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They request the granting of title favorite daughter and the name of a central route to the municipality María García García (07/03/2014)

Hundreds of totaneros have applied to the City of Totana in demanding the granting of title favorite daughter and the name of a central pathway Totana Barbara King, according to Diego Antonio, promoter of the initiative.

Barbara King, is a recognized and valued for their professional career worldwide, giving further spreading your "hometown" everywhere and many people recognized our city as "The People of Barbara King" totanera.


María García García, better known as Barbara King (Totana February 2, 1950) is an American actress, showgirl and television presenter Spanish, daughter of Andrés García Valenzuela (1913-2010), Salvadora Garcia Molina (1918-2011).

Barbara King begins to break into showbiz thanks to beauty pageants.

In 1968 she was elected Maja de Murcia.

Representing presents Maja Murcia Spain and is chosen first runner-up.

The event is presented by Joaquin Prat, who notices her and advises start a career in showbiz.

Later she was elected Miss Barbara Madrid which lead to the Miss Spain contest.

Was presented to the 1970 edition and turned Bridesmaid elected Second, the winner being Fina Román.

Subsequently Fina Román resigned the title, and needed to send a candidate to the Miss World pageant.

Fina had married, as well as the First Lady of Honor, so Barbara was the Spanish representative between vying for the world title, being among the 15 finalists.

This is the beginning of María García García, renamed Barbara King, who, as of this moment, began its journey in the world of film making his first film in 1969.

She happen other during the 70 and 80 to reach a total of 43 films.

Success Television: History

In 1975, makes the leap to television, where Valerio Lazarov flame to present the Special New Year's Eve Gala TVE, with Agatha Lys, Paca Gabaldon and Didi Sherman.

A few months later reached enormous popularity by presenting the variety show History, Enrique Martí Maqueda, which makes it one of the most desired sex symbol of the country.

The program is an overwhelming success.

All country boutiques provide dresses and jewelry to the actress to look at the finery.

It also highlights the original hairstyle actress a beautician makes it every day before going to record.

In History, Barbara takes performances and sing songs very successful.

Following the success of History, Barbara released his first album on the market with all the songs that make it popular in the program.

This album would follow a little later other songs for children.

In the following years, and once completed your TV experience, combines the continuity of his film career with his role as a showgirl in the genre of the magazine.

In the 70's Barbara intervenes in revue shows as highlighting some Fifth, Seventh and Sex (1975), a musical comedy Juan José Alonso Millán García Segura played by Barbara King, Peter Valentine, Agnes Eva Morales and León.

Also later in Madrid, he worked with Rosa Valenty, Eva Leon and Marisol Ayuso in a magazine that attracts the attention of Alain Delon himself, with whom Barbara would have a short relationship.

Another great show was Barcelona is Barbara, played in the Victoria de Barcelona (1978-1979) theater.

Following Barcelona's Barbara, Barbara starts another show like vedette on the main Lido de Madrid theater from 1979-1980, after being replaced by Norma Duval.

It is in the Lido theater where he meets Angel Christ.

Another title that can be highlighted is the musical comedy Star Dust (1979), the Teatro Calderón in Madrid with Manolito Royo, Jorge Vila, José Sanz and Marisa Porcel under the direction of José Buira.

Barbara is also involved in several theatrical performances and singing people, in La Fontana Cafe-Theatre or Magic Circus show (1975), in the Theatre Cafe-Recoletos, with Rosa Valenty, Inés Morales, Isabel Luque understood and Emilia Rubio.


During the 1970s he was a regular performer in the Spanish cinema.

It will be from the mid 70's, then in vogue in the breakout genre where he obtained his greatest successes mark this time of Spanish cinema and becoming one of the sex symbols of the country.

Between 1969 and 1982 he shot 43 films.

Her acting career is completed with participation in a chapter of Curro Jiménez (1977) series.

Works together with Enrique Martí I feel strange in Maqueda (1977), who loves lesbian movie shot with Rocio Durcal and a pioneer in treating female homosexuality in Spain.

In 2010 he received the honorary award of the IV International Festival of Gay and Lesbian Andalusia, for his performance in the film.

The actress went to collect proud that 30 years after the film that once had received very bad reviews for the era and its homosexual content is otherwise measured.

In your resume stand out films like The Green Years delight with José María Cantudo, Meat beaten with Esperanza Roy, National shotgun with José Luis López Vázquez and Agustín González among others, Virility to Spanish or My wife is very decent, within than you would with Concha Velasco and Jose Sacristan.

Many of these films are now discussed in terms of quality, but achieved great collection figures and have sociological value as a reflection of an era.

It also becomes one of the most acclaimed faces for advertising campaigns since its successful track record, becoming royalty Freixenet Finance and promoting the Income Statement in Spain.

Finally, few people also knows his role as a dancer.

It is indeed a dancer as he began his career.

Barbara King worked for 70 years in dance shows to Piccadilly and JJ also toured nightclubs with dance shows hand Toni Caravaca.

At the Circus for Love

In 1980, Barbara was involved in a total of 43 films and theatrical twenty establishing itself as one of the muses of the unveiling and musical revue.

However, being on top, decides to leave everything in love and married the tamer and circus impresario Angel Christ.

With him two children, Angel (10/03/1983) and Sofia Christ (5/7/1985), and for almost nine years completely away from the camera world.

They were nine years of marriage, during much of which worked and triumphed in the circus of her husband, elephant tamer.

The star of the circus and businessman walking with his shows Spain and obtained a great success for several years.

Barbara had no intention of doing numbers in the circus but the reality is that people going to the circus to see it and if they did not see the entries returned.

That is why Barbara is introduced into the circus world, starting as elephant tamer.

Return to the genre of magazine and television [edit]

In 1987, Angel Cristo Rey and Barbara closed the circus.

Barbara starts a magazine extravaganza throughout Spain with a budget of 50 million pesetas.

The show is called A night Barbara and obtained a great success.

Arévalo, Marisa Porcel and Cal also involved Manolo headline in the magazine.

Barbara takes the biggest ovations, plus his talent for singing, dance, and play, demonstrating his gift for imitating accents, imitating characters like Lola Flores and Rocío Jurado.

The show is presented in 1987 in the television program The Eden, where Barbara Rey takes a sensuous number called Men for me.

After their separation in 1989, he returned to the theater and television.

In 1989 participates in different chapters of television series such as First function (1989) O But what is this?


In 1990 interprets the Story you play, you have more grace with Juan Carlos Naya.

In 1994, he climbs back to the stage with a husband back and forth, with Juanjo Menéndez, Manuel Tejada and Tomás Zori.

He presented the program This is show (1994-1996) in (television TVE) by Ramón García in the first stage and the second Manuel Bandera.

Also presented in 1995 at TVE, the special tribute dedicated to Lola Flores, issued a short time before his death meaning.

The 90s were also years of success in the Musical Magazine Barbara.

From 1995 onwards, the star starred most musicals space programs produced and directed by José Luis Moreno called the magazine and was broadcast in (television TVE).

If Barbara stars in magazines like Fausto outside Faustino, Star of Egypt or Diggers with artists like Alberto Closas Jr., Fernando Lussón, Alfredo Cernuda, Marta Valverde, Silvia Gambino and Andoni Ferreño.

In the magazine Barbara has been the muse of lyric comedy written and produced by Celia Gámez, main starlet playing most of the journals written by this television actress.

The star has always expressed his deep admiration for Celia Gámez.

His television appearances are still happening in this decade in a program like things millán (1998), High Tension (1998), Daring (1997), is not aixo tot (1996), Appointment with life (1995-1996), Tal which (1994-1996), Spanish Telepasión (1995) Flawless (1995), One and the other (1995) Watching us (1993), etc..

In 1999, Bárbara Rey participated as special guest on the hit series The House of the trouble in Antena 3 starring Arturo Fernandez, Lola Herrera and Florinda Chico.

Spoke in chapters Return of Manuela and Spies playing Deborah attack.

From 2000: Canal Nou and [edit]

In 2000, she was hired as the first starlet to play a number of musical journal in tribute to actor Tony Leblanc, issued by (television TVE) in the "Cool" program.

Barbara performed at the Teatro Ciudad de Alcobendas, a medley of the most popular magazines written by veteran actor.

In 2001 participates in a chapter of the Academy of Dance Gloria series starring Lina Morgan and harvesting this year a great success of audience.

In 2000, starts to have the kitchen space of Channel 9 Home Barbara (2000-2005).

Later lead the Gala Murcia, How beautiful you are!


In 2006 he returned back to the theater with the play penthouse with terrace by Juan Carlos Naya.

Between 2007-2008 he is a regular contributor program (television channel Telecinco) Fan, submitted by Yolanda Flores.

It also becomes the image of Furniture King as they did in their day Marujita other artists like Diaz.

In 2008 he was also hired to conduct the event in Fuengirola The beer festival.

In recent years it has become a regular character in the known as "gossip" and often their participation in programs such as Where do you Love?, Antena 3, Save me, Telecinco, Salsa Rosa or That time as happy!.

In 2006 participated as a contestant on the reality This kitchen is a hell of Telecinco, becoming the winner.

Once out of the reality she posed for the second time Interview with 55, depleted magazine.

From 2009-2011 the program works in public mirror Antena 3, presented by Susanna Griso, in the discussion of social commentary with Jesus Marinas and Angela Porter, among others.

On the other hand, is one of the few people who can claim to have been part of the Spanish Eurovision jury on more than one occasion, as the King was part of the Spanish juries in 1978 and 1992.

In August 2011 she was invited to the program Telecinco, That time so happy!

submitted by Maria Teresa Campos, where a tour of his career as a tribute ago.

In September of the same year he participated in the reality Acorralados 2nd being expelled from the competition.

He was nominated for Nagore Robles, girlfriend of his daughter, and finally winning.

In 2012 debut as contributor Deluxe Save me, primetime presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez successful.

It also works sporadically in La Noria, presented by Jordi González, as in the special dedicated to Rocio Durcal.

It also begins the year preparing a play to support the House of Actor.

In the words of the actress.. "We are rehearsing 'Don Mendo's Revenge' to raise funds for the house of Actor There is an impressive cast and will premiere in Las Rozas and want to do a performance at the Teatro Spanish We would also have other theaters available on rest days to make representations to raise more money, "said the actress recalled that many of the people who have dedicated their lives to the theater are practically destitute.

The premiere is scheduled in Las Rozas in March.

In March 2012, involved in the special dedicated Sanchez embodies Deluxe Save me after the controversy caused by the tv-movie that reflects the life of Isabel Pantoja and awakens doubts about what was the real relationship between the singer and the journalist.

The March 17, 2012 was released in Las Rozas (Madrid) Don Mendo's Revenge with Juan Carlos Naya, Barbara Rey, Ana Maria Vidal, Paco Racionero and Beatriz Carvajal, among others, as headliners.

The premiere is the beginning of a long tour that will pass through theaters like the Teatro de Madrid Spanish.

On March 24, the program does time so happy!

a special dedicated to the Spanish Musical Magazine.

The space is called a late Barbara and focuses primarily on the impressive career as showgirl Barbara King, as the artist is among the four or five most successful stars of our country in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Also attending as guests of honor other greats: María José Nieto, Rosa Valenty and Lita Claver.

On May 25, the program receives Deluxe Save me the great actress Lola Herrera.

The interviewing team consists Calabuig Pepe, Chelo García-Cortés, Beatriz Cortázar and Barbara King, debuting as a collaborator in this section of the program.

On March 5, received a pleasant surprise in the program there is one thing I want to say to Jorge Javier Vázquez of his friend and distant relative Diego Antonio Red Crespo in which he received the news that he had started a petition in the town Totana to grant him the title favorite daughter and the name of a central pathway Totana.

In April 2013 he began to collaborate in the program "Women and Men and vice versa" on Telecinco.

She was hired as a "consultant of love" with his ex-daughter-Nagore Robles.

In September returns to Teatro Fernan Gomez in Madrid with the work the little hotel, Antonio Gala, set in the years that Spain joined the European Economic Community.

After the success in Madrid the work starts in November toured throughout Spain.

Source: Diego Antonio Crespo-Cabrera Rojo

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