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  • "World Piñatas" premieres web (30/12/2011)
    The website has been made with "SUPERWEB" the new product Totana.com
  • For socialists the consensus in the General Plan guidelines is a positive first step (30/12/2011)

  • The PP team congratulates the Government and political parties for the achievement of consensus regarding the design of the model city of the General Plan (30/12/2011)
    this being vital to the overall interests of Totana
  • Sanchez Mendez: "The four primary schools in the municipality will begin classes on January 9 with complete normality" (30/12/2011)

  • He delivered the 2012 cards to members of the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers Totana (30/12/2011)

  • Great success for assistance in the Christmas Gala I Rare Diseases "Innocent" D'driven Genes (29/12/2011)

  • The local authority approves the establishment of a desk with socioeconomic agents to reactivate local trade (29/12/2011)

  • The full council approved, unanimously and archived, the definitive establishment of a model city and regional planning (29/12/2011)
    to be incorporated into the General Municipal Plan for the coming years Totana
  • D'Genes make a day of respite care in a nursery Totana (29/12/2011)

  • The Totana Easter already in the Murcia Tourist portal as Regional Tourist Interest (28/12/2011)

  • IU-Totana Greens rejects "the closing of three nursery schools in Totana from January" (28/12/2011)
    Team Demands Government to "reconsider the privatization or closure and support the affected professional" "
  • The procession of the Holy is the image of the ONCE coupon drawing January 7 at five million coupons (28/12/2011)

  • The Autonomous Community of Murcia teams renew computer rooms Totana (28/12/2011)
    by managing council
  • The plenary debate tomorrow the development of a state law guaranteeing social services to all citizens, among other things (28/12/2011)
    This is the last regular meeting of the year
  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Communion schedule reports the exhibition "Birth of the World" (27/12/2011)
    As the campaign "No child without a toy Totana" and other current issues
  • City officials meet with the new board of the Association of Residents of the neighborhood Tirol-Camilleri (27/12/2011)
    to their needs and design a joint collaborative online
  • The Department of Social Services proposes to the National Government the establishment of a Guarantee of Rights Act and Social Services (27/12/2011)

  • The students of IES Prado Mayor involved in a fire drill conducted by Civil Protection and Fire-Alhama Totana Park (27/12/2011)

  • Over thirty students participated in the Table Tennis Tournament School Sports (27/12/2011)
    was organized by the Sports Department in collaboration with the Table Tennis Club
  • The mayor attributed the award of Regional Tourist Interest Easter Totana the laudable work done by sororities and fraternities 17 (26/12/2011)
    and commendable tenacity of the Nazareth family
  • Users Psychosocial Support Services know how to take out the Christmas cakes (26/12/2011)

  • IU-Green Press Totana (26/12/2011)
    "Before the People's Party statement, denying the strike call in the services of refuse collection and street cleaning, IU-Greens in Totana states as follows":
  • The consumer council launches a series of recommendations for shopping during the sales period (26/12/2011)

  • Totana Athletic Club launches Local Athletic League VII (26/12/2011)
    will start on January 14, hold the trophy as a novelty Trotacaminos includes Correcarreras Trophy
  • Declare Regional Tourist Interest Holy Week Totana (26/12/2011)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Region of Murcia has granted the declaration of Regional Tourist Interest in Totana Easter
  • IV Cros Orihuela City Urban Night (26/12/2011)
    Totana Athletics Club welcomes Christmas running in the Evening Cross Orihuela
  • A group of children visited Onda Local (23/12/2011)
    They could see first hand the workings of a radio and participate in the live program
  • UI Totana solidarity with the 33 workers refuse collection and street cleaning "to go on strike tonight" (23/12/2011)
    "for unpaid payroll 3"
  • The Mayor and City Council Social Care compliment the Easter holiday to people over the residence (23/12/2011)
    and users of the Service Day Care Alzheimer Center and Day Care Service
  • Totana Athletics Club launches campaign to promote athletics (23/12/2011)

  • The little ones can enjoy a show full of magic and music this afternoon at the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (23/12/2011)
    To welcome Santa Claus
  • The Senior Center City of Balsa Vieja with a party celebrating the entry of 2012 (23/12/2011)

  • About a dozen cyclists participated in the mountain bike route path developed by the Water (23/12/2011)

  • Users of Psychosocial Support Services visit the Bethlehem Municipal and other samples belenísticas Totana (23/12/2011)

  • Open the registration deadline for the "Social VI Paddle League" Tennis Club Totana- (23/12/2011)

  • Municipal and educational authorities are handed diplomas to the nine students of the fifth International Baccalaureate promotion IES "Juan de la Cierva" (22/12/2011)

  • City officials visit a Totana twenty patients admitted to the hospital "Virgen del Alcázar" Lorca (22/12/2011)
    To congratulate Christmas
  • The local police increasing surveillance in compliance with city ordinance urban hygiene and pet ownership (22/12/2011)
    for any inconvenience caused by droppings in public
  • World Santa Claus will visit tomorrow Piñatas to collect letters from kids in the house more (22/12/2011)

  • City officials congratulated Christmas to users and teachers of the Occupational Center "José Moya" and Psychosocial Support Services (21/12/2011)

  • Delivery of certificates of Trinity College students Luis Perez Eueda CEIP (21/12/2011)
    These students have been the first to study bilingual education in the municipality of Totana
  • Public Works awarded to four students of CEIP RUEDA LUIS PEREZ (21/12/2011)
    for his work in the tenth edition of drawing competition for children, with the slogan "I want you green Green"
  • The Department of Sport and Paddle Club Tennis Vs "Evolution" organized a Christmas Paddle Campus (21/12/2011)
    will take place at the Ciudad Deportiva "Espuña"
  • The Mayor congratulated Totana traders Lorca Avenue on his excellent initiative and boost local trade at Christmas (21/12/2011)
    business and bring the neighbors
  • Aikido Club conducts an open house in which two students in the kindergarten were examined yellow belt (21/12/2011)

  • The students in Group Ana Music Guitar Workshop Sociocultural Association of Women star in Carols concert XVII (21/12/2011)

  • The Olympic participated in the "Do not stop for your health" in the prison of Sangonera (21/12/2011)

  • La Peña Totana Barcelona invites all children to the Christmas party 2011 (20/12/2011)
    The Christmas Party will be held at the Sports Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez on 26 December from 17:30 pm
  • The Socialists claim that while the mayor kills nearly € 4,000 a month, suspends social benefits to all workers (20/12/2011)

  • I Christmas Gala for Rare Diseases "Innocent" (20/12/2011)
    will be held on Wednesday 28 December in the Hall of the Performing Arts, Film Velasco
  • Eight rural drivers intensify patrolling and surveillance in the field of Totana (20/12/2011)
    in coordination with local police and Guardia Civil
  • A total of 58 schools participated in the chess tournament organized by the School Sports Department of Sports (20/12/2011)
    counted with the collaboration of the chess club Totana
  • Civil Defense and local police involved in quelling a fire that broke out in the street the Parras (20/12/2011)
    It affected two floors of a house as a result of a short circuit
  • The school choir CEIP "Santa Eulalia" starring an extraordinary Christmas concert, with a magnificent repertoire (20/12/2011)

  • Program "Secure Shopping" (19/12/2011)
    the departments of Public Safety and Commerce put in place from today until January 6, the "Secure Shopping" with one device special police reinforcement to make the Christmas shopping trade Totana
  • The Band of bugles and drums of the Illustrious Cabildo Totana processions High participated in the wreath to Santa Eulalia (19/12/2011)

  • Totana Socialists increased their membership with 25 new members (19/12/2011)
    The Socialist Group held on Saturday Totana Regular Meeting of the end of the year, which showed high in militancy produced in the last quarter
  • Participation of CAT in two races and cross mountain this weekend (19/12/2011)

  • ... (19/12/2011)

  • Weekend sports scores 17 and December 18, 2011 (19/12/2011)

  • Psychosocial Support Services shows solidarity by participating in the solidarity campaign to collect food (19/12/2011)

  • Municipal authorities inaugurate the Bethlehem Municipal, comprising more than 400 figures (18/12/2011)
    Premieres Egyptian port scene and has been renewed Herod's castle and the cave of birth
  • Totana Rugby Club participates in a Championship Rugby School Rugby Murcia Federation (18/12/2011)
    U-17 team totanero signature club a great performance in his debut in regional competitions
  • The painter opens totanera Eulalia Gonzalez Feeds (16/12/2011)
    The website has been made with "SUPERWEB" the new product Totana.com
  • On Sunday December 18th VIII will take place on Christmas Choral Festival "City of Totana" (16/12/2011)
    At 19:30 pm in the Parish of the Three Hail Marys
  • The seat of the brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary Christmas will host an exhibition under the theme "Birth of the World" (16/12/2011)
    The opening will be Saturday December 17th, at 21h
  • An Equestrian Unit Civil Guard monitors these weeks and livestock farms Totana field (16/12/2011)
    Coinciding with the campaign to collect table grapes
  • The traditional wreath in Santa Eulalia can be seen for the first time through the webcam that has launched the City Council (16/12/2011)
    will take place on Sunday 18
  • Velasco movie programming continues on Sunday 18 and Monday December 19 (16/12/2011)
    with the screening of the movie "Arthur Operation Christmas Gift"
  • On Sunday, December 18 will be held a hiking trail through the ravine of the Snails (16/12/2011)
    And a mountain bike by Berro
  • Carol concerts, performances, solidarity and the arrival of Santa Claus and the Three Kings holiday programming fills (16/12/2011)

  • Upcoming activities of the council: Novena to Saint Eulalia, Banda del Cabildo, and Campaign wreath Caritas (16/12/2011)

  • Totana Rugby Club played the first game in their history against the XV de Murcia B (15/12/2011)

  • The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows assists in the solidarity campaign "One Kilo, a Brother" (15/12/2011)

  • Take over the village headman and representatives of local board of neighbors for the legislature Paretón 2011-2015 (15/12/2011)

  • The Socialists claim that the PP government team has forgotten to local businesses this holiday season (15/12/2011)

  • Salus Infirmorum Municipal and visit the homes of several elderly people in the municipality (15/12/2011)
    to congratulate the holidays
  • More than fifty people participated in the talk "Playing to be equal. Coeducation" (15/12/2011)
    framed in the draft Municipal School Parents
  • Infant School "Clara Campoamor" celebrated its particular "Pilgrimage of St ª Eulalia" (15/12/2011)

  • Held Extraordinary General Assembly of members CAT Totana (15/12/2011)

  • JS Totana considered "unfortunate" that "the first cut that is against Rajoy announced Emancipation Basic Income" (15/12/2011)

  • IU-Green refused to renew "a finger" of the village headman in Totana "without going through the involvement of residents in their choice" (14/12/2011)

  • The Department of City Facility Management conducted a campaign to repaint the walls of public buildings in which there have been acts of vandalism (14/12/2011)

  • Agenda sports weekend 17 and December 18, 2011 (14/12/2011)

  • Users of Psychosocial Support Services visit the Local Police Museum (14/12/2011)

  • The Local Board of Totana of the Spanish Association Against Cancer reports the change of venue (13/12/2011)

  • The Civil Guard arrested two people who had stolen half a ton of grapes in Totana (13/12/2011)
    They attributed the authorship of three counts of burglary, which took 1,500 kilos of grapes
  • This afternoon at 20:00 starts the talk show of the municipal school of parents in prison (13/12/2011)
    With a colloquium entitled "Playing to be equal. Coeducation"
  • Ends the formation of associations by using the "search workshop for associations and self-financing resources" (13/12/2011)

  • Fantastic atmosphere at the second tournament Fiestas de Santa Eulalia paddle 2011 (12/12/2011)

  • City officials attend the events planned by the Air Surveillance Squadron (EVA 13) (12/12/2011)
    On the occasion of the patron saint of the Air
  • The CAT Totana continues its strong involvement in racing over the past week. (12/12/2011)
    Cross XXIV of the Constitution, VII Half Marathon Torre Pacheco and I 10 Km industrial polygon Saprelorca Christmas
  • Food coexistence of Totana and Aledo schools to benefitting from Anike-volunteers (11/12/2011)
    will take place on Sunday December 18 at the place of the Holy tap
  • On Sunday, December 11 Dr. Manuel Moreno will read the proclamation of Christmas 2011 (09/12/2011)
    will be at 12:00 pm in the chapel of the Miraculous
  • Sports carries out maintenance work in the sports to extend their useful life (09/12/2011)
    and optimize local resources
  • More than 10,000 people accompany the patron saint of Totana from its sanctuary to the chapel of San Roque (08/12/2011)

  • Retransmission of the Madrid-Barcelona in the Fall (08/12/2011)
    The Brotherhood of The Fall are going to put the game on your big screen
  • Agenda sports weekend 10 and December 11, 2011 (07/12/2011)

  • The People's Walk will be held this Sunday, 11 (07/12/2011)
    will depart at 9 am from Plaza Vieja Balsa, with a distance of 9 miles
  • The security of the pilgrimage down to Santa Eulalia will comprise more than 50 personnel (07/12/2011)
    RM-502 highway was closed to traffic for more than four hours
  • They take possession of the representatives of the Municipal Center on Aging at the Board of Directors of the Municipal Center Balsa Vieja (07/12/2011)

  • The Department of Services places simple plants and floral Easter (07/12/2011)
    On the occasion of the feasts of Christmas and Santa Eulalia
  • More than 500 people attended the two sessions of children's theater "Little Red" (07/12/2011)

  • A total of 521 xxiv altet involved in cross edition of the Constitution (07/12/2011)

  • More than 350 pupils of all schools participating in the "Santa Eulalia and children" organized by the foundation The Santa (06/12/2011)

  • Eight couples participated in the I Racquetball Tournament "Fiestas de Santa Eulalia" (06/12/2011)
    overcame formed by brothers Jose and Lazaro Martinez Antonio
  • The 30 posts to the weekly market in the area occupied by the tent day of the show move to the right margin of the promenade and cross street gardeners (05/12/2011)

  • Fanfarriachis of Aledo Group presented its first CD, at a concert in aid of the AECC (05/12/2011)
    also took the group "sainfoin" Totana
  • Individuals or clubs of friends interested in participating in the contest must register with the crumbs Socio-Cultural Center "The Jail" (05/12/2011)
    will be held next to the fairground
  • More than twenty-five guns involved in federated XXV Championship Game Hunting with dogs (05/12/2011)
    was held in the Box "Don Gines" in the Llano de las Cabras, Sierra Espuña
  • CAT Totana Athletes participated in the Half Marathon XXII Cieza (05/12/2011)

  • Totana Cross welcomes XXIV morning of the Constitution (05/12/2011)
    Latest registration and can only conclude the same Tuesday before holding test
  • Totana hosts the II Rallysprint of Earth in the festivities of Santa Eulalia (05/12/2011)
    is scoring for the regional championship
  • Juran two court clerks office holders Totana Courthouse (04/12/2011)
    This is Ms. Amaya Pérez Galán María del Carmen Fernández Lozano
  • Several dozen classic cars participating in the seventh rally organized on the occasion of the festivities of Santa Eulalia (04/12/2011)

  • National Ceramic Awards 2011 (04/12/2011)
    Juan Martinez Villacañas "Tito", the Valencian Association of Ceramics (AVEC GUILD), the city of La Rambla (Córdoba), and Emili are made Tempere National Ceramic Awards 2011 delivered yesterday in Totana
  • He played in Spain Totana Super Judo in cadet category, with the presence of 340 judokas (04/12/2011)

  • More than 1,000 birds are exposed in the IX ornithological exhibition "Fiestas de Santa Eulalia" (04/12/2011)
    will remain open in the neighborhood clubhouse San Francisco, El Parral, until December 6
  • A young man dead and another seriously injured in the collision of two vehicles (04/12/2011)
    A 19-year-old was killed and another seriously injured in the collision of two vehicles that occurred last night on the road N-340, off the town of Totana
  • ... (04/12/2011)

  • There is the official kick off the festivities of Santa Eulalia'2011 (03/12/2011)
    With the chupinazo starring Peñas Federation of Carnival, which has filled the streets with music and color
  • D'Genes involved in open day Murciana Therapy Association Equestrian (AMTE) (03/12/2011)

  • D'Genes honored at the gala sports III of Roland (03/12/2011)

  • Adjourned the first day of the fair child by rain (03/12/2011)
    today has been postponed to the initiative of "Child Day" whose attractions at the fair cost 1.5 euros
  • The seat of the Confraternity of the Holy Christ of the Fall will be open this holiday Santa Eulalia 2011 (02/12/2011)

  • There will be no garbage collection service in Totana the eve of public holidays in June and December 8, respectively (02/12/2011)

  • Totana morning host the second edition of the National Awards Cerámica'2011 (02/12/2011)
    In a ceremony involving municipalities and ceramic pottery tradition more than ten regions
  • More than 300 athletes competing tomorrow in the International Judo Tournament VI Supercopa of Spain cadet (02/12/2011)
    is held in the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • The Chupinazo morning and the morning open day fair week activities program more attractive celebrations of Holy eulalia'2011 (02/12/2011)

  • The council promotes a solidarity campaign for collecting non-perishable foods aimed at "Caritas" in the two parishes and "Adipsai" (02/12/2011)
    on 14, 15 and 16 December
  • The Brotherhood of Denial calls on his brothers (01/12/2011)
    campaign to help CARITAS
  • The Santa Eulalia CC gets a 3 º Master on I-40 running mtb Jumilla (01/12/2011)

  • Start the morning children's show at the fairgrounds the day of the "Children's Day" (01/12/2011)
    After 20 hours, with attractions 1.5 euros
  • "Blue eyes, black hair" (01/12/2011)
    On Thursday, December 15, at 21.00 pm in the Cultural Center Jail Totana, PRADO MAYOR Theatre Company in collaboration with THEATRUM-ARTIS, premiered the work BLUE EYES , BLACK HAIR
  • A total of 703 people participated in training activities organized by the area of ​​Citizenship and Intercultural (01/12/2011)
    in 2011
  • The Municipal Emergency Service of Civil Protection participates in the Second Conference of the 061 Health Emergencies (01/12/2011)
    were held in Lorca
  • The Federation of Peñas Totana Carnival chupinazo star in the festivities of Santa Eulalia (01/12/2011)
    On this occasion, will be held on Saturday 3, from 13 hours from the balcony hall
  • The traditional contest crumbs Santa Eulalia parties finally took place in a garden next to the fairground (01/12/2011)
    And not in the bed of the ravine of La Santa as in previous years

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