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  • The plenary adopted urging the National Government to provide answers to the real demands of professional taxi (30/12/2009)
    With the votes in favor of PP and PSOE and IU abstention
  • The citizens will benefit from the change in the tax collection and tax charges and income from public law (30/12/2009)
    Approved with full votes and abstention pp PSOE and IU + Greens
  • The enterprise was unanimously adopted urging the Ministry of Education to implement an upper social integration in the IES "Prado Mayor" (30/12/2009)
    also was unanimously approved to grant the title of Adopted Son of the Loyal and Noble Ciudad de Totana to "the Tío Juan Rita "
  • The Socialist councilor Lola Cano gave a press conference to make an assessment of regular plenary session of December (30/12/2009)

  • The Full Council gives green light to the second phase of municipal support for the unemployed (SEAPA) (30/12/2009)
    It aims to promote training and reintegration of this group socio
  • Totana Civil Protection welcomes the Christmas and New Year to the general direction of Emergency in the region of Murcia (112) (30/12/2009)

  • Effective Fire-Totana Alhama, in the presence of Civil Protection and Local Police of Totana, suffocate in less than an hour a fire (29/12/2009)
    took place in a house in the street Espuña
  • The morning plenary address council about a dozen proposals (29/12/2009)
    include most notably the launch of the second phase of the Municipal Service Support Standing (SEAPA)
  • Begin construction of the new Totana Health Center-South, for an amount exceeding two million euros (29/12/2009)
    will be located in the urbanization of the scale of the locality
  • The Totana Athletics Club athletes present at the San Wildlife Vallecas, Vicalvaro, Murcia and Crevillente (29/12/2009)

  • The Autonomous Region with a grant to the town of Totana the amount of 47,049.60 euros (29/12/2009)
    For the construction of paddle tennis at the Sports Complex "Guadalentín Valley" of the hamlet of El Paretón
  • Propose to the House asked for the introduction of an upper social integration in the IES "Prado Mayor" (29/12/2009)
    It is a joint motion of the Department of Education and Social Welfare
  • The Department of Culture continues to programming movies for this weekend with the film "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2" (29/12/2009)
    will be screened on 2, 3 and 4 January
  • Felicita Christmas and New Year with a Virtual Postcard (29/12/2009)
    E-Cards system of Totana.com incorporates a selection of postcards designed by users of the Occupational Center of Totana, José Moya Trilla
  • The Department of Citizenship propose to the full the granting of "Adopted Son of the Loyal and Noble Ciudad de Totana Juan Tudela Legs (28/12/2009)
    " El Tio Juan Rita "
  • ... (28/12/2009)

  • The Mayor will propose to the plenary the beginning of the procedure for granting the Gold Shield of the Loyal and Noble Ciudad de Totana to College "Reina Sofía" (28/12/2009)
    To commemorate the educational work carried out during these 25 years in the city
  • A dozen members of the Senior Municipal Center participating in the workshop "Decorate your home with dried flowers" (28/12/2009)

  • Completes Phase 1 of business training courses "Project work. A step towards the employability" developed by the group "The Candle" (28/12/2009)
    A total of 22 persons
  • The giant roscón Kings of more than 140 meters will take place today from 18:00 in the Plaza of the Constitution (28/12/2009)
    This year will be held for the benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • IU: "The study at the University of Murcia highlights the levels of destruction and mismanagement of Martínez Andreo in the City" (28/12/2009)

  • Athletes of Totana Athletics Club were in the "Carrera del Pavo" in Fuente Alamo (26/12/2009)

  • The Athletic Club Peña Madridista Totana and "The Tenth" Caritas make delivery of the money raised in the Christmas night race (25/12/2009)
    more than 140 runners participated
  • The Mayor welcomes the Christmas season to all residents of Totana (24/12/2009)
    Y sends a message of support and solidarity for those most in need
  • Educational authorities delivered the diplomas to the 21 students of the third class IB (24/12/2009)
    ... the Secondary School "Juan de la Cierva" of the town
  • More than thirty local police officers guard the main shopping streets of Totana occasion of the Christmas shopping (23/12/2009)
    part of the campaign "Safe Shopping" launched by the departments of Public Safety and Trade
  • Occupational Center "José Moya" made an emotional tribute and an act of recognition to Professor Craft, Concepcion del Moral (23/12/2009)
    By his retirement
  • The mayor shall submit a motion in Parliament to urge the National Government to be answered to the demands of professional taxi (23/12/2009)

  • The council refused, the Board of Directors of the Association of Channel Taibilla high water (23/12/2009)
    will apply from 10 January
  • The Supreme Court John MC denied the request for authorization to travel to Brazil to spend the next Christmas (23/12/2009)
    Yes authorizing travel to Vaneide DF
  • It closes the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (23/12/2009)
    With the awarding of diplomas to the young participants
  • The grants MARM COATO Spain Food Prize for Organic Production 2009 (23/12/2009)

  • ... (22/12/2009)

  • Santa Cecilia Choir accompanied by the mayor they give to older people's Olympic quarter-sweet pears Christmas crafts (22/12/2009)
    Y carols
  • The council reports that 24 and December 31 municipal offices are closed (22/12/2009)
    With the exception of the Information Service which will be open from 09:00 to 13:00
  • Schools of Totana end the first quarter of 2009/2010 school year with Christmas (22/12/2009)
    There have been performances, performances and Christmas carols
  • City officials accompany students and professionals from the School-Workshop "House of Nuns I" (22/12/2009)
    In a day of living held in the area of "tap" on the occasion of Christmas
  • The aldermen of the Citizenship and districts meet with the Board of headman (22/12/2009)
    order to inform them of the new regulatory bylaw grants and meet the needs of the provincial totaneras
  • Visit the Environmental Center Bullas (22/12/2009)
    More than fifty persons belonging to any association of housewives in the village participate in the visit to the Centre for Environment Bullas, organized by the Department of Consumer Affairs
  • The delegate of the Government's assurance that the Plan "E" is the largest investment in Totana in its history (21/12/2009)

  • Successful first edition of Cross Christmas night to benefit Caritas Totana (21/12/2009)

  • The People's Party submitted a motion in December to boost full legislative initiative (21/12/2009)
    "for use in developing public policies that help women to be eligible for release by motherhood and the creation of a statewide network of support pregnant woman "
  • City officials compliment the Easter holiday to users of the Service Day Care Center Alzheimer's (21/12/2009)
    And the Senior Municipal Center
  • New's 5-1 victory this time Totana CADE match on Saturday 19 at the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez (21/12/2009)
    Victoria important as the team faced Totana, second placed against the third, level on points
  • The assembly of Totana Tennis Club gives green light for expansion project (20/12/2009)
    will create a new paddle tennis court, four tennis courts with synthetic resin and expand the social club
  • The Constitution Plaza has hosted the artisan market is held every month in the Santa (20/12/2009)
    Moved to center to celebrate Christmas
  • The Department of Emergency activated from midnight tonight the orange alert chance of snow (18/12/2009)
    From the 600 meters
  • They give prizes "II poster contest against gender violence" aimed at young people aged 12 to 18 years in schools (18/12/2009)

  • The First Christmas Night Race Solidarity "Rock the Tenth" will be held on Saturday December 19 at seven o'clock in the afternoon (18/12/2009)
    The proceeds will go to the two associations of local Caritas
  • Carol concerts, festivals of gangs, Christmas craft market and the Bethlehem municipal (18/12/2009)
    Rounding out the activities organized by the Department of Culture in the holidays for this weekend
  • Users and practitioners of SED and SEDA assist us with a Mass in the church of Santiago in honor of Santa Eulalia (18/12/2009)

  • Programming films being screened at the Performing Arts Hall during this holiday season (18/12/2009)
    includes the latest films for all tastes and ages
  • Tips and advice on purchases of Christmas and Epiphany (18/12/2009)

  • The PSOE Andreo says uses "accounting trickery" to balance the books (18/12/2009)
    The Socialists claim that "officials and employees of the City will not charge the bonus in December"
  • Good performances of CC Santa Eulalia in the career of Pilar de la Horadada achieving a podium (17/12/2009)
    On Sunday, 4 riders from Santa Eulalia CC participated in the Christmas Trophy match at the Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante), being very prominent their performance
  • The PB Totana distributed among the affected smiles "spina bifida" in the region of Murcia (17/12/2009)

  • Christmas in the Latino (17/12/2009)
    This Christmas, with friends in the Latino.
  • The Department of Celebrations hands out the voucher of the scratch obtained in the path "Move in Parties" (17/12/2009)
    Organized on the occasion of the festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia
  • Users of the residence "La Purisima" receive Christmas with handmade cakes (17/12/2009)
    And a play accompanied by carols sung by the students of Public School "San Jose"
  • The traditional municipal Bethlehem revamped its image with more than 400 figures (17/12/2009)
    will be inaugurated on Sunday 20 December at the exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrián, where it will remain open until January 6
  • The municipality signed a total of 13 agreements with associations and entities of the municipality for an amount of 36,000 euros (17/12/2009)
    For the realization of social participation activities and to develop policies of social integration in the city
  • Users of Day Care Services and the will of Pilgrimage SEDA (17/12/2009)
    College Students With local Reina Sofía
  • New Technologies Councilman closure training activities taught in the computer room of Citizen Participation (17/12/2009)
    With the presentation of certificates to participants
  • PSOE: "The PP government suspended the implementation of the Law Unit" (17/12/2009)
    "An opinion of the National Observatory for Murcia Unit said that the institutional will is required under this Act"
  • The company Teatro del IES Prado Mayor returns to stage Blood Wedding at the Teatro Sociocultural "Jail" (17/12/2009)
    Next Friday December 18 will return to stage the play Bodas de Sangre, by Theatre Company IES Prado Mayor, Socio Cultural Center Jail for 20 hours
  • Isidoro Cayuela unanimously reelected President of the Union of Farmers Under Guadalentin (COAG) (17/12/2009)

  • Calendar beneficial D'Genes Association 2010 (16/12/2009)
    is available at the price of 5 euros
  • The Department of Commerce and Social Welfare support the campaign "Collection of food", carried out by Caritas Interparroquial (16/12/2009)
    through which it aims to help this Christmas to needy families
  • The craft market is held every month in the Santa moves this weekend to the town center (16/12/2009)
    On the occasion of Christmas and to accompany the patron
  • The giant roscón kings of more than 140 meters will be made on behalf of the Spanish Association Against Cancer on 28 December (16/12/2009)
    5000 will be distributed rations this year
  • The course I AIKIDO held in Totana had a high participation of aikidoka (16/12/2009)
    was given by Fernando Valero, 5 th dan AIKIDO
  • This week marks the PB Totana, with different activities, their twelfth anniversary (16/12/2009)

  • The young participants in the project "Integrating socio child and youth at risk of social exclusion or" closing the course activities (16/12/2009)
    With a coexistence Espuña
  • First day of Table Tennis Championship Sports Promotion of the Region of Murcia (16/12/2009)
    A total of 24 school children from Totana
  • The Socialists criticized the attitude of the PP to "wash their hands before the arrest" (16/12/2009)
    believe that the attitude of the autonomic presidents of PP, by denying its support for the government to fight unemployment, it is irresponsible policy and institutional disloyalty "
  • ... (15/12/2009)

  • The municipality and the association of nativity scenes from Totana (FIR) signed a cooperation agreement (15/12/2009)
    For the realization of the activities organized by this association and the development of the XVII edition of the Nativity Scene
  • The road to The Stables at the Collado Bermejo remains closed to traffic by snow and ice sheets accumulated (15/12/2009)
    On the occasion of the cold wave that is sweeping the region
  • Two fourth places for athletes Athletics Club in Torre Pacheco Totana (15/12/2009)

  • Tomorrow will be handed vouchers from scratch winners in the first path "Move in parties" (15/12/2009)
    have distributed more than 6,400 awards
  • End the VII Olympiad Study Solidarity with record participation (15/12/2009)
    have been raised over € 1,500 which will destiandos a school support project in Angola
  • The traditional popular walk was attended by over 220 persons (15/12/2009)
    was framed in the "Make sports, make health", organized by the Department of Sports, during the festivities in honor of the patron saint Santa Eulalia
  • The team "El Zagal" stars in a spectacular goals in the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (15/12/2009)
    are kept only two points behind the leader, "Furniture Mondrian"
  • The Sunday concert will take place the traditional Christmas carols by the Choir Santa Cecilia (14/12/2009)
    will be in the parish of the Three Marys at 19:00
  • Cuesta uniforms for the season premiere of Gene D'sensibilacion 2010 (14/12/2009)
    The athlete totanero D'Genes represented in the marathon in San Sebastian
  • IU claims that "Martínez Andreo is making up the municipal accounts" (14/12/2009)
    "Putting off payments until January, trying to avoid negative cash surplus in the budget of 2009
  • The First Christmas Night Race Solidarity "Rock the Tenth" will be held on Saturday December 19 at seven o'clock in the afternoon (14/12/2009)
    The proceeds will go to the two associations of local Caritas
  • The municipality and the association of residents of El Paretón sign an agreement for the creation and promotion of the traditional Auto Sacramental de los Reyes Magos (14/12/2009)
    Every year takes place in the village
  • The Mayor of Totana and Social Policy Minister signed a cooperation agreement amounting to 47,800 euros (14/12/2009)
    for the equipping of future Multipurpose Center for People with Disabilities
  • Councillors and Alternative Energy Development and Employment of Totana Lorca have participated in the presentation of the study "Business opportunities in the region of Guadalentín" (14/12/2009)
    Along with the Minister of Universities, Business and Research
  • The Local Police of Totana abort the theft of nearly 500 kilos of grapes (14/12/2009)
    were being stolen by a thief in the Los Dryland
  • The PSOE stresses the urgent need to expand the College of Santa Eulalia and the relocation of the headquarters of the Guardia Civil (14/12/2009)
    assert that "the paralysis which has submitted the PP Totana, prevents progress on such urgent issues as improving the safety and education of the town "
  • Continuing the intense racing Athletics Club athletes Totana (14/12/2009)

  • The snow has begun to congeal from the saddle height of the pylon and the area 13, Espuña EVA (14/12/2009)
    The orange alert snow forecast will remain until twelve o'clock tomorrow, Tuesday
  • They start a series of workshops "Sharing the kitchen" for boys and girls (14/12/2009)
    To promote family responsibility
  • Carol concert in aid of D'Genes (14/12/2009)
    will be held Monday December 14 at 20:30 pm in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • ... (13/12/2009)

  • ... (12/12/2009)

  • The second proclamation of Christmas will be delivered by Juan Cánovas Mulero (12/12/2009)
    will take place on Sunday 13 December at half past eight pm in the chapel of the Miraculous
  • The festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia end this weekend with the Festival Nacional de Tunas (11/12/2009)
    And the wreath participatory Santa Eulalia on the Plaza de la Constitution
  • Totaneros groups "Black and White" and "Funky Mufasa", winners of the "young Crearte 2009", in the form of music (11/12/2009)

  • The traditional "People's Walk" will be held this Sunday with a distance of 8 kilometers from the town and the area of the orchards (11/12/2009)
    The start will take place at nine o'clock from the Plaza de la Constitution
  • The People's Party introduced a motion to support the demands of agriculture and irrigation of the Tajo-Segura (11/12/2009)
    And ask the Government introduced specific measures to encourage activity in the field and retrieve a state policy on water
  • The team "Antonio Fuentes Mendez" takes the fifth place in the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" the team "Hamburger Tara" (11/12/2009)
    On a day where they won all favorites
  • IU proposes to nominate a street or public space in memory of Jordi Solé Tura, one of the framers recently deceased (11/12/2009)
    underscore their commitment to freedom and democracy in his career
  • The Fourth Golf Tournament "Ciudad de Totana" will take place on Saturday 12 December (10/12/2009)

  • Concert of Sacred Music "Mozarabic Mass" with the action of Ubi-Sunt choral group, the City of Mérida (09/12/2009)
    took place in the Church of Santiago
  • This paper gives the municipal contest prizes Crearte Youth 2009 in the form of photography (09/12/2009)
    The works have been displayed in a local cafe
  • "The Anthology of Zarzuela" attracted a large audience in the cultural center "Jail" (09/12/2009)

  • Jimmy Atienza was the big guest of the 3 rd edition of the Campus Fitness (09/12/2009)
    took place last Saturday in Totana
  • The history professor at the University of Murcia, Pedro Segado, gave a lecture on Jerome Knight (09/12/2009)
    Jerome Knight was the altarpiece and sculptor who carried out the altarpiece of the church of La Santa
  • The "Fair Day" will remain open until Sunday 13 December (09/12/2009)

  • ... (08/12/2009)

  • The capacity of the performing arts room became too small to accommodate the public that recalled and enjoyed with "The Voice of Panchos" and group "Alma Llanera" (07/12/2009)
    The concert was a success
  • A safety device, comprising more than 60 police, ensure the proper conduct of the pilgrimage down to Santa Eulalia (07/12/2009)
    The road closed to traffic stays on for more than 8 hours
  • The students of the schools "Reina Sofia" and "Santa Eulalia" held two pilgrimages to honor the patron (04/12/2009)
    Where there has been lacking with colorful folk songs and traditional products
  • The PP mayors and speakers join forces Guadalentín (04/12/2009)
    are demanding the central government "not to leave in the lurch more municipalities and which do not reduce income, because this year have fallen by almost 20 percent"
  • The Socialist Party calls on the regional government to improve the financing of municipalities (04/12/2009)
    The Socialists claim that "many of the services provided by the city of Totana is the responsibility of regional government"
  • Former international football player, Paulo Roberto, in the absence of disease Nicolas Almagro, will star the great chupinazo (04/12/2009)
    With that officially kick off the festivities of Santa Eulalia today at nine o'clock at night
  • Begins parties Latino (04/12/2009)
    "We are so prepared, that we should be in the lineup. Come and enjoy"
  • The program of festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia continues tomorrow, Saturday, December 5 (04/12/2009)
    With the opening of the Fair Day and the concert of sacred music "Mozarabic Mass, among other activities
  • Housing Councillor visits the rehabilitation of facades, roofs and medians of the main street Triana (04/12/2009)
    Along with the architects of the Autonomous Community
  • The little ones will enjoy this holiday with a fantastic show of Teresa Rabal "I see I see what you see?" (04/12/2009)
    Will be held this Sunday in the Performing Arts Hall, two passes, at 12:00 am and 17 : 30 hours
  • "The voice of Los Panchos" and group "Alma Llanera" gather their voices and instruments in a concert (04/12/2009)
    will take place tomorrow, Saturday December 5 at the Performing Arts Hall
  • The City Judo Tournament IV of Totana and the Popular Cross XXII "Constitution Day" will be held this weekend in Totana (04/12/2009)

  • ... (04/12/2009)

  • Bermejo, "Some estimates of solidarity, against unemployment and for the development of a sustainable economic model" (04/12/2009)
    Mariano Fernandez Bermejo said that "the national executive is working to get Spain out of the crisis, providing ideas, strategies and initiatives while the PP only know how to use criticism without contributing anything "
  • A total of 80 parents have participated in the workshop "A new learning experience" (03/12/2009)
    through which it has advised on the educational process of children
  • The Mayor of Totana along with their municipal counterparts and the President of the Autonomous Region Chairman of the Government require concrete solutions (03/12/2009)
  • The construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Avenida Juan Carlos I and Rambla de La Santa minimize the problems associated with road traffic (03/12/2009)
    Streamline the movement of vehicles
  • The council will promote the festivities of Santa Eulalia through 7RM (03/12/2009)
    By reports in various programs
  • Continue the program of festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia with the opening of the fair at the fairgrounds attractions (03/12/2009)
    And the photography exhibition of Crearte Joven'09
  • The tennis star Nicolas Almagro Murcia great chupinazo with which officially kick off the festivities of Santa Eulalia (03/12/2009)
    Tomorrow Friday at nine o'clock at night
  • The PSOE laments that "Totana is a leader in tax and service queue" (03/12/2009)
    assert that "the people of Totana pay more taxes than the average but receive lower quality services"
  • A total of 90 students participating in the Tournament Table Tennis School (03/12/2009)
    Organized by the Department of Sports and framed in the School Sports Programme
  • Users and practitioners of Totana SED enjoy a film projection (03/12/2009)
    framed within the activities from the center organziar
  • IU: "The mayor must clarify and which will be the future of the 50 families who now depend on MIFITO" (03/12/2009)

  • According to the Socialists "the PP uses the same arguments that drug traffickers and Batasuna to attack the government" (03/12/2009)
    El PSOE considers unacceptable the statements of the PP regional deputy, Pedro Chico, "again questioned the legality of the eavesdropping system SITEL "
  • International Day of Disability "2009 (02/12/2009)
    City officials held a reception institutional users and professionals Occupational Center" José Moya "
  • Disability Gala XIV (02/12/2009)
    Representatives MIFITO workers and partners attended the gala celebration
  • José Ángel Camacho gets in a breakaway in the race for the Esparragal and into the 5 th place (02/12/2009)

  • The governing board of the tourism association announces Espuña the jury's decision to award-winning editing Fotoespuña'09 (02/12/2009)

  • The Mayor will propose to the plenary of the corporation the appointment of a street Santos Montiel (02/12/2009)
    In recognition of his contribution to popular music traditions totaneras
  • The Socialist deputy Mariano Fernandez Bermejo is on Thursday Totana (02/12/2009)
    exlicar budgets for 2010
  • Representatives of Action Without Borders INCODECO and visit the site (02/12/2009)
    To assess the cooperation projects financed by the city of Totana in Mexico
  • IU proposed to Parliament that "the people of Totana in solidarity with the defender of the rights of the Saharawi Aminatou Haidar" (01/12/2009)
    You are on hunger strike for two weeks in Lanzarote Airport
  • The "IV International Judo Tournament Totana City" will be held on Saturday December 5 (01/12/2009)
    In this edition, the tournament counts towards the European Championships
  • The redevelopment of the Point of Care for Children of El Parral 35 will enable the recruitment of unemployed people in the town (01/12/2009)
    completed before the summer
  • The station "Cadena Ser" Murcia "promotes the festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia and traditions of the town (01/12/2009)
    With the program" A life that is two days, "broadcast live from the center of Totana
  • The city of Totana signed three cooperation agreements with the agricultural (01/12/2009)
    With the 12,000 euros that intended to promote the sector and encourage agricultural policies in the city
  • The Department of Health launches campaign evihtalo, if positive, is negative if, on the occasion of World AIDS Day which is celebrated today (01/12/2009)
    In an effort to remember the basic measures of protection against disease
  • Excursion to the archaeological museum of "Los Banos" de Alhama (01/12/2009)
    part of the activities of the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion"
  • The Department of Consumer Affairs is organizing a visit to the Centre for Environment Bullas, for associations of housewives in the village (01/12/2009)
    will be held on Thursday December 3
  • Amateur Football League "Play Fair" wins in emotion (01/12/2009)
    After the tie between "The pachucos" and "Furniture Mondrian"

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