant School "Clara Campoamor"
  • Unemployed start a free course in basic office CLD (04/05/2011)

  • Benefit Concert "Shelter from the wind" (04/05/2011)
    will be held on May 20, organized by the Humane Association "Wind Shelter"
  • Maria Isabel Sanchez Ruiz and members of his candidacy working on making some twenty events (03/05/2011)
    will be held during the election campaign
  • The Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Fall publishes more than 1500 pictures of Holy Week 2011 in your web (03/05/2011)
    They have also updated the songs of his band and have released a video collection of their seats Friday night
  • The candidate for mayor, Isabel Maria Sánchez Ruíz, is meeting with social and productive groups (03/05/2011)
    To make known the 365 proposals PP
  • The artist Carlos Montero exposes his "Reality Reality i" in the municipal hall "Gregorio Cebrián" (03/05/2011)
    up to May 8
  • Lola Cano: "The PSOE's electoral program will be approved on Thursday a special assembly" (03/05/2011)
    states that "the Socialists have prepared a manifesto which sets out proposals to bring the impasse Totana"
  • Totana hosted the X Trofeo Costa Calida Interterritorial Bodybuilding & Fitness 2011 (03/05/2011)
    Interterritorial Master II Trophy (Peter J. Villa) 2011
  • X Trofeo Costa Calida Interterritorial Bodybuilding & Fitness 2011 (03/05/2011)
    Interterritorial Master II Trophy (Peter J. Villa) 2011
  • The new library and study room "José María Munuera and Abbey" today opened to the public (03/05/2011)
    It is located in the neighborhood of El Parral
  • City officials attending the coexistence of PADISITO held in Santa (03/05/2011)

  • Margarita Sánchez finalist in an international competition of hairdressers (03/05/2011)
    currently working in hairdressing and beauty CARMEN Totana
  • Participates in Puerto Lumbreras Totana in a conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (03/05/2011)
    The project Murcia Rural Employment Activa (mappers)
  • Results sporting weekend April 30 and May 1, 2011 (03/05/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Members of IU-Greens candidate meet with the headman and Paretón Neighborhood Board, to expose the Electoral Program (03/05/2011)

  • On Tuesday May 3, Feast of the Cross, the Santa Cecilia Chorus will sing Los Mayos (02/05/2011)

  • ... (02/05/2011)


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