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  • The inhabitants of the area of "Jail" will benefit from substantial subsidies (31/01/2009)
    For the restoration of the facades of houses are damaged
  • The Youth Housing Office serves more than 350 consultations during the past year (31/01/2009)
    Youth Housing Office of the City of Totana offers free information and advice on this subject
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "other privatization, now the maintenance of gardens, which have been awarded to a former councilmen PP" (31/01/2009)
    Socialists in the council states that "service has been privatized against the will of workers and another attempt simulate the reduced personnel costs "
  • V Editing Historic Organs of the Region of Murcia (30/01/2009)
    The Sanctuary of "Santa" is hosting this weekend the first of two concerts that will take place in the town
  • The Socialist Party believes that "Valverde memory, or blatantly lying when he says goodbye to Cegarra Pina and the beginning of the term" (30/01/2009)
    Socialists lament "memory bugs in its manifestations Valverde Case Courts of Justice "
  • Nature tourism, cultural and religious Totana, including tourism in the Commonwealth Tourism Services Espuña Fitur (30/01/2009)

  • Film "Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa" (30/01/2009)
    The performing arts room Totana screened on Sunday, February 1 this funny animated production
  • AEMC held free training courses to obtain the Professional Card Construction for the unemployed (30/01/2009)

  • The course of "Attention and care for dependents" kicks (30/01/2009)
    ... out with the participation of a dozen people
  • The Youth Council will maintain the (30/01/2009)
    ... Psychosexual Counseling Service offers a guidance and personalized service to local youth, and serving an average of more than 600 young people
  • Presented tomorrow at the Gala Dinner of Carnival "Don Carnal" to "The Muse" (30/01/2009)
    and poster illustrator of the 2009
  • José Antonio Valverde and Trini Cayuela realize the agreements reached at a meeting of government (30/01/2009)
  • Tonight reopening of the Cafe La Clave - Pub (30/01/2009)
    Today, reopening (New Management). With the performance of the Charanga de Aledo
  • Socialist Youth of Totana supports the Supreme Court decision on EPC "showing that the manipulation is of those who wish to object, not the subject." (30/01/2009)
    JST is pleased by the ruling of the Supreme Court with regard to the subject "Education for Citizenship
  • The PP requires the Zapatero government's reform of local finance (29/01/2009)
    as "the autonomous region could not bear the expenses of the municipalities in the region to maintain services"
  • "The council rescinded the contract for the services of the team that wrote the General Plan City Planning when Martínez Andreo won the city hall," according to PP (29/01/2009)
    Y "be re-hired to handle a particular topic that was necessary for final approval "
  • "The High Court of Justice annulled a contract awarded to the PP finger to his friends," the PSOE (29/01/2009)
    Municipal Socialist Group today announced the order of the Supreme Court of the Region of Murcia "said illegal recruitment PP government did the drafters of the General Plan "
  • The head of the high-speed projects ADIF will hold a meeting in Seville with the Mayor of Totana (29/01/2009)
    And with members of political groups and affected by the route of the AVE as it passes through the town
  • Opens again the deadline for applications for housing rehabilitation in the San Roque-Las Parras (29/01/2009)

  • Tomorrow, Friday January 30 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples (29/01/2009)

  • The Department of Sports and Cycling Club "Nine" organized a day of mountain biking child (29/01/2009)
    be held this Saturday January 31
  • The Department of Youth and Society "Different Action" signed a cooperation agreement (29/01/2009)
    For the maintenance and management of the shelter in Santa Leocadia, located in the natural environment of the Espuña
  • Families with children born multiple birth and families with many special category with six or more children, can apply for aid until 28 February (29/01/2009)
    convened by the Ministry of Social Policy
  • For IU in Totana, "the plenary session last night highlights the lack of initiatives " (28/01/2009)
    ... Municipal Government
  • The plenary agreed to "convey to the Office of the conclusions of the special committee on false claims submitted to the General Plan " (28/01/2009)
    ... considering that" there is an alleged crime, city officials said
  • The Commonwealth Tourism Services Espuña offer visitors the charm of the town Fitur Totana (28/01/2009)

  • According to the Socialists, "the January plenary reaffirmed political autism and spokesman Andreo" (28/01/2009)
    after the conclusion of the regular plenary session for the month of January, the Municipal Group Socialist again notes the absence of reality and lack popular government resources, which still does not want to face "
  • Presented Saturday at the Gala Dinner of carnival "Don Carnal" and "The Muse " (28/01/2009)
    ... and poster illustrator of this edition
  • The plenary agreed to call one of the places in the neighborhood Triptolemos as "La Plaza del Maestro" in tribute to the work of teachers in Totana (28/01/2009)
    In addition, the council will urge the General Council of Judicial Power to boost modernization of justice
  • Sports Scores Totana (27/01/2009)
    Weekend 24 and 25 January
  • Day of coexistence "Mary Route 2009" (27/01/2009)
    D'Genes and FEDER Totana Murcia thanks QUADS Action and the Peña de Totana Barcelonista organizing the conference, held last Sunday 25th January
  • According to the PSOE, "Andreo opposes lowered the salary" (27/01/2009)
    The Socialists claim that "the CP has removed a Motion to the January plenary session presented by the PSOE and that meant a drop in salary of the Mayor and Council released"
  • The City Council and the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers will sign a cooperation agreement on security (27/01/2009)
    ... citizen to perform special services
  • The City Council awarded the contract for replacement of sidewalks and utilities in the streets Bolivia, Virgen del Castillo, and Barranco Ródenas (27/01/2009)
    ... in the Plan of Works and Services 2008
  • Day of Benjamin Minibalonmano (27/01/2009)
    took place on Friday, placed in the School Games School Sports Program
  • Good results of the students of the school totaneros The Miracle on the second day of Open Chess Championship (27/01/2009)
    ... Regional School
  • Municipal School Parents will give a talk on "The bullying !" (27/01/2009)
    ... Hounded to be held this Thursday 29 January at half past eight pm in the Socio-Cultural Center" La Prison "
  • La 4 ª rise to Morrón attended by over 240 persons (26/01/2009)
    club was organized by the Sendero de Totana
  • Ends the first round of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair " (26/01/2009)
    ... with Peña Madridista" The Tenth "as leader of the competition
  • Civil Defence Volunteers and Local Police made more than fifty performances (26/01/2009)
    ... due to heavy storm over the weekend
  • They have a social skills course in which 13 people were formed to facilitate insertion socio (26/01/2009)

  • Organize a workshop on "healthy and balanced Diet " (26/01/2009)
    ... that aims to inform about the necessary guidelines to implement healthy eating and living
  • The PP says that the government representative has become "the secretary general of the PSOE PSRM-virtual" (26/01/2009)
    "using the institutions to make partisan politics"
  • IU + Group Totana the Greens in the House rises tomorrow a motion to build a skateboard track (26/01/2009)
    A group of young fans in this sport, has asked the Left Party, to raise the motion in Parliament and play soccer in a suitable space, no hassle for neighbors
  • The plenary address (26/01/2009)
    ... twenty proposals among which is the final approval of subsidiary rules that give green light to start the construction project of over a hundred housing for young people
  • The council received a grant for maintenance during the 2009 Early Childhood Centre and Vocational Centre "José Moya" (26/01/2009)

  • The City Council will join the commemoration of World Day for Rare Diseases (26/01/2009)
    ... to be held on February 28
  • Regional Championships begin watercraft Murcia (26/01/2009)
    As usual do not miss the appointment of Antonio Costa totaneros competing in F1 and F2 Francisco Sanchez
  • They pretend that the Councillor of Finance appear before the Committee to explain the results of their management (25/01/2009)
    "The mayor said the Commission advised that the Councillor of Finance is too busy to appear before the House" as the council's UI + Green
  • Request the General Directorate of Sports grant amounting to 50,000 euros (25/01/2009)
    ... to build a sports court in the hamlet of Lebor
  • The City Council asked to post the improvement in the provision of delivery service for companies in the polygon "The Saladar " (24/01/2009)
    ... with the installation of new collection points
  • The City Council has a total of 21 public works projects of the Local Investment Plan (24/01/2009)
    ... amounting to 5,086,997 euros
  • The Emergency Department has activated until tomorrow at six o'clock in the afternoon the winds orange alert (23/01/2009)
    which will reach 90 kilometers per hour
  • Resolutions adopted at the last meeting of Local Government. (23/01/2009)
    Spokesman and deputy spokesman of the government team report on the resolutions passed at the last meeting of government and make assessments on current city policy
  • The athletes swimmers occupational center "José Moya" participate in the Regional Swimming Championships, held in Lorca (23/01/2009)
    getting optimal and satisfactory results
  • More than 150 people participated in the meeting of family responsibility "One challenge in our power" (23/01/2009)
    organized by the Department of Women and Equal Opportunities
  • Matthew Garcia, official historian of the town, received the appointment of Adopted Son of Totana (23/01/2009)

  • Presented the poster for the route to the Sierra de María (Almería), which this year commemorates the First World Day for Rare Diseases on February 28, 2009 (23/01/2009)
    The route will take place on the morning of Sunday 25 January 2009 and will start in Totana and finish in the natural park of Sierra Maria - Los Velez
  • Film "The Tale of Despereaux" (23/01/2009)
    The performing arts hall Totana screened on Saturday and Sunday at five p.m. that film
  • Students 3 and 4 of primary school "La Milagrosa" participate in the program "Prevention of childhood obesity" (23/01/2009)
    carried out by the Department of Health
  • Propose to the House to sign a cooperation agreement with the Business Ventures "European Recycling Platform, ERP SAS" (23/01/2009)
    for the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • The PP will urge the General Council of the Judiciary to promote the modernization process of justice (23/01/2009)
    and give it the necessary resources for proper operation
  • The Executive Committee of the PSOE in Totana is satisfied it "political persecution is over to Councilman Andrew Smith" (23/01/2009)
    La Audiencia Provincial de Murcia finally closed the case against Andrew Smith in the case PADISITO
  • Propose that the House conduct a study to adapt the widening of the street of Las Navas (23/01/2009)
    Where will enable a green and regulate the traffic
  • González Tovar Totana welcomes entrepreneurs to discuss issues related to the AVE (22/01/2009)
    The Government delegate, Rafael González Tovar, met this afternoon to a group of businessmen from Totana to discuss Mediterranean Corridor over High-Speed by the municipality
  • More than 250 students, youth and women go through the mobile classroom briefing on the prevention of gender violence (22/01/2009)
    ... on the Plaza of the Constitution
  • Establishment and implementation of the first Council Local Employment (22/01/2009)
    ... Region in order to curb unemployment and alleviate the effects of the crisis
  • The PP claims that "Otálora not fully respects the agreements on the route of the AVE" (22/01/2009)
    And critical to meet "in secret" with the head of the Ministry of Development in Murcia affected without or with political representatives
  • According to the PSOE, "ADIF has expressed its willingness to review the route that is not awarded in Totana" (22/01/2009)
    Totana Socialists have been in contact with the company ADIF (Railway Infrastructure Management) for the position of the same to the demands of totaneros
  • Martínez Usero "have already been approved for Totana works worth over three million euros in the Plan Zapatero" (22/01/2009)
    Socialist councilor, but he laments the attitude of Andreo who did not want to agree on anything Opposition
  • Propose to the full City Council the creation of a Tourism Promotion Plan for the municipality (22/01/2009)
    The Councillor for Culture and Tourism has proposed scheduling a series of strategies that challenge is economic diversification
  • On Friday 30 January 23 and be held at the Health Center to donate blood samples (22/01/2009)

  • More than 500 local youths benefit from psychosexual counseling services offered by the Department (22/01/2009)
    ... Youth
  • Start the IV edition of the Racing Circuit hosted by the Athletic Club Totana (21/01/2009)
    With the collaboration of the Department of Sports
  • The Health Center is modernizing its facilities with the digitization of radiology equipment (21/01/2009)
    ... a new service that will benefit the citizens and help to avoid polluting the environment
  • Education Park Road Totana acquires a vehicle adapted for disabled (21/01/2009)
    The cost of this vehicle is 2000 euros
  • The PP reiterates "the confirmation that the mayor of Totana is outside any urban corruption operation" (21/01/2009)
    and requires the PSOE to "abandon its strategy of persecution and wear and electoral politics to achieve profitability"
  • The mayor invited the political groups and leaders of the platform against the route of the AVE to come with him to the meeting in Seville will remain responsible for the high-speed projects in the area south of ADIF (21/01/2009)
    The meeting will continue on Friday 30 January
  • The Socialists claim that the mayor will have to clarify whether Valcárcel is willing to make the investment that corresponds to bury the AVE in Totana (21/01/2009)
    Municipal Socialist Group has met with the representative of the Ministry of Development in Murcia, to discuss the situation it is the municipality with the current layout of high speed rail corridor
  • The platform has about 800 views on the route of the AVE (21/01/2009)
    You have collected more than 2000 accessions of local residents against the current project
  • Tomorrow, Thursday is the deadline for registrations trip to Sierra Nevada for skiing (21/01/2009)

  • The Councillor for Education that the House propose a campaign to dignify the teacher (21/01/2009)

  • Students of all primary schools in Totana participated in a day minivoley (21/01/2009)
    ... fry in the school room, framed within the school sports program
  • Denounce "the council increased the PP released, amounting to 8 at City Hall, during the economic crisis" (20/01/2009)
    "In the next plenary Regular Martínez Andreo template increases trust personnel, using the Administration and Placement Agency New Generations of the PP ", say from IU + LV
  • The PP requires Otálora to clarify what the position of his party on the construction of the train station (20/01/2009)
    after the PSOE of Lorca's assurance that the regional infrastructure will be built in Sun City
  • The City Council will request a study on the deterioration of Juan de la Fuente Uzeta Baroque (20/01/2009)
    ... only work of its kind in the Region of Murcia
  • Matthew Garcia will receive the title of Adopted Son of Totana (20/01/2009)
    The event will take place on Thursday
  • The City will contract the works to expand the CEIP San José " (20/01/2009)
    ... with the construction of four classrooms
  • More than thirty people attended the screening test for the course "Attention and care for dependents" (20/01/2009)
    The course is 250 hours long and is organized by the Department of Public Works and Employment
  • On Thursday, in the indoor pool will begin renovations of the courses and water activities for the forthcoming (20/01/2009)
    ... February
  • XX Media Marathon Internacional "Villa de Santa Pola" (20/01/2009)
    Major results of the Athletics Club athletes Totana-JC pallets
  • Inauguration of the Workshop School "House of Nuns I" in which work more than 30 students for two years (19/01/2009)
    ... in remodeling the building into an interpretive center of nature
  • Agents Totana Local Police arrest an individual, a native of Ecuador (19/01/2009)
    as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of domestic violence
  • Socialist Youth Totana attended the demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people (19/01/2009)
    what took place in Murcia on Saturday 17 January.
  • Totana count for the month of April with a (19/01/2009)
    ... Municipal Youth Plan is being developed by all stakeholders related to this collective
  • Consumer Alert that the 905 telephone prefixes and have the same pricing that the so-called 806 with a price ranging between 0.30 and 1.65 euros per minute (19/01/2009)

  • Collective local mobile classroom will visit the Women's Institute, which will Totana on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 January (19/01/2009)
    ... to publicize the actions being carried out on prevention of GBV
  • City officials visit a Totana twenty patients admitted to the hospital "Virgen del Alcázar" Lorca (19/01/2009)

  • The mayor asked the Segura River Basin to proceed with the cleaning and maintenance of the dam and river Butte Guadalentín (18/01/2009)
    ... passing through the town
  • Ya know the names of the Nazarene of Honor and the Town Crier Easter 2009 (17/01/2009)
    Miguel Murcia Leon is the Nazarene Honor, while Rafael Hostench Arnao proclaim the Easter 2009
  • Students of the Municipal Schools Sports City Sporting Forestan "Espuña " (17/01/2009)
    ... with the planting of over a hundred pine
  • Opening of the new Community Centre "Calle Navas" in the neighborhood of "The Ceramic " (17/01/2009)
    ... to be used by members of the Roma community
  • UCOMUR has set up a center in Totana (16/01/2009)
    in which they advise, inform and train entrepreneurs and citizens of the Bajo Guadalentín
  • Socialist Youth of Totana denounced "the lack of rigor of New Generations, proving to be a" servile "Popular Party politician" (16/01/2009)
    Young Socialists said "that NNGG also trying to use the issue to distract attention AVE Case Totem reopening on Monday "
  • About forty people benefit from project work to benefit the Community (16/01/2009)
    ... conducted by the City Council of Totana, holistically and as a pioneer town
  • New Generations adheres to the platform against the route of the AVE for Totana to fight for the economic interests of the municipality (16/01/2009)
    Y requests the PSOE "is set with the neighbors of Totana and not against you"
  • Resolutions adopted at the last meeting of local government (16/01/2009)
    spokesman and deputy spokesman of the government team report on the resolutions passed at the last meeting of government and make assessments about the extraordinary plenary session and the current city policy
  • More than 70 neighborhood residents Olympic meet with members of the platform (16/01/2009)
    to be informed of the route of the AVE as it passes through the town
  • Press PADISITO (16/01/2009)
    La Audiencia Provincial de Murcia finally closed the case against Andrew Smith in the case PADISITO
  • The Socialist Party says, "The Popular Party is using the platform against a party AVE" (16/01/2009)
    For socialists "there is no doubt that the PP is trying to use this issue to distract attention AVE case that Totem reopens on Monday "
  • More than 140 students from the school "San José" participating in a football championship "against violence and xenophobia " (16/01/2009)
    ... framed in the" I-media "the group" The Candle "
  • Finish basic computer courses have been held in the hamlet of El Paretón (16/01/2009)

  • On Sunday will be screened at the Performing Arts Board of the movie "Superhero Movie " (16/01/2009)
    ... created by the writers of" Scary Movie "
  • The PP requires the PSOE to "start working for the interests of the residents of Totana" (15/01/2009)
    Y to "stop political activity in support of Operation" Totem "has been established because the mayor did not get involved in the same "
  • The Audiencia Provincial de Murcia finally filed the case against Andrew Smith in the case PADISITO (15/01/2009)
    The Socialist councilor and former president of PADISITO, lamented that "this case is becoming a weapon against him by the PP"
  • The municipality signed a cooperation agreement with the commercial Promazor SL (15/01/2009)
    To promote the construction of 180 housing units among the youth of the municipality in the district of the Age High
  • The Platform meets with stakeholders and residents of Lebor to inform the route of the AVE (15/01/2009)
    ... proposed by the Ministry of Development
  • The Executive Committee appoints Councillor PP José Antonio Valverde coordinator responsible for organizing local (15/01/2009)
    ... assembly which will elect the new local policy of this party
  • On Friday 16, 23 and 30 January will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples (15/01/2009)

  • The Consistory hires six construction workers and an officer as one more initiative among the measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis in the municipality (15/01/2009)
    ... thanks to a grant from the Employment and Training Service of the Region of Murcia
  • The next day, January 24 Aledo will take place in a tournament game called "Call of Duty Tournament " (15/01/2009)
    ... framed in the" Area 36 "
  • The Advocate Totana Neighbor holds a meeting with the Ombudsman in the Region of Murcia (15/01/2009)
    ... to exchange views and establish lines of joint action and coordination within its jurisdiction to act
  • The mayor informed the director general of Telecommunications and Information Society, the problems that exist in the DTV signal reception in Las Viñas Carivete (15/01/2009)

  • Socialist Youth of Totana is added to the demonstrations to demand an end to Israeli military aggression against Gaza (14/01/2009)
    JST adds to the demonstrations will take place next Saturday, January 17 at 19:00 pm in Murcia
  • The City receives to Las Palmas B defeating Atletico Totana (14/01/2009)

  • The mayor and city officials come to the point of firms installed in the platform market against the route of the AVE as it passes through Totana (14/01/2009)
    On the other hand, the Platform against the current route of the AVE as it passes through has Totana submitted a statement
  • The PP reiterated that "based Otálora municipal activity in maintaining the serial of Operation" Totem "obsessed with the mayor's resignation" (14/01/2009)
    The PP has come out against the appearance of Otálora in Murcia
  • Development and Employment organizes hundreds of hours of training activities aimed at unemployed, employed workers, freelancers and SMEs (14/01/2009)
    ... to be taught at the Centre for Local Development and the Walas
  • The Socialists are asking "why Valcárcel gives favorable treatment to the Mayor of Totana" (14/01/2009)
    secretary general of the Socialist totaneros has expressed bewilderment at the "double standard de Valcárcel, which unequivocally condemns Mayor Librilla apology as Mayor of Totana inexplicably "
  • The Club Senderista of Totana is organizing a Jan. 25, the 4th edition of the Subida al Morrón Espuña (14/01/2009)

  • The Department of Consumer Affairs offers a number of recommendations to consumers to make purchases during the time of the winter sales (14/01/2009)

  • The Socialists say that "the government reshuffle in Totana not help overcome the crisis" (14/01/2009)
    After learning of the new branches of government ordered by the mayor, the Socialist Municipal spokesperson said that "hint at the internal crisis between Andreo supporters and his critics "
  • They call for those still having Christmas trees (14/01/2009)
    Saturday to participate in the planting to be carried out in the Sports City
  • Termed "sham" the redevelopment of Local Government (13/01/2009)
    According to the council of IU + Greens in the city of Totana, "the Popular Party and Martínez Andreo, have exhausted all his political credit at least two years and the project is not stand upright, dragging the chaos City "
  • The mayor and most council members of the government team will go tomorrow to the point of petition against the route of the AVE (13/01/2009)
    ... to be located at the flea market
  • The Socialists are committed to burying the AVE tracks and the creation of intermodal station on the site (13/01/2009)
    Socialists voted in favor of these proposals at the extraordinary plenary session held in the city of Totana.
  • Full approve the request for an alternative route to the Ministry of Public AVE (13/01/2009)
    with votes from the Socialist Party against
  • Totana Mayor announced a reorganization of the political and administrative structure of the City Council (13/01/2009)
    to address the crisis, improving economic management and strengthening social relations
  • The thirteenth round of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" was marked by significant victories of the pachucos and Peña Madridista The Tenth (13/01/2009)
    ... that stand at the top
  • The Municipal Sports School Judo, offered by the Department of Sports, currently has about twenty students (13/01/2009)
    Classes meet two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday in two shifts, one at four and one at five p.m.
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of Minibasket Prebenjamín (13/01/2009)
    ... framed in school sport School Games, which took place in the Sports Pavilion and the School Board
  • The Sports Council is organizing a trip to Sierra Nevada to be held the weekend of 23 to 25 January, to play the sport of skiing (13/01/2009)
    This activity is part of the Adventure Program of that council
  • The Mobile Classroom Women's Institute will Totana 21 and 22 January (13/01/2009)
    ... to publicize the actions being carried out on gender violence prevention
  • Carrion says, "The council still has to repay the grant by the IMAS for the construction of the Multipurpose Center" (12/01/2009)
    "because it has lodged an appeal"
  • The Socialist Municipal Group is committed to the burial of the AVE as it passes through the town of Totana (12/01/2009)
    Socialist spokesman demands Andreo and his team to "take their mistakes and put to work to resolve the impact it can make to Totana current conditions in the route of the AVE "
  • The mayor COATO offers for future development of the company (12/01/2009)
    ... and argues that it never wanted to harm the economic and social interests of the cooperative
  • City officials travel to Mexico to track the development cooperation projects funded by the City (12/01/2009)

  • The Plenum of the Corporation will discuss tomorrow the establishment of a possible alternative route to its current high-speed train passing by the municipality (12/01/2009)

  • The Municipal Immigration Service of the Department of Social Welfare provides a discussion of consumption and (12/01/2009)
    ... domestic organization which was attended by more than a dozen immigrants
  • The municipal program Parent School starts in 2009 with a talk on "How to face the danger of drugs to our children " (12/01/2009)
    ... to be conducted on Thursday 15 January in the Socio-Cultural Center" La Prison "
  • ... (12/01/2009)

  • According to IU, "the Autonomous Region € 450,000 to the City claims not to justify subsidies for the construction of a social center in the neighborhood Tirol Camilleri" (11/01/2009)
    for IU, "it shows the disastrous management of Martínez Andreo and his team more concerned about the image and the courts in managing the City "
  • The City Council receives the approval of the Government Delegation to 13 of 15 public works projects submitted to date (11/01/2009)
    ... the Local Investment Plan for an amount of EUR 3,201,348
  • Totana Athletic Club Athletes participating in the San Wildlife Vallecas, Murcia and Crevillente (09/01/2009)
    As is traditionally the last day of the year, Club members were present at several San Wild, including the largest in Spain
  • "Of Birds, handling and commuter rail" (09/01/2009)
    Platform No to The Urban Plan states that "once again the controversy over the route of the AVE shows laziness and lack of foresight of successive governments of the Partido Popular
  • Martínez Usero: "The PP is the only party that has accepted over without burying Totana AVE" (09/01/2009)
    Usero Martinez recalled that "the approval of the General Plan has included the proposed AVE Totana passing through without any reservation of land for burial or modification "and" was only supported by the mayors of PP
  • The mobile teams Regional Blood Donation Center will move this afternoon Totana Health Center for a blood test after 5 pm (09/01/2009)

  • Signed an agreement for an amount of more than 1.2 million euros for the care of the elderly of the residence "La Purisima" (09/01/2009)

  • The City Council asked the Ministry of Culture and Tourism authorization for the rehabilitation of the Mill of the Guardians in The Paretón (09/01/2009)
    ... to preserve the rural heritage of Totana
  • The City provides a subsidy to the organization "Solidarity with the children of Peru " (09/01/2009)
    ... for the development of international cooperation projects to promote rural
  • The General Directorate of Crafts is committed to installing the artisan market in La Santa and finances its implementation (09/01/2009)
    ... under a grant awarded to the City of Totana
  • "Bolt" and "The Day the Earth" will be screened this weekend at the Performing Arts Hall (09/01/2009)
    Both films can be viewed for a nominal fee of 2.50 euros
  • The Emergency Department activated the orange level until tonight for the first snowfall of the year in Sierra Espuña (08/01/2009)

  • They will deliver tomorrow's contest prizes cribs (08/01/2009)
    in which 14 participating artisans
  • Community support of 75 percent of the works of adaptation and restoration of facades, roofs and medians of several buildings on the street and Mayor Vidal Abarca Triana (08/01/2009)

  • Replaces semaphores optics-adapted to the new LED technology for better energy efficiency (08/01/2009)

  • Improve the area where the weekly market lies with the installation of fire hydrants (hydrants for emergency vehicles) (08/01/2009)

  • The Department of Health is developing a nutrition workshop and a healthy breakfast with the kids at school "Reina Sofía " (08/01/2009)
    ... as part of the prevention of childhood obesity
  • They begin to teach drug prevention workshops to students in sixth grade (08/01/2009)
    ... to raise awareness among youth about the dangers of drugs
  • The patron saint of Totana, Santa Eulalia de Mérida, returns to his shrine (07/01/2009)
    After spending the month of December in the city
  • Representation of the "Auto Sacramentental of the Magi" (06/01/2009)

  • Celebrate a Mass in the Chapel of Santo Domingo Raiguero High (06/01/2009)
    entertainment by the crew of the parish
  • UPyD Totana responds to criticism of IU (06/01/2009)
    "The necessary agreement between IU, PSOE and PP. The three political forces represented in the consistory totanero have an obligation to defend ourselves to join a path totaneros AVE"
  • Three Kings Cavalcade (05/01/2009)
    The Three Kings arrive in Totana and gifts to more than 40,000 smaller toys during the Parade
  • City officials held a reception and Christmas institutional sculptor, Jose Luis May Lebrija (05/01/2009)
    ... prestigious national and international
  • UI Totana criticizes "the frivolous forms of Mayor to be a platform on the route of the AVE with which only seeks notoriety" (05/01/2009)
    They say "IU will not participate in pantomime, to defend private interests and calls to" fight Totana's future, not petty maneuvers, manipulations or illegitimate interests "
  • The PP is attached to the platform by the burial of the AVE by its passage through Totana to fight for the economic interests of the municipality (05/01/2009)
    and calls to the Government to assume its institutional role
  • The writer totanero Juan Ruiz Garcia presents the book "Among the Alloz " (05/01/2009)
    ... during a ceremony held in" jail ", which included a poetry recital and the presence of the Councillor of Culture
  • Initiate an awareness campaign with the natural environment (05/01/2009)
    to preserve the life of the Christmas tree to come to his plantation, on 17 January at the Ciudad Deportiva "Espuña"
  • The night of 6 to 7 January not pay the garbage collection service (05/01/2009)
    to celebrate the festival of Santa Eulalia rise
  • Los Reyes Magos distributed nearly 40,000 toys and about 30,000 lollipops and sweets from the floats during the traditional parade (04/01/2009)
    ... to be held on Monday, January 5 at seven pm
  • A safety device, comprising more than 30 personnel, ensure the smooth running of the festival of Santa Eulalia rise (04/01/2009)
    The Santa stays on the road blocked to traffic for more than 8 hours
  • The City Council and those affected by the future route of the AVE (03/01/2009)
    ... create a platform from which they claim will add all the social, political parties and associations of the town to defend the interests of Totana
  • Municipal Library organizes activities to help youngsters to write letters to Santa Claus (02/01/2009)
    ... and various craft workshops and games
  • Finish swimming courses in the last quarter of 2008 at the municipal pool deck (02/01/2009)
    ... with the organization of activities and a visit from Santa Claus
  • The traditional "Auto Sacramental of the Magi" from Paretón be represented in the district on Tuesday January 6 (02/01/2009)

  • City officials hold a meeting today with those affected by the future route of the AVE (02/01/2009)
    The meeting will take place this afternoon at half past eight in the hall of the City
  • The Three Kings will visit this weekend Plaza Balsa Vieja to receive letters from smaller (02/01/2009)
    will be on Saturday and Sunday from five-thirty pm
  • The weekly market on Wednesday, January 7 will be held on Tuesday, January 6 (02/01/2009)
    ... occasion of the festival of the patron rise Santa Eulalia
  • Children from the school "La Milagrosa" users visit the Day Care Service (02/01/2009)
    ... to encourage the parties to a theatrical performance

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