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Address takes possession of new mayor of Totana, Andrés García Cánovas (25/06/2017)

Greetings Good morning.

My first words have to be grateful to the councilors and councilors who have trusted me to lead during these last two years of legislature the destiny of Totana.

And, of course, Juan José Cánovas the work done at the head of the mayor in these times of so much difficulty.

I will work to be worthy of the trust you now lend me and to continue the difficult task that we started two years ago.

Nobody told us that this would be easy.

We knew that we took the step in the direction of a ruined City Hall at a time of deep economic and social crisis.

These two years have been very hard, much more than we expected.

It has not been easy to confront the daily, the urgent, the important, not even the relations of the majority that shapes the political project with which we committed.

I am aware of the limitations, of the difficulty of working with an economic slab that crushes us and of the lack of human and material resources to tackle projects that excite us.

I want to ask you to focus on resolving what is important at the moment, because if we are able to do it, little by little the conditions will be created to return to being what we were.

In these two years the municipal treasury has improved, but, neither we deceive, nor deceive anyone, the situation remains of maximum gravity.

The postponement of the financial debt, the adjustment plans or the Ordinance Funds offered by the Ministry of Finance are not the solution for this City Council.

They are aspirin for a patient in the ICU.

I do not want to keep pushing a snowball that at some point in the future can crush us.

I will put all my efforts in laying the groundwork for a definitive solution to the economic situation of the City Council, which go through a refinancing of the entire long-term debt to a preferential interest and in the forgiveness of the one that we have with the Agency Tax and Social Security.

So I raised it recently to the Secretary of State for Finance, of whom I have the commitment to study my proposal.

The totaneros and totaneras, you and you, can not suffer the consequences of the terrible management to which they submitted to our City council a pair of delinquents.

Ana, I want to improve the municipal collection by imposing a tax on electric lines of medium and high voltage;

And, to give the maximum facility in the payment of taxes to the neighbors and neighbors so that they can pay them monthly.

The financial and economic crisis that we have been dragging since 2008, the bad image that has generated us cases of corruption and the excess of bureaucracy has caused a slowdown in the diversification of production and investments in our municipality.

Spain is recovering, new projects are starting to flow, new investments have to arrive in Totana.

Companions and companions of Corporación, our mission is not to create employment, our job is to create the conditions for others to believe, that is our second priority.

I want to attract investment to our industrial estate through the Institute of Promotion of the Region of Murcia and to do so I ask the cooperation of all the regional deputies who are with us, but especially those who are here, Juan Pagan and Alfonso Martinez.

I will fulfill my electoral commitment to give the maximum facilities to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to settle in Totana.

In short I will bring a specific proposal to the Local Government Board to do so.

Also to create a technical working group, led by the Council of Personnel and Councilor of Urbanism, to simplify as much as possible the procedures and times for the granting of licenses.

We will open the Hotel de la Santa and turn La Bastida into our cultural and tourist identity.

I will propose the creation of the La Bastida Foundation with public and private participation.

I propose to convert the former Technological Center of Crafts into a space for the tourist information of our city and the promotion of our traditions, crafts and culture, and the House of General Aznar in the Museum of the City.

In addition to your Mayor, I am a farmer and councilor of agriculture.

Totana resists thanks to agriculture and livestock.

I know the demands of the sector, because they are my demands.

From Water for All, we move on to the Memorandum and now to Water Forever.

We farmers are tired, exhausted, we want no more false promises, no water in exchange for votes, no confrontation, we just want the water we need.

That comes from where it has to come, the Tagus, the Duero, the surpluses of other Basins or the Sea, but come at a price that we can pay.

For our part, together with the Community of Irrigators and the Regional Government, we will do what is necessary to collect and reuse the water from the cemetery, La Santa and Las Peras ramblas, and we will demand, with the help of our deputies, the construction of the Prey of Lebor.

Fourteen years of comings and goings with the General Plan, of discrepancies and political confrontation, are the best reason to give the floor to the totaneras and totaneros.

It's time to ask them and let them tell you what city model they want.

It is up to us politicians to respect the decision of the majority, whatever it may be.

Carlos and Agustín, you have, from now on, the commission to organize a popular consultation.

We need to plan the future, lay the foundations of urban, social, environmental and economic development for the next 15 or 20 years.

To make it the best tool is a General Plan that is realistic, respond to the interest of the majority and solve the serious problems of the most depressed neighborhoods.

I want to make clear my commitment to a friendly and humane city.

The vehicle has become an essential tool in our life, but its use should not prevail over pedestrian mobility.

Totana has to gradually transform itself into a space where the pedestrian is the protagonist.

Although this will be the subject of a long-term planning that will have to be included in the General Plan, if we are ready to address measures in this regard.

I will propose to submit to the consideration of the neighbors the semi-state of the center, from the Plaza de las Monjas to Pilar Street.

Also enable deterrent parking in the area of ​​Las Ollerias and the Yesera.

Victor, we have to improve the cleaning and maintenance to recover the image that had our city, which was several years award nationally.

I am going to propose a plan of adaptation of medianeras to improve the image of the main avenues of our city.

Javi, we will commission the municipal technicians a comprehensive accessibility plan, which we will be funding, little by little, with help from the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

I believe in participation and transparency.

For this reason we will encourage the participation of the neighbors in the main decisions that we have to take.

I will propose to recover the figure of the Ombudsman, more neighborhood participation in the preparation of budgets, the creation of the Municipal Council of Transparency and implement annually a debate on the state of the municipality to render accounts.

Citizens have lost confidence in institutions and politicians.

Our responsibility is to do everything possible to regain credibility, because the separation between citizens and institutions is dramatic for coexistence.

Transparency allows citizens to observe us and the more they observe us the better we will behave.

We need a demanding citizenship, a different way of relating to neighbors and neighbors.

Our municipality has a well-structured social fabric with deep roots that must be the basis for detecting demands, prioritizing projects and evaluating policies.

The Municipal Council of Citizen Participation can not be a vase to meet to get out of the way once or twice a year, but an instrument of permanent relationship between the institution and citizenship.

It will not be easy, but I am convinced that if we propose this collaboration will be useful to improve the well-being and quality of life of the totaneros and totaneras.

Gertru and Inma, you have to work side by side to modernize our Town Hall.

Citizens want an independent Administration that responds to their demands and not to political interests.

At the time our Administration, its officials and employees, were an example of modernity and independence at European level.

Now we are at the tail end.

Our neighbors and neighbors deserve the best face-to-face and digital attention.

I know we do not have the money to do what we would like, but to work with the officials in designing a modernization plan that I will take care of to seek funding.

To the officials and employees I ask for commitment, not with me but with the totaneros and totaneras.

I am aware that it has been very difficult times that have generated demotivation and mistrust in us politicians.

You know, better than anyone else, the difficult situation that the City Hall is going through.

That's why, more than ever, we need, I need your support.

Isa and Agustín, I will bet on the ecological transition.

For years we have mistreated our environment and now we are paying the consequences.

The best example is the effects of Climate Change.

I will propose a radical change in energy and climate policies.

Lali, I'm going to commission the municipal technicians for a project of efficiency and energy self-sufficiency of the municipal buildings, starting with the primary and secondary schools.

Project that we are going to finance with European funds.

Also to constitute two Commissions, a policy and another technique, in which there will be representation of all councils with the mission to analyze the consequences of Climate Change in Totana and the health of the totaneras and totaneros, and take measures to raise awareness of them that we have The obligation to change consumer habits.

It is not a time of great works, nor the general situation, nor much less the one of our Town Hall.

We are not to squander money on infrastructures that are then not used.

My commitment will be placed in the West variant, I will be insistent and vindictive with the Autonomous Community.

You have to close the belt that began with the north variant, which brought so many benefits.

I do not promise that we will get it, but I will put all my efforts.

As I will with the rehabilitation of the various of San Jose and the High Era.

Antonia, we will fight with the Autonomous Community to fulfill its commitment to put 1.2 million euros in three years to improve the supply networks to make the Municipal Water Service profitable.

I advance that on Monday I will request an appointment to the President of the Regional Government and the Minister of Agriculture and Water to provide the first 400,000 euros.

Juan José, teammates of Ganar Totana and the PSOE, in these two years we have disagreed, as could not be otherwise by proceeding from two different parties.

But, all members of the Municipal Government have made clear two things, which above our discrepancy are our neighbors and our municipality, and that we have to be loyal to the commitment we acquired in June 2015. We are midway and We have an obligation to be faithful to those principles until the end.

Isabel, companions and companions of Corporación del PP, I ask you to be demanding and critical as well as constructive and loyal.

The Mayor's door and the Mayor's telephone have you open at any time.

You will find in me a person who is conversant and willing to reach agreements.

The figure of the Mayor has to be above partisan interests and I will demonstrate in these two years.

I have proposed to dignify the Institution with honesty, closeness and coherence.

This is a challenge that I assume with responsibility, enthusiasm and very hopeful.

In these two years, I will do all I can to make this commitment a reality.

Friends, neighbors and neighbors, I know that it is difficult to ask you to have patience.

It has been many years of mismanagement, of political and social confrontation, of squandering your taxes, of reading in the newspapers the shamelessness of those who used the City Council for their personal interest and of discrediting the good name of Totana.

I assure you that that time has passed, two years ago we started another project whose flagship in honesty, transparency and ethics.

Trust, from very complicated situations we have left.

Little by little, among all, we are going to get Totana back to the right place, we are going to fix the accounts of our City, to generate the conditions to create work and to improve our quality of life.

Let me have my last words for my family, without them today I would not be here.

For my father, who can not be with us but will be very proud that his son is Mayor of Totana, for my brothers who always trusted me and gave me good advice, for my daughter who gives me strength every day to overcome problems Day by day, for you, my wife, who has endured and encouraged me in the worst moments.

Today I am happy thanks to you.

I love you.

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