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  • Visitors to the "Mercado Artesano de La Santa" Christmas cakes were served with crafts made by aspartic (30/11/2009)

  • Major role of Totana Athletics Club athletes at the Benidorm Half Marathon (30/11/2009)

  • The Municipal UI + LV presented a motion in support of those affected by HIV / AIDS, December 1, International Day (30/11/2009)
    The mayors of the formation of the Left, they endorse the claims of collective
  • Totana Local Police arrested two people to be caught trying to rob a candy-making companies in the municipality (30/11/2009)

  • The council has a new website for the area of Sports (30/11/2009)
    It will make known to the public at the latest news revolving around the sport in the town of Totana
  • Dr. Manuel Moreno receives an award FAMDIF (30/11/2009)
    by their commitment and dedication to improving the quality of life of people with hemophilia in the Region of Murcia
  • PA.DI.SI.TO conducts a weekend of respite care in the youth hostel in Biar, Alicante (30/11/2009)

  • New project resumes educational intervention and mediation in schools "I-media" for this school year (30/11/2009)

  • Local and regional authorities inaugurated the "Regional Training Seminar I and immigration" (30/11/2009)
    have been developed for this weekend in the holy monastery-hotel
  • The Socialist Party calls Councilman Daniel Aroca PP "to leave the hall" (30/11/2009)
    assert that "the only PP councilor has attended only a dozen of the more than 150 points have been discussed in the Council of Totana in recent six months "
  • Councilman IU + LV, Juan José Cánovas, PP warns that "personal attacks will not get rid of criticism " (30/11/2009)
  • The PP claims "policy incoherence IU spokesman Juan Jose Canovas + LV" (30/11/2009)
    "interpretant the role of defender of environmental policies and then throwing large trimmings from his home in a ditch Hawthorn Road"
  • Unexpected Totana CADE defeat at home in the party of the 7 th day of Murcia group of the 3 rd Division (30/11/2009)
    The absence of the injured Martin and Víctor Hernández Cerón Julian made his debut in a bad game of Totana
  • Local and regional authorities inaugurated the "Second National Meeting on Rare Diseases" (29/11/2009)
    has gathered many medical researchers and families of people with such diseases
  • Solidarity Campaign to build three classrooms in Burkina Faso (27/11/2009)
    associations of parents of the schools in Totana, Alhama, Aledo Puerto Lumbreras and hold a solidarity campaign to build three classrooms in Burkina Faso, West Africa
  • The jury of "III Poster Competition against gender violence" aimed at young people aged 12 to 18 made public the winners (27/11/2009)
    receive the awards on December 17 in the plenary hall
  • Kick-off Festivities in honor of Totana Santa Eulalia (27/11/2009)
    With the conclusion of the medieval market, artisan market, and sports
  • Completes Phase 2 of works to replace the sewer and street asafaltado Panama and Venezuela in the neighborhood of the Era Alta (27/11/2009)

  • The Mayor of Totana takes over as vice president of the Commonwealth Tourism "Espuña" (27/11/2009)
    During a ceremony held in the barracks of squadron aerial surveillance EVA13
  • The parish of the Paretón-Cantareros became the stage for two hours of "The regional space, step by step," ORM (27/11/2009)
    have involved young people, neighbors and representatives of associations
  • Today, Friday November 27 inaugurated the photographic exhibition "commercial angle" (27/11/2009)
    take place at 21.30 at Café / Pub Latino
  • The socialist group gets that "the House unanimously approved a motion against the rising water of the Tajo-Segura" (26/11/2009)
    "Meanwhile, the council of the PP are not able to raise our voices against Valcárcel defend the interests of totaneros "said Martinez Usero
  • For IU, "Regular plenary highlights the contradictions of a government team decimated" (26/11/2009)
    "in which the Opposition back to take the political initiative"
  • The council introduced the "Protocol of action in cases of gender violence in the town" (26/11/2009)
    As an instrument to serve as guidelines and coordinate actions by various professionals involved in the operation of these types of cases
  • Approved unanimously recognized the start of the local association instiuticonal Housewives "Three Hail Marys" for its 25 anniversary (26/11/2009)
    And the award of the Golden Shield Association Totana Music
  • End of course voluntary organized by D'genes (26/11/2009)
    A total of 26 people participated in the First Year of Volunteers has organized the Association for Rare Disorders D'genes Totana
  • The "Market Artisan La Santa" will bring us to the ancient tradition of handmade Christmas cakes, made by aspartic (26/11/2009)
    will be held this Sunday 29 November
  • Child Cinema to celebrate the Day of the Rights of the Child (26/11/2009)
    As part of the Revitalisation Programme in neighborhoods and I-Media project that develops "The Candle"
  • The Department of Sports is launching a total of 26 modules of different sports in secondary schools (26/11/2009)
    With the participation of over 400 young people
  • The Department of Sports School is organizing a badminton tournament, set in the School Sports Programme (26/11/2009)
    counted with the participation of 80 students from schools in Totana
  • The mobile unit to detect breast cancer, the Spanish Association against Cancer, will be located opposite the Health Centre (26/11/2009)
    From Thursday 26 November until 11 December
  • Technical project "Integrating socio child and youth at risk of social exclusion or" hold a meeting with parents of participants (26/11/2009)
    The meeting was attended by 12 parents
  • The PSOE complained that "the mayor spent € 1800 on a conference mitinera" (26/11/2009)
    "while you communicate associations no funds to pay for subsidies"
  • The PP recalls that "the directors of the PP were acquitted PROINVITOSA" (25/11/2009)
    state that "the legal costs should pay the PSOE as going to ask the president of the local executive board next"
  • Totana joins the fight against gender violence with a silent demonstration (25/11/2009)
    We have proceeded to read a manifesto that has been recalled to the 49 fatalities, 2009
  • The construction of the new Health Centre South Totana-62 will enable the recruitment of unemployed people in the town (25/11/2009)
    will begin before the end of the year
  • The November plenary address about a dozen proposals (25/11/2009)
    The most important are the proposals for institutional recognition to the local association of housewives "three Ave Maria" and grouping totana totana Music
  • The people of El Paretón and Raiguero may learn and process the necessary documents in the SAC of the parish for the CHS recognize the new irrigated areas (25/11/2009)
    Thanks to a collaboration agreement between the municipality and the irrigation community
  • The morning plenary session will discuss a proposal to create UI + LV pedestrian rings linking the landmarks in the town of Totana " (25/11/2009)

  • The socilistas say "Valcárcel, fleeing Andreo, forget Totana" (25/11/2009)
    Socialist councilor Andrés García Cánovas said that "Totana each day is more secluded, most forgotten and abandoned by the Regional Government"
  • The deadline to apply for scholarships for outstanding athletes of the municipality ends tomorrow Thursday 26 November (25/11/2009)
    The total amount of aid amounts to 9.000 euros
  • "II Tomas Meabe Confrerencias Cycle" (25/11/2009)
    Totana Young Socialists introduced the "Second Cycle Tomas Confrerencias Meabe" this Thursday 26 at 20:00 at the headquarters of the PSOE
  • The Department of Sports organized a Day of Basketball Benjamin, framed in the School Games School Sports Programme (25/11/2009)
    With the participation of primary school
  • "Furniture Mondrian" was proclaimed the new leader of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (25/11/2009)
    After the draw of "The pachucos" versus Real Madrid Peña "The Tenth"
  • Totana Chess Club won the championship in Division de Honor, the highest category for chess teams in the Region of Murcia (24/11/2009)

  • The walk to La Rambla Avenue Santa begins to transform its image thanks to renovations that are running (24/11/2009)
    The become the main access road to the village
  • The council has a new website for the area of citizen participation as a window to the sailors (24/11/2009)
    To have access to services and activities of the municipal department
  • Sports activities organized during the Festival of Santa Eulalia 2009 kicks off this weekend (24/11/2009)
    With the tennis tournament and bicycle day
  • ... (24/11/2009)

  • IU complains that "the Consistory totanero pay more than 1800 euros to finance a pro-life talk by journalist Isabel Durán" (24/11/2009)
    "when it came to gender violence"
  • The People's Party submitted a motion to the plenary in November (24/11/2009)
    For the government to increase aid for science policy applied to universities and research companies in the Region of Murcia
  • The PSOE rises to Parliament a motion to elect a new representative of the neighbor (24/11/2009)
    The Socialist Group also has two motions seeking the introduction of school 2.0 and the possible regulation of the traffic lights downtown during rush hour
  • Over two hundred residents of Totana participated in Saturday's demonstration in Madrid organized by the agricultural unions (23/11/2009)
    Farmers demand solutions to the current situation of field
  • The festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia 2009 will be opened for the first time with a big loud bang and the distribution of more than 2,000 ground pepper cakes from the City (23/11/2009)
    The program of activities will be held from November 28 to December 13
  • The mayor and councilman of Health announced the imminent start of work on the second Health Center South Totana " (23/11/2009)
    After meeting with the Minister of Health
  • Totana Mayor and Council of Health and Welfare submitted to the Minister for Health of the Second National Meeting on Rare Diseases (23/11/2009)
    totana be held in this coming weekend
  • Eating organized inter-schools celebrate Teacher's Day (23/11/2009)
    took place last Friday attended by 80 people
  • Totana Local Police arrested four men they allegedly stole 600 kilos of table grapes in the area of the Gardens New (23/11/2009)
    The four detainees, residents of Cartagena, had been inside their vehicles to commit burglary tools
  • Six children ages 4 and 5 year primary win, "Competition VII on the rights of the child" (23/11/2009)
    His works are exhibited in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • The City Council undertakes actions to improve municipal road network in a total of 18 kilometers of rural roads during the 2009 Totana (23/11/2009)
    The amount of these actions are about one million euros
  • The autonomous region has nine seats more concerted Senior Residence 'La Purisima' (23/11/2009)

  • The PSOE complained that "before the ruin of the municipality of the PP government also intends to charge totanero urban infraction outdated" (23/11/2009)

  • IU states that "while Rajoy proposed that contracting committees are chaired by opposition members, Martínez Andreo has eliminated the presence of the Opposition in the City of Totana" (23/11/2009)

  • Podium for Fulgencio Garcia and Juan Francisco Garcia in the Subida al Castillo de Lorca athletics (23/11/2009)

  • Day Totana round for Table Tennis Club with 5 wins from 5 games played by club teams this weekend (23/11/2009)

  • Morning activities start at Totana commemorate the International Day Against Violence Against Women (22/11/2009)
    With the conference of the journalist, Isabel Durán, "Women and the right to life"
  • The mayor delivered the card Totana honor volunteer counselor for Social Policy, Women and Migration, Joaquín Bascuñana (21/11/2009)
    In the act of recognition for volunteering in the municipality
  • Tonight we opened the new headquarters of the Dance School "Step by Step" (21/11/2009)
    will take place Saturday October 21 at 20:00 pm
  • BP inaugurates Storage and Distribution of Liquid Petroleum Gas in Totana (20/11/2009)
    The new facility, which opened yesterday, has a storage capacity of 120 cubic meters of propane, expandable in the future
  • Students of several schools in Totana speak out and claim their rights in the hall of the municipality (20/11/2009)
    On the occasion of the celebration of International Day for the Rights of the Child "
  • The Socialist Party says that "the Supreme Court makes no argument to the PP to cases of corruption" (20/11/2009)

  • The City Council signed several agreements with the ADS of Sheep and Goats "Santa Eulalia" and the Pig of the ADS and Totana Paretón (20/11/2009)
    The purpose of the agreements is to promote the livestock sector in this time of crisis
  • The Department of Celebration organized by the route of the pubs and cafes, "Move on Holidays" (20/11/2009)
    This activity has more than 6,400 prizes for people who participate in the feast days in honor of Santa Eulalia
  • "La Voz de Los Panchos" and group "Alma Llanera" gather their voices and instruments in a concert to be held on December 5 in Totana (20/11/2009)
    The concert is part of the festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia
  • The Hospitality Lourdes de Totana organized on 28 November, a festival of choirs and street musicians (20/11/2009)
    The festival will benefit the patients of the pilgrimage in Lourdes
  • The PSOE de Totana Mayor urges consensus and participation in projects under the new Plan E (20/11/2009)

  • 136,000 euros to renovate the early-care centers and Cieza Totana (20/11/2009)
    The Governing Council has given approval to several agreements between the Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Immigration and the municipalities of Cieza Totana to execute actions on early intervention in these cities
  • 5,000 euros to the Association for Rare Disorders Totana (20/11/2009)
    The Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Immigration granted a subsidy of 5,000 euros to the Association for Rare Disorders, or PDD-Totana (D'Genes)
  • The Socialists gather in the Autonomous Community responsible for the processing of General Plan (20/11/2009)
    In order to inquire about the status of the Environmental Impact Statement General Plan
  • Assembly of the Association of Residents of the Orchards (20/11/2009)
    will be held tonight at 21:00 in the Rat Sale
  • PGOUM The technical committee is working to coordinate the rectifications and the details of the environmental impact statement (19/11/2009)
    As the mayor said today
  • The Department of Tourism publishes a brochure to promote the Via Crucis of the sanctuary of Santa Eulalia de Mérida (19/11/2009)

  • The City Council is launching an information campaign for the proper introduction of digital terrestrial television in the city (19/11/2009)
    In preparation for the digital switchover taking place on April 3
  • The Popular Party will file a motion in Parliament November for the National Government to maintain the State Plan deVvoluntariado (19/11/2009)

  • City officials attending the Local Committee of the Spanish Red Cross (19/11/2009)
    Programs To analyze this association has been developing in the town and fix the lines of work for 2010 finanaciación
  • The City Council has a total of 19 public works projects of the Local Investment Plan for 2010 amounting to 3,132,518 euros (19/11/2009)
    This work will employ 160 people unemployed
  • The director general of Industry inaugurated the first liquefied gas plant in remote management of BP in Spain (19/11/2009)
    This infrastructure, which incorporates the latest technology, represents an investment of more than 600,000 euros in Totana
  • The Director of Social Policy, Women and Immigration preside over the act of public recognition to the Volunteers (19/11/2009)
    will be held tomorrow at 19:30 pm in the auditorium of the municipal center for the elderly
  • More than 1,700 residents have been assisted this year by the municipal social services of health care (19/11/2009)
    This is a true increase of 26 compared to previous year
  • The Socialists claim that "the council pays for the defense of the charges of PP accused in Operation Totem" (19/11/2009)

  • Municipality and Ministry of Education signed an agreement to continue the "Aula occupational" (19/11/2009)
    This agreement will allow the prevention and control of absenteeism during the year 2009/10 for the third consecutive year
  • IU Totana described as "true rising rate hikes of 35 percent water bill" (19/11/2009)
    "After the publication in the BORM last Saturday, November 14th new rates for water service in Totana, is will increase the water bill in a 35.76 percent "
  • The Socialists complain that "Totana is a tail in health services" (19/11/2009)
    "Third World that is simple to get an X must wait until a week"
  • Members of the association PA.DI.SI.TO participate in the Fourth National Congress of Cornelia Delange, held in Zaragoza (19/11/2009)

  • The III FITNESS CAMPUS 2009 will take place next Saturday, December 5 in Totana (18/11/2009)
    The great Spanish champion Jaime Atienza give a seminar training and sports nutrition
  • I Brotherhood Dinner (18/11/2009)
    The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows organized on Saturday November 21 the first Sisterhood Dinner
  • ... (18/11/2009)

  • The "Third Meeting of gangs in El Raiguero" will be held on Sunday November 22 (18/11/2009)
    It is organized by the rural women's associations and "I started walking" in collaboration with the City
  • Ends "XVII week children's theater, which has had the participation of about 2,000 students and Primary (18/11/2009)

  • IU Totana supports the mobilization of farmers and ranchers "to address the biggest crisis in history" (18/11/2009)
    Leadership training totaneros Left attend the demonstration on Saturday in Madrid
  • City Hall and organized FEDASIM a regional training workshops and Immigration (18/11/2009)
    will be developed on 27 and 28 November at the Hotel-Monasterio La Santa
  • The Ombudsman's view the "Housewives' Association, Users and Consumers The Three Marys" (18/11/2009)
    The purpose of the visit was to make known what are the competences of the institutional form and how to deal with complaints
  • The PSOE said that "the mayor cheats local businesses" (18/11/2009)
    They say that "after repeatedly has pledged to hire council works with local companies, giving them over to companies outside"
  • The City Council signed a cooperation agreement with the UMU to assist in training students in foreign universities totaneros (18/11/2009)

  • The Association of Independent Workers of Murcia will give a briefing on Wednesday November 25 (18/11/2009)
    The talk will focus on the outreach program of self-employed contract and will take place at the Centre for Local Development
  • Organized games and workshops to be held on Saturday 21 November at the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz" (18/11/2009)
    And this occasion of International Day of Children's Rights
  • PSOE: "Rep. Andres Ayala CP prevents Totana come to explain the budget" (17/11/2009)
    The Socialist Party believes that "this attitude has much to do with the faux pas in 2007 when Mr. Ayala was accused of corruption to Socialists who had said what they thought of Juan Morales "
  • Complete development works, asphalting and signaling of the three links of the dual carriageway Medieterráneo, passing through Totana (17/11/2009)
    have been carried out by the Demarcation of State Highway
  • Representatives of national and regional sectoral secured in an act that "the regional PP invest 16% more next year Totana " (17/11/2009)
  • More than a hundred people are involved today in the Third Week of Health and Safety in Construction " (17/11/2009)

  • The Association of Business and Professional Women of Totana out a timetable "anti-crisis" (17/11/2009)
    With bids in more than 30 businesses run by women
  • On Nov. 30 the period ended voluntary collection of property tax receipts and economic activities for the year 2009 (17/11/2009)

  • Awarded definitely works to extend the point of care for children (PAI), located in the neighborhood of El Parral (17/11/2009)
    The value of the works is EUR 536,293.61 and the contract period is five months
  • A day of basketball fry was attended by primary school (17/11/2009)
    The event is part of the school games of the School Sports Programme
  • Two trophies for the runners Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia in the President Trophy (Bacons Bridge) (17/11/2009)

  • The eighth round of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" holds no surprises (17/11/2009)
    starring thrashings stressed the "Furniture Mondrian", "Sánchez Céser Cubs and Los pachucos"
  • PSOE: As of today 250,000 people may seek the assistance of 420 euros (17/11/2009)
    "It's the Zapatero government's response to the situation of the unemployed have difficulty finding work"
  • End of work on the streets Father Bernardino, Estrella and Tinajerías, whose budget amounted to 225,510 euros (16/11/2009)
    With this investment we have built a unique platform, which has enabled a greater extent on the roads and more parking
  • Inauguration of the days of living and immigration Integraculturas ", organized by UPA (16/11/2009)
    were held throughout the day yesterday at the fair
  • Work begins evacuation of runoff in the Way of Pastry (16/11/2009)
    The road permenecerá closed to traffic until the completion of the works
  • On Tuesday will take place on 17 water cut in the area of Bridge Street, Constitution Avenue, General Aznar ... (16/11/2009)
    As in the right side of the Avenida Rambla de la Santa and Cheap Houses
  • New CADE 6-0 victory Totana (16/11/2009)
    6-0 was the final outcome of the meeting of 5 th Day between CADE Totana and the San Javier CD held last Saturday at the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez de Totana
  • Open to the public consultation the new Slim Body Diet Conception Street (next to the Colegio La Milagrosa) (16/11/2009)

  • The "XVII week Children's Theatre" will be held on 17 and 18 November in the Hall of Performing Arts (15/11/2009)
    will be attended by about 2,000 students
  • Awarded the construction Totana Health Center-South, which amount to more than two million euros (14/11/2009)

  • The city of Totana promotes Industrial Estate specialization in agribusiness and horticulture in the first Fair "Expoagroalimentaria" (13/11/2009)
    is held from today until Sunday in Lorca
  • Totana place from 18 to 26 November contests, conferences, workshops and events to mark the International Day of Violence Against Women (13/11/2009)

  • The board of PP claims and agrees to support the demonstration in Madrid in support to farmers and ranchers (13/11/2009)

  • The Councillor for Citizen Participation meets with neighborhood groups in the municipality (13/11/2009)
    order to inform them of the new regulatory bylaw grants
  • The municipality will undertake the installation work of a plant in La Santa to prevent odors (13/11/2009)
    Y reuse water for irrigation in this area of the municipality
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism awarded a grant to the municipality amounting to 51,585 euros (13/11/2009)
    For the realization of dynamic activities, youth information and advice on housing and employment
  • Martínez Usero "Andreo threats last Monday, as an excuse to divert attention " (13/11/2009)
  • Continues to Fall Cultural Musicalis Vox concert in honor of St. Cecilia and the celebration of Regional Folk Festival " (13/11/2009)
    Both events will take place this Saturday 14 November
  • The Walt Disney children's movie "Kika Superbruja" and "The Surrogates" will be screened on Sunday November 15 (13/11/2009)
    will be in the Performing Arts Hall at 17:00 and 19:30 hours respectively
  • FAMDIF / COCEMFE honors Dr. Manuel Moreno Moreno, a hematologist at the Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca (13/11/2009)
    delivery of this Award will be held on November 27 in Murcia
  • Municipal School Football Totana has a new kit with the logo of D'Genes for their training sessions (13/11/2009)

  • IU: "The City Council increased its debt through a loan of 3 million euros, you will pay in one year" (12/11/2009)
    Complaint sending letters, the PP government, several neighbors to increase the urban contribution "under threat of a fine of up to 6000 euros "
  • Totana I participate in the Fair Expoagroalimentaria of Lorca, which opens tomorrow (12/11/2009)

  • The new building of the local police "Cabo Alfonso Murcia, located on Pilar Street, opens its doors to the public (12/11/2009)
    In the old buildings are left to provide police services
  • Francisco José Cuesta, 1st place in the race for the life of the Partnership Against Cancer (12/11/2009)
    The young athlete totanero D'Genes Association won the trophy "RACE FOR LIFE" in Camposol
  • The archaeological site of La Bastide opens today with the launch of the guided tours (12/11/2009)

  • The PSOE requires the mayor and alderman of Finance to "explain how you spend the tax money of totaneros" (12/11/2009)

  • Vaccination against Influenza A will begin to be administered in Totana Health Center on Monday, November 16 (12/11/2009)

  • The Department of Sports and Sports Association "Rock Nine" congratulate José Sánchez Cánovas (12/11/2009)
    recently been declared regional champion in mountain bike downhill
  • Talk about emotional skill (12/11/2009)
    Users of the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" are given a talk on emotional skill
  • The PP Totana held on November 16 sectoral act (11/11/2009)
    To explain how this county affect the State Budget for 2010
  • The Mayor presents to the residents of San José district of new projects for the neighborhood as the new center of socio-cultural (11/11/2009)

  • The City Council recommends to the neighbors who come to the cemetery to see what state are their properties after the wind storm (11/11/2009)
    After days of strong wind gusts, many properties have been damaged by falling ornaments flower vases and decorative own graves
  • The renowned journalist, Isabel Duran, conducted in Totana, on 23 November, the conference "Women and the Right to Life" (11/11/2009)
    Organized on the occasion of the commemoration of International Day of gender violence
  • The Socialists claim to "keep the deduction of 400 € to lower-income citizens" (11/11/2009)
    For the PSOE de Totana "Zapatero government continues in its line of design social policies in solidarity with the less affluent citizens"
  • The City Council granted planning permission to build 100 homes, shops, garages and storage of official protection (11/11/2009)
    will be located in the Avenida Juan Carlos I, in the urbanization of the Scale
  • Social Welfare created a blog education for young people (11/11/2009)
    The blog is part of the proposed inclusion of young and lower socio immigrants or at risk of social exclusion subsidized by the Ministry of Labour and Immigration and the town of Totana
  • Great performance by Pedro Antonio and Juanda with a 1 st and 2 nd place in the twentieth senior MTB Rise to Nevazo (Caravaca) (11/11/2009)

  • The Department of Sports organized an output of hiking in the Sierra de Ricote (11/11/2009)
    was attended by thirty people
  • The leader of the Amateur Football League Play Fair "The pachucos" encounters the "Bar Baron River-Ghost" (11/11/2009)
    In a match that ended in a draw with two goals
  • The Board held a special meeting EMCF in Cebag (11/11/2009)

  • Dinner hosted by the illustrious living Cabildo Processions of Totana Higher (10/11/2009)

  • Vox Musicalis The Coral offer a concert to mark the feast of Santa Cecilia (10/11/2009)
    will take place on Saturday November 14 at the Chapel of the Miraculous
  • Project: "The Ludobús: educational game approach to neighborhoods and districts of Totana" (10/11/2009)

  • IU states that "Regional budgets 2010 only provide for a real investment of 3,900,000 euros in Totana" (10/11/2009)

  • Hall Institute of Occupational Safety and begin a campaign to establish prevention habits in adolescents (10/11/2009)
    More than 400 teenagers from the town participate in the VI campaign grows Totana security "
  • The autonomous region increased by 16.03 per cent investment to regional budgets Totana 2010 (10/11/2009)

  • They give diplomas to 20 young unemployed who have participated in a course taught by MIFITO (10/11/2009)

  • The mayor presented a proposal to the House for an institutional recognition to the Local Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users "Three Hail Marys" (10/11/2009)
    On the occasion of 25 anniversary
  • Continuing the "contemporary film season and a bit independent ..." organized by the Air Ministers Latino (10/11/2009)
    The next projection: "Little Miss Sunshine."
  • The Department of Sports organized a Day MultiSport Prebenjamín, framed in the School Games School Sports Programme (10/11/2009)
    counted with the participation of primary school
  • The Socialist Party claims that "the mayor is harming the health of totaneros" (10/11/2009)
    "While the flu and care Health Center collapse, the new government should be working since late 2007"
  • A total of 35 students of the "Reina Sofia" de Totana participating in the program of sports and recreational contact with the sea (10/11/2009)
    took place at the Puerto Deportivo de Aguilas
  • The Department of New Technologies consolidates the "Network of Computer Classroom Totana: RAITOTANA" (10/11/2009)
    With improved infrastructure and services in different computer rooms of city
  • Very busy week for the athletes of Totana Athletics Club (09/11/2009)
    have been present in two races
  • The council of Finance considers it urgent to reform the local finanación (09/11/2009)
    And he asserts that "the second new local investment fund returns to be unresponsive to the real needs of municipalities"
  • Totana will direct sales presence in Germany through the INFO (09/11/2009)
    The goal is to promote and specialize in the food industry the industrial park "The Saladar."
  • The mayor calls the delegate of the Government to strengthen the safety of the Guardia Civil to the wave of thefts of table grapes (09/11/2009)
    Like so has the Local Police
  • The councilman of Social Welfare maintains a working meeting with the new director of Social Action Institute Murciano (09/11/2009)
    And this is to let you know the projects promoted in social policy in the area
  • More than 5,000 fans will gather this weekend at the rally XXIV Subida a La Santa (09/11/2009)
    participaicón counted with a total of 32 drivers from different regions
  • José Martínez Andreo makes an assessment of the decision of the Court No. 1 of Totana to return the passport and slightly more than 75% of the bond (09/11/2009)
    The Mayor has made this assessment questions from the media
  • PSOE: "the criminal status remains intact Andreo" (09/11/2009)
    The Socialists claim that "nothing has changed in the dozen criminal charges levied on Andreo"
  • Bulky CADE defeat in 3 rd division Totana national (08/11/2009)
    win the first classified Blunt Youth Centre Lower El Palmar against CADE Totana, 6-0
  • Mayor urges neighbors on one side to join the claims of agriculture (08/11/2009)
    ..., that promote the general strike for November 20 and attending the demonstration in Madrid on Saturday 21
  • UI Totana urges the PP to "not continue to attack to justice in their decisions" (08/11/2009)
    And remember that "the mayors of Torre Pacheco Librilla and out of jail without bail a"
  • The PP Totana regrets that "the trial court ruling No. 1 with more than a year late on the precautionary measures imposed on the mayor" (07/11/2009)

  • The court Totana No. 1 resolved to return the passport and 52,500 euro deposit to the Mayor of Totana (07/11/2009)

  • "The budgets that invest in youth" (06/11/2009)
    According to Martinez Baena, the General State Budget (PGE) are "budgets that invest in youth"
  • Presented the program of religious events of the festival of Santa Eulalia 2009 (06/11/2009)
    exhibitions, conferences and concerts, including this year's new in the program of religious events of the festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia starting on 23 November
  • The Department of Trade and Crafts is committed to continued monthly craft market in "Santa" for the year 2010 (06/11/2009)
    Under a grant awarded to the town of Totana
  • Totana revive the musical traditions of the region with the celebration of Regional Folk Festival (06/11/2009)
    will take place on Saturday 14 November
  • The General lasts Moor Street will be remodeled to fill the gaps (06/11/2009)
    And to guarantee the safety of pedestrians and to remove architectural barriers
  • The Department of New Technologies launches "Agenda Municipal (06/11/2009)
    The goal is to make known to the public at all activities and events that are organized from the various councils of the City
  • Belchí: "The government team turns its back on the needs of education in Totana" (06/11/2009)
    says that "intentionally, the Mayor and the Councillor for Education heed not the demands of parents by eliminating school activities"
  • Users and Service Professionals Day Care Center Senior Municipal celebrate Halloween (06/11/2009)
    With different activities
  • The archaeological site of La Bastida will become the center for scientific research from the culture of Europe's largest Argar West (05/11/2009)
    can be visited from next week
  • Lola Cano gave a press conference to evaluate the visit to the Ombudsman Totana (05/11/2009)
    The Socialist councilor again asked for the resignation of the Ombudsman's Neighbor
  • 15,000 visitors will attend the Automotive Rise to La Santa de Totana (05/11/2009)
    The event takes place this weekend and will feature 30 teams
  • Coag go Totana complaint that "thefts continue in the vines of table grapes" (05/11/2009)
    Coag go Totana shown its concern over "the thefts last night in the area Raiguero in table grape arbors"
  • It starts a year the "Occupational Classroom" (05/11/2009)
    through which 15 students expand their knowledge pre-work to continue in initial vocational qualification programs
  • Participants in the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" made a trip to Sierra Espuña (05/11/2009)
    For the flora and fauna of the environment
  • Starts today totana the VII Olympiad Study Solidarity " (05/11/2009)
    is intended to sensitize the youth group of the importance of international cooperation
  • The council approved the project for the execution of the work of replacement of the sewerage network in street puddles Estate (05/11/2009)
    With an amount of 36,232.57 euros
  • The Socialists have the new fund of € 5,000 m to send to the municipalities ZP (04/11/2009)
    Otálora has reported on the new investment that the Government of Spain go next year to promote employment by sending additional € 3,123,518 Totana
  • John Daniel Costa goes back to the podium in Cehegín (04/11/2009)
    Sunday October 25 held at the XIV Cehegín Rally "Stop the gutter", in which John Daniel Costa was in second place
  • The Civic Hall closes its first training course on "Development of social projects" (04/11/2009)
    With a great success of participation
  • Carrión meets with the new leadership of the Association of Senior Citizens Club of Paretón-Cantareros (04/11/2009)
    In order to establish the social promotion activities of older people of this parish
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of multisport youngest, framed in the School Games School Sports Programme (04/11/2009)
    It was attended by schoolchildren from schools in Totana
  • Organize the "Second Art Contest for equality" in the form of painting and sculpture (04/11/2009)
    To commemorate the International Day of Violence Against Women
  • The Ombudsman visit Murcia Totana (03/11/2009)
    The visit is intended to inform residents about their responsibilities and how they can address complaints
  • The PSOE Cospedal submitted "evidence that the PP has accused of corruption Totana still active" (03/11/2009)

  • IU Totana: "Although down by 61 people, during October, unemployment remains the main problem in Totana" (03/11/2009)

  • "Mifito" begins this month, the Job Placement Plan (03/11/2009)
    is aimed at students who have completed the initial qualification program Assistant developed at the Association Office
  • The residence for the elderly "La Purisima" and Day Care Service for Alzheimer attend a tribute to the volunteer (03/11/2009)
    In San Pedro del Pinatar held a tribute to the work of the volunteers with elderly and dependent
  • In 2010 it will launch the new city ordinance that regulates the basis for the single call subsidy (03/11/2009)
    This call for proposals will bring together the assistance given from each of the municipal areas
  • Project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (03/11/2009)
    Participants in the project conducted a workshop on drug abuse prevention
  • The team "Furniture Mondrian" is placed in second place in the Amateur Football League "Play Fair", after thrashing the team Layouts Javi " (03/11/2009)
    While" The pachucos "remain in the competition leaders
  • IU: "El Centro Deportivo San José, another ghost work Martínez Andreo, more than two years left" (03/11/2009)
    On October 4, 2007, laid the first stone in the act by promising an investment of more than one million own resources euros and a duration of 10 months in the first phase
  • City officials attending the General Assembly of the Association of Carriers Under Guadalentín (02/11/2009)
    To make the project of the Center for Transportation and Parking ", which will be built for the 2010
  • Totana joins the third consecutive year the "joint study VII Olympiad" (02/11/2009)
    This initiative will run from November 5 to December 5 in order to raise awareness among young people in development cooperation
  • The Totana PP calls for the Government of the Nation "will enable municipalities to spend 60% of the second plan ea pay bills to suppliers and SMEs Totana" (02/11/2009)
    Therefore, the PP has prepared an amendment to the General Budget 2010
  • The 70th anniversary of the execution of 11 young socialists in Totana (02/11/2009)
    The Executive Committee of the PSOE has gone to the municipal cemetery to remember, as in previous years, the Socialists murdered by Franco
  • Approving the project for the implementation of renovation and rehabilitation work of the "Temple of the Christ" (02/11/2009)
    With an operating budget of 13,920 euros
  • The council's Employment and Training opens an adaptation to the new general accounting plan and course of basic office automation in SMEs (02/11/2009)

  • The city of Totana, through the Department of Sports, announces scholarships for outstanding athletes of the municipality (02/11/2009)

  • Martínez Usero: "Zapatero's government invested 250,000 Euros in arranging the Rambla de Los Molinos" (02/11/2009)
    are included within an emergency plan approved by the government of Zapatero and the works consist of cleaning, protecting margins and dredging this important Rambla
  • ... (01/11/2009)


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